Rocket science, fundamentals of spaceflight and human (!) spaceflight are taught at university ... even if it is pseudoscience

by Anders Björkman


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Rocket science, fundamentals of spaceflight and human (!) space flights are not really taught (sic) at university, e.g. the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. It seems on the other hand the courses just copy/paste official 1950's pseudoscience as fake news was called then:

SD2816 Rocket Science - teacher Dan Borglund,, tel. +4670 346 42 41 - no one replies when you try

In this basic course - on a conceptual level - you do not really learn how to plan a geocentric, i.e. an orbital trip around Earth, or interplanetary (!) space mission, including the determination of suitable trajectories, the number of stages required, and the approximate energy and mass budget. You learn how to fake it. You don't learn how to leave a geocentric trip around Earth to go somewhere else.

January 2017, this useless course was not scheduled to be offered. It was a joke from the beginning. However ...

SD2900 Fundamentals of Spaceflight - teacher Gunnar Tibert,, tel. +4673 765 22 22 - you can leave a message but nobody calls back

This is another basic course where you do not learn

(1) to apply fundamental principles in order to explain the governing dynamics of spaceflight, with emphasis on rocket dynamics and basic orbital mechanics,

(2) to derive, relate and develop mathematical models of spaceflight, with emphasis on launcher trajectories, two-body orbital mechanics, relative orbital motion and low-thrust (LOL) orbit transfer, and

(3) to plan a geocentric space mission, i.e. a trip around Earth to planet Mars on a conceptual level, including elements such as determination of suitable trajectories, the number of stages required, and the approximate energy and mass budget. 

Do not try to plan a real space mission though, because you'll always run out of fuel/energy and/or get too heavy changing orbits! Actually you cannot leave a geocentric trip to start orbiting something else, but who cares?

After passing exams of above nonsense you can attend:

SD2905 Human spaceflight - teacher Christer Fuglesang,, tel. +468 790 64 65 - nobody replies here. From his web page:

The general aim of the course is to give the course participants a good understanding of most aspects of (fake) manned space transportation with ability to analyze questions related to vessels and the role of humans in space.

In more detail, on completion of the course the participants should be able to:

• Account for the (fake) manned space vehicles that have been used and analyze specifically which problem they have had, e.g. lack of toilets.

• Account for design demands that are set on manned space vehicles and explain the reasons for them. Analyze different technical solutions that have been used or been suggested. This both regarding launchers, life-sustaining systems on the space station and space suits adapted for pissing and shitting.

• Account for the medical effects of space travels and the methods for reduction of these that are used, e.g. not pissing/shitting during the complete trip.

• Analyze the general research fields that draw use of experiment in zero gravity and give some specific example of experiments.

• Analyze the role of (fake) astronauts.

• Discuss the economical and political factors that influence manned space transportation.

The real aim of this Masters course by an adjunct (warning - he is just an actor!) professor in Space Physics is to give the participants a good (sic) understanding of most aspects of human (!) spaceflight but not if it is possible at all. The problems of re-entry and landing (and lack of toilets) are not on the agenda as they cannot be solved.

The students can choose assignments or problems that deepen different aspects of the course content incl. research examples, future scenarios, and so further. The teacher (ROTFL) alleges he has himself (!) done several space trips in Earth orbit, space walks and re-entries and you'll only pass your exams, if you agree with him in all respects.

On completion of the three courses - they are free of charge and jokes (just look at the teachers!) - the students are therefore not able to plan and calculate any trajectories in orbits, forces applied and fuel required for simple human trips to and from the Moon and Mars and how to re-enter and land on Earth at the end (and to win 1M). Reason is that the courses shall only prepare the students to trumpet, e.g. American, European incl. Russian or Swedish space agencies propaganda lies and pseudoscience.

Ms Carol Norberg, PhD, bla, bla, gives courses about Human Spaceflight and Exploration since many years at Umeå University, Sweden, and has also written an expensive book with same name. Her students have all failed my space travel Challenge! I have asked her to help me. No reply! Carol has not understood that no spacecraft of any kind can carry enough fuel for any trip anywhere.

Imagine what nonsense can be taught at university! Therefore the information below is not taught at any university incl: no spacecraft of any kind can carry enough fuel for any trip anywhere in space and return safely to Earth.

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