My simple explanation of the purpose of everything

by Anders Björkman


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I agree fully with Hannes Alfvén:

"When men think about the Universe, there is always a conflict between the mythical approach and the empirical scientific approach. In myth, one tries to deduce how the gods must have created the world, what perfect principle must have been used."

This, he said, is the method of conventional or fake cosmology today: to begin from a mathematical theory, e.g. Einstein's, to deduce from that theory how the Universe must have begun, and to work forward from the beginning/creation to the present-day cosmos.

The Big Bang fails scientifically because it seeks to derive the present, historically formed universe from a hypothetical perfection in the past, e.g. a singularity. All the contradictions with observation stem from this fundamental flaw.

The other method is the one Alfvén himself employed:

"I have always believed that astrophysics or cosmology should be the extrapolation of laboratory physics, that we must begin from the present universe and work our way backward to progressively more remote and uncertain epochs."

This method begins with observations, i.e. observation in the laboratory, from space probes, observation of the universe at large with proper instruments, and derives theories from that observation rather than beginning from theory and pure mathematics.  

I fully agree! Although mathematical relationships can be proven by deductive logic, cosmological and physical relationships can only be inferred from empirical observations according my thinking. So now you ask - what are empirical observations?

Empirical is an adjective:

a. Relying on or derived solely from observation or experiment: empirical results that supported the hypothesis.

b. Verifiable or provable soley by means of observation or experiment: empirical laws. Guided by practical experience and not theory. Derived from or relating to experiment and observation rather than theory. Etc, etc.

The problem is that the observer is on a rotating, orbiting (?) planet Earth or in a high speed space probe, locations of which are difficult to pinpoint.

The UNIVERSE is furthermore full of particles of all kind everywhere transmitting energy and similar, e.g. photons transmitting light or heat from stars, gravitons transmitting gravity force between objects, invisible 'black' energy particles no one knows what they are, etc.

The UNIVERSE is mainly vacuum, i.e. it lacks air. Air or similar gases is only found close to planets or similar, e.g. Earth for us to breathe. Without air you will suffocate.

How the photons without mass travel from the Sun through the vacuum Universe and heat up the ocean water on Earth and creat life there, still nobody knows! 

Quantum mechanics allows the calculation of properties and behavior of particles, we are told.

A fundamental feature of quantum mechanics is sadly that it cannot predict with certainty what will happen, but only give probabilities. It does not sound convincing.

Quantum mechanics explains many of the features of our UNIVERSE, with regards to small-scale and discrete quantities and interactions, which cannot be explained by classical methods.

Quantum mechanics is the only theory that can reveal the individual behaviors of the subatomic particles that make up all forms of matter (electrons, protons, neutrons, photons, and others), we are told. Solid-state physics and materials science are dependent upon quantum mechanics. Question remains though, whether a photon is matter!

Interferometers are investigative tools used in many fields of science and engineering. They are called interferometers because they work by merging two or more sources of light to create an interference pattern, which can be measured and analyzed; hence 'Interfere-o-meter', or interferometer.

We can model a photon going through an interferometer by considering that at each point it can be in a superposition of only two paths: the "lower" path which starts from the left, goes straight through both beam splitters, and ends at the top, and the "upper" path which starts from the bottom, goes straight through both beam splitters, and ends at the right, if you understand it?

The rules of quantum mechanics assert that the state space of a system is a Hilbert space and that observables of the system are Hermitian operators acting on vectors in that space - although they do not tell us which Hilbert space or which operators. Etc, etc. 

My UNIVERSE is a very simple song and dance. The universe is infinite in all directions with our Earth rotating in the middle without beginning and end, it has always existed, it has never been created - no Big Bang, no creations, no Gods, no Black Holes, no Einstein space times, etc. - and will never cease to exist. No Big Crunch (the Universe collapses into itself), no Big Chill (the Universe ends up frozen at 0°) and no Big Rip (the Universe is ripped apart by great forces) or what ever foolish cosmologists think.

The Sun orbits Earth and allt the other planets orbit the Sun.

Planet Earth is very heavy with a great mass and stuck between the binary couple of Sun and Mars of about equal but smaller masses as shown below:


No, my Universe with Earth rotating in the middle will only develop. We don't know the mass of and what is the solid, heavy core of Earth. We only know that the upper crust of Earth on which we live is changing all the time.

I assume Earth is much heavier than the Sun and planet Mars and kept there by simple gravity forces of the Sun and Mars of about equal masses moving around each other. It is easy to verify by looking at them against the universe behind them.

My Earth is thus a celestial body since billion years but only 190 million years ago there was just one ocean on Earth with one continent full of dinosaurs. The Jurassic-period started. Then the only one continent started to break up into other continents like Africa, America, Asia, Antarctic, Australia and Europe, the climate changed and real life could start on land. So only 136 million years ago Earth looked a little like it looks today, even if the continents are still drifting around. Much, much later humans developed and became the ruling race on Earth.

