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Welcome to a chapter of the e-book Disaster Investigation.

1.28 The 'Estonia' at several different Places at the same Time - a Mistake in the Disinformation Campaign proving the Manipulations

The voyage from Tallinn to Stockholm passed through Finnish fishing waters and the accident took place just outside Finnish territorial waters. According to the press release 941017 (7) Finnish shore radar at Utö saw how the 'Estonia' sank at 01.48 hrs 1.12-5. There is no evidence for the time 01.48 hrs and the statement has been deleted in the Final report (5), as the position, which was indicated, was wrong or falsified or it was not the 'Estonia' that disappeared on the radar screen. The actual hard-copy Utö-plot has conveniently disappeared.

Strangely enough all Finnish observations from Utö of the 'Estonia' itself before 01.24 hrs, when the Mayday was sent, have disappeared in spite of the fact that other ships ('Mariella', 'Silja Europa', etc.) were plotted and recorded by Utö as shown in the Final report chapter 13.

No person and no ship observed according the Commission the 'Estonia' between e.g. 00.00 and 01.24 hrs, in spite of the fact that Finnish shore radar allegedly saw the 'Estonia' on its screen at 01.24 hrs and when she sank at 01.48 hrs and that other ships were plotted by Utö before 01.00 hrs.

The 'Anette' plotted the 'Estonia' half a mile East of the wreck position at 01.20 hrs 1.20! The 'Mariella' plotted the 'Estonia' at 01.30 hrs - immobile in the water! The 'Mariella' - allegedly plotted the 'Estonia' but the given position (no evidence exists!) was about 1.800 meters South of the position where the visor was later found. The Final report does not repeat that information, as it maintains in its final invention of events that the 'Estonia' at that time was heading back to Estonia 1.500 meters North 1.9 and 2.11 at a speed of 2,2 knots!

There is no logic at all in the Final report (5)

- in one part it shows (13.2 in (5)) that the 'Estonia' was heading back, with >90 degrees list, to Estonia proper at 01.30 hrs with > 2,2 knots speed after the listing had occurred at 01.15 hrs and after the 180° turn at 01.18-01.22 hrs 1.9,

- in another part it shows the 'Estonia' (on figure 17.1 in (5)) immobile in the water at 01.30 hrs about 2.700 meters South of the position given in figure 13.2.

The ship cannot evidently be in two or three or four places at the same time, but this is what the Final report of the biggest maritime accident after the Second World War states. Confusing? Figure 13.2 is, as already stated, a falsification 1.9 and the position in figure 17.1 is probably another falsification.

Evidently the 'Estonia' must have stopped close to the position, where she sank at 01.32/36 hrs.

A water filled ship cannot drift with >2 knots speed - it is immobile (as witnessed by the 'Mariella). The 'Estonia' could therefore not have drifted a longer distance when sinking, but the Commission invents that the 'Estonia' moved >1.200 meters after 01.30 hrs! The reason for this was to support the lie that the visor had fallen off a mile West of the wreck position.

It seems that all assisting vessels plotted the 'Estonia' immobile in the water at 01.30 hrs (it should be easy to check the positions given!), and that the Commission had to censure all these statements (and the various positions) in the Final report to suit its false course of events. The position at 01.30 hrs (end of the Mayday) must have been close to the true wreck position.

The Commission had at this time of its 'investigation' announced a false wreck position, which was another 2.100 meters North 1.14 of the true wreck position (announced two months later), i.e. the confusion was total. All these false or censored positions are evidently not mentioned in the Final report (5).

The reason for the false and censored positions is of course that the whole course of events with the lost visor was invented and that the Commission prepared for its falsification of History.

According to the Commission the 'Estonia' was at at least three different positions at the same time - to suit the various false allegations of different types to cover up the fact that the visor was at the wreck ... all the time!


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