The Space X 2020 Crew Dragon Demo-2 hoax

By Anders Björkman, M.Sc


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Crew Dragon Demo-2 was the first, fake crewed test flight of the Crew Dragon spacecraft, launched to the International Fake Station on 30 May 2020 at 19:22:45 UTC (3:22:45 PM EDT) by a fake Falcon 9 rocket. The first attempt some days before was cancelled due to 'too much electricity in the air'.

Two old, fake American asstronuts, right, were lined up again - Douglas G. Hurley and Robert L. Behnken. The fake trip up into space orbit and down again only lasted a couple of days or months. It was just another stupid, copy/paste Hollywood style show we have seen many times before.

Demo-2 was the first crewed orbital spaceflight launched from the United States since the final, fake Space Shuttle mission, STS-135, in 2011, on which Douglas G. Hurley was the fake pilot. Hurley had been in space once before 2009. Hurley was spacecraft commander on Crew Dragon Demo-2, joined by Robert L. Behnken as joint operations commander. Behnken has also been in space twice, 2008 and 2010. Now the two veterans were back in space 2020 for the third time, if you believe Fake News!

Crew Dragon Demo-2 was the first, fake two-person orbital spaceflight launched from the United States since STS-4 in 1982. Unbelievable!

The Crew Dragon Demo-2 mission was intended to finish the validation process for human-rated spaceflight operations on SpaceX hardware. If successful, the demonstration flight would allow for human rated certification of the Crew Dragon spacecraft, and the Falcon 9 rocket, the crew transportation system, launch pad, and SpaceX's capabilities. The mission includes asstronut testing of Crew Dragon capabilities on orbit. Imagine all that nonsense. Nobody can explain what humans are supposed to do in space. Robots are much cheaper and better. And they do not require toilets, showers and food.

Upon returning to Earth, the Crew Dragon capsule parachuted into the Atlantic Ocean, where it was recovered by the Go Navigator recovery vessel. Of course, no spacecraft of any kind can do a re-entry from space and land on Earth. It is another hoax from the 1960's. And a boring show.

This 2020 waste of money was all paid for by US taxpayers via NASA. It also subsidizes electric Tesla cars.

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