In my Universe there are many, many solar systems, etc. My Universe is mostly vacuum or ether where different particles move around making our solar system visible to an observer like me on Earth to watch at night, when there are no clouds above me. It seems the Universe expands at a rate of a light year every year as seen from Earth. Why not? It will always do so.

It is very difficult to observe my UNIVERSE from Earth, as Earth rotates 360°/24 hrs around itself and the Sun orbits Earth 360°/year. Furthermore the Sun and the Solar system orbit around something in our Milky Way galaxy that in turn rotates around something in the Universe, making observations difficult.

Biologic life on Earth including me reflects perfectly the mysteries of the Universe. Life on Earth - a mystery - is in perfect harmony with the unknown Universe. Biologic life including me is a fact and it evolves only on Earth and nowhere else. It upsets many people believing in absurd religions and gods and fictions of space tourism, nuclear bombs, bow visors falling off ships and Arabs destroying skyscrapers from top down. People fake or create everything to satisfy their particular interests. I just live happily in my UNIVERSE for ever!

My UNIVERSE is very dynamic. Like a ship at sea moving and rotating in 3D in the interface air/water. And I am a small part of it for ever. Do not ask me to explain how my UNIVERSE works.

Hannes Alfvén reasoned that plasma phenomena, the phenomena of electricity and magnetism, not just gravity, must be dominant in shaping the evolution of the UNIVERSE. So listen to me one minute! Just learn the songs and dances of your parents and then sing these songs and dance these dances with your children and friends and make new songs and dances and teach your children to sing and dance the old and new ones in liberty. That is life! As far as I understand things. Liberty ... and life ... are just to sing and dance ... freely! And critical thinking. And rotation!

It seems our Earth rotates around its poles in 24 hours. The angular momentum of the crust of Earth is considerable but we don't know what happens at the core. It seems that the Sun elliptically orbits our Earth in 365 days. Maybe the Sun also rotates around its poles one way or other and as the mass of the Sun is different than Earth, the angular momentum of the Sun must be enormous. And what happens when two rotating heavenly bodies orbit one another? What forces are acting between them? Maybe the same mysterious force that keeps the parts of any galaxy including our Milky Way galaxy together. But is it gravity? Of course gravity attracts masses, but when the masses move a balance develops. When these masses start to move and rotate, the whole assembly becomes a mystery. Like a ship at sea in a storm.

It does not work according a mathematical formula or path with a 0 start point.

A prime number (or a prime) is a natural number of the Hindu-Arabic base 10 type numeral system greater than 1 that cannot be formed by multiplying two smaller natural numbers. A natural number greater than 1 that is not a prime is called a composite number. Natural numbers are those used for counting (as in "there are six coins on the table") and ordering (as in "this is the third largest city in the country"). A composite number is a positive integer that can be formed by multiplying two smaller positive integers, if you understand it and can do it?

Some 'astronomers' and 'space physicists' believe there is a secret code based on prime numbers that would explain their universes … but my UNIVERSE is based on the binary system. In the binary number system we do not take prime numbers too seriously as all binary numbers simply consist only of 0 and 1. Everything in my UNIVERSE rotates around itself and orbits around everything else all the time in all directions and planes to keep life on Earth possible ... forever. But do not ask me to explain how my UNIVERSE of 0's and 1's works. It can only be watched ... from ground ... on Earth ... by humans or from a satellite orbiting Earth using instruments. So no Gods and no Black Holes or what certain clowns are proposing!

As gravity forces can be observed to attract material masses everywhere to each other as per Newton, you would expect that all those moving masses would attract each other into a big lump somewhere some time - the END!

But no! The secret of my UNIVERSE is that material, moving masses, develop out of nothing (!) and disappear into nothing all the time. So my UNIVERSE is always in dynamic balance, as can be seen by looking out of any window. Masses and forces appear and disappear far away, like galaxies, stars and suns by strange forces not yet explained. It is easy to demonstrate. Any atoms of protons, neutrons and electrons can be destroyed in collisions in cyclotrons in laboratories and the whole atoms and their parts, protons, neutrons and electrons disappear, i.e. become invisible particles of no mass or anything but radiation. And it happens in my UNIVERSE all the time. Maybe it is due to plasma? Normal cosmologists and astrophysicists à la Einstein refuse to accept it.


They believe in fantasy, false atomic bombs and thermonuclear hydrogen bombs invented by their particular particle friends encouraged by corrupt politicians and military people 1942/5! They scare the shit out of normal people 2011 about radiation at Fukushima/Japan, where there is nothing to worry about! They also force you to believe in fake space travels of all sorts invented by other cosmos and military friends. And they also believe 2001 in false Arabs landing planes in skyscrapers! To be a member of their sect you have to adore Einstein, the Big Bang, gravity waves and similar hoaxes. And an invisible god? I feel sorry for them. They are worse than dog shit!

