The Coulombi Egg Oil Tanker - Pirates and Terrorists
Better protection, safer and more economical than Double Hull


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COULOMBI EGG oil tanker design - the safest design against terrorism and pirates.

Terrorists, see M/T Limburg, try to sink sea going oil tankers by blowing up the side in the waterline. It doesn't work with a COULOMBI EGG oil tanker design as behind the side in the waterline of a COULOMBI EGG oil tanker is just a top side ballast tank as collision protection ... that will be flooded ... and nothing else will happen.

Pirates capture ships off Africa and are thus a problem. But not for the COULOMBI EGG oil tanker design! Access from main deck into the deck house and engine room is so arranged that no uninvited visitor, i.e. a pirate, on deck can ever get into the deck house crew accommodation, wheel house, engine room, steering gear room and pump room. So you do not need armed guards to protect a COULOMBI EGG oil tanker - just clever design.

It is sad the the United States of America, as only IMO member, does not allow the COULOMBI EGG oil tanker design since 1997 and is therefore preventing better protection of the marine environment and security at sea by design. Blowing up the side of a COULOMBI EGG oil tanker will not cause big problems.


The 'Limburg'

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