In this article about space travel gravity is a force. As described by Newton about 300 years ago.

It is fairly easy to put an artificial, robust spacecraft, i.e. a very lightweight satellite in orbit around a rotating Earth. I can do it. I particularly like the GPS satellite blocks put in 24 hours orbits around Earth at quite high altitudes. These satellite blocks then appear like the Sun and individual GPS satellites rise and set each day seen from Earth and can thus be used - with an accurate clock and sextant or just a mobile phone - to automatically establish your position on a rotating Earth in case of a mobile phone. The old way with a sextant takes longer but the principles are the same. Each GPS satellite is robust and easy to identify and its orbit is known. Your mobile phone then tells you your location.

There are people that believe that you cannot even put a lightweight GPS satellite into orbit. They suggest that rocket engines do not work in vacuum ... only in air. They think that a rocket can only throw a satellite into orbit, as long as the rocket itself is in the atmosphere. After that the satellite is in vacuum space and cannot be controlled, as the rocket engine doesn't work there.

These people haven't understood that the real ... and only ... problem is to get the fuel mass, i.e. energy, into space for extended trips. Evidently rocket engines work in vacuum. To apply a force on your spacecraft you eject mass (hot fuel gasses) one way into vacuum space, i.e. you fill vacuum space with exhaust gas, and the spacecraft is accelerated in the opposite direction leaving the exhaust gas behind as shown in this video of a rocket in vacuum. The space behind the ignited/running rocket engine is no longer vacuum. It is polluted by exhaust. Rocket engines work anywhere, where it is possible to eject mass in the shape of exhaust.

But it is not so easy to put an artificial spacecraft in orbit around the Sun or Moon starting from Earth unless you go to the L1/2 points. If you have too little speed leaving Earth vertically straight up like an ICBM, you will soon drop straight back on Earth due to the Earth gravity force (like an ICBM) and go faster and faster and be vaporized at re-entry. No orbit! If you manage to get away from Earth gravity force to be caught by Sun or Moon gravity forces but have too little speed to orbit the Sun or the Moon, you will first go slower and slower away from Earth and then be pulled into the Sun or Moon at increased speed by Sun or Moon gravity forces and crash. No orbit! And if you have too much speed or go in the wrong direction, you will speed off into the Milky way or Universe and be lost forever. No orbit! In all cases you cannot stop and get away from the unknown trajectory you are in. You are going too fast or too slow or in the wrong direction and have no fuel/energy to carry you home and ... you don't know, where you are. Satellite orbits are always one-way. You apply a force (by firing a rocket) at departure from ground and enter an orbit at the right speed, altitude and direction ... and you'll be there forever. If you have extra fuel aboard, you can do simple manouvers in space; e.g. increase the altitude of your Earth orbit. But you cannot return and land on a rotating Earth. There are no means to brake! You have no fuel for it. If you enter or leave orbit at the wrong, slow or high speed or too low altitude, you will sooner or later crash somewhere or disappear in the universe. 

Returning from space and landing on Earth is another obstacle. Example: Apollo 11 (see sketch below in D) returned from the Moon to the Earth 1969 during a couple of days with three humans aboard. Earth gravity pulled the spacecraft Apollo 11 with them faster and faster most of the time vertically towards the centre of Earth! They must arrive at a re-entry interface location B in the upper Earth atmosphere at the exact location/altitude (say 120 000 m) at the exact time, speed and direction (almost horizontally!) to start their (impossible) re-entry into a trajectory to arrive at a location/altitude (say 5 000 m) to deploy parachutes nine or ten minutes later. As you cannot calculate your trajectory prior arriving and after leaving the re-entry interface location B, the whole venture is ... a typical NASA hoax! Every return trip from the International Fake Space Station is also false for the same reason! I explain more below! I also offer €1M to anybody showing I am wrong since many years. There is no winner ever for obvious reasons. Nobody can win it.

Another example of false trajectory in space is the NASA Juno satellite launched August 5, 2011. It was proposed that it cruised around in deep space (trajectory unknown!) until it returned to Earth (!) October 2013 for a fantasy gravity assisted kick (sling shot - see C below) to proceed to planet Jupiter. The Juno spacecraft then arrived at planet Jupiter July 4, 2016, (trajectory unknown!) and, after a 35 minutes long brake burn (where did the fuel come from?), started to orbit Jupiter looking for water.

What bullshit! Media thought it was fantastic! You can be sure that the whole $1.1 billion Juno mission was another, typical NASA hoax. There is no way you can travel around in space from Earth to Jupiter and then into orbit around Jupiter as suggested by NASA. There is no way to establish the trajectory.

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