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Part 8


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Today 27375 days have passed since the first media fake propaganda about the Hiroshima atomic bomb was published by the USA during WW2.

Here my A-Bomb article continues to teach you a little more about all the A-bomb nonsense I have already told you. Just take more of your time to read it.

Let's first recall the Chernobyl disaster/nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the No. 4 reactor in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, near the city of Pripyat in the north of the then Ukrainian Sovjet Socialist Republic. It is considered the worst nuclear disaster in history both in cost and casualties. It is one of only two nuclear power/energy accidents rated at seven -the maximum severity-on the International Nuclear Event Scale, the other being the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan described below.


The initial emergency response, together with later decontamination of the environment, involved more than 500,000 personnel and cost an estimated 18 billion Soviet rubles-roughly >US$70 billion in 2022, adjusted for inflation, I am told. There is little evidence for anything!

The Chernobyl reactor explosion killed two engineers and severely burned two more. A massive emergency operation to put out the fire, stabilize the reactor, and clean up the ejected nuclear core began. During the immediate emergency response 134 station staff and firemen were hospitalized with acute radiation syndrome (ARS) due to absorbing high doses of ionizing radiation. Of these 134 people, 28 died in the days to months afterward and approximately 14 suspected radiation-induced cancer deaths followed within the next 10 years.

Evidently it was a serious accident but not a catastrophe. Things were exaggerated to scare people!

There is no real evidence of any deaths!

Acute radiation syndrome (ARS), also known as radiation sickness or radiation poisoning, is a collection of health effects that are caused by being exposed to high amounts of ionizing radiation, in a short period of time. The symptoms of ARS can start within the hour of exposure, and can last for several months. Within the first few days the symptoms are usually nausea, vomiting and a loss of appetite. In the following few hours or weeks will be a few symptoms, which later become additional symptoms, after which either recovery or death follow.

ARS is generally rare. A single event, however, can affect a relatively large number of people. Notable cases occurred following the alleged atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (only napalm bombs exploded and the towns burnt down) and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster. ARS differs from chronic radiation syndrome, which occurs following prolonged exposures to relatively low doses of radiation.

Chronic radiation syndrome (CRS), or chronic radiation enteritis, is a constellation of health effects of radiation that occur after months or years of chronic exposure to high amounts of radiation.


Let's instead look at a recent photo (2021) from Fukushima, Japan, where nobody has died due to ARS or CRS since 2011!

It is of a solar powered Geiger meter outside Fukushima telling you that the radiation is 0.36 mikroSivert/hour. The maxium dose allowed in Japan is 0.00228 mikroSivert/hour or 20 mikroSievert/year.

But the photographer survived clicking the photo.

Actually nuclear radiation at Fukushima is just normal and the photo is just propaganda to scare you. Don't ask me who put this meter there in the soil. And why?  

On 27 April 2021, the situation in Japan was nothing to worry about. 10 years after the incident nobody has died of radiation. But (!!!!) to scare people there is a new fake wastewater problem. Listen:

"Since the devastating March 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, which damaged the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, 1.25 million tons of seawater have been pumped through the damaged nuclear units to prevent the melted fuel rods in three damaged reactors from overheating. The contaminated (?) water has been stored in more than 1 000 steel tanks on site. But in April 2021, the Japanese government announced that it would, beginning in 2023 and for decades thereafter, discharge all of the treated wastewater into the Pacific Ocean as part of the plant's decommissioning process."

Of course there is no evidence that this cooling water is contaminated or dangerous! It is just part of the standard Japan governmen/media show to scare since 2011. It worked with the 1945 Hiroshima/Nagasaki nuke hoaxes caused by napalm carpet bombings. It will probably work again.

I just feel sorry for Japan being fooled like that. The 2021 Olympic Games at Tokyo just become a fiasco due to it. The Covidiot virus is similar.

More about Fukushima.

But back in history - 1945!


2.7 Klaus Fuchs

Klaus Fuchs was a German engineer, physicist, communist/stalinist and spy born 1911 at Kiel that escaped from Nazi Germany and studied and worked at Birmingham in Great Britain in the 1930's. Fuchs studied the metal Uranium, U, and found it consisted of at least two isotopes, U238 and U235. He was already then in contact with Stalin's USSR. He was a spy (!!), they say! Like the Rosenbergs who were convicted of spying on behalf of the Soviet Union 1953 and executed, if you believe that nonsense? I think the Rosenbergs were just given new identities and survived.

Compress and explode

Some people thought that the radioactive metal U235 could be brought to explode, when it was compressed, and Fuchs informed Stalin. This was the beginning of the nuclear, atomic bomb hoax, that FDR, Stimson & Co decided to develop.

Fuchs was 1942 working as a civilian for the US Manhattan project together with 12 past and future Nobel Prize winners and the best brains in the world incl. A. Einstein (!) to enable him to simply steal secret information of the (fake) atomic bomb in UK, Canada and at Los Alamos, NM, USA and to hand it over to Stalin's secret services. Communists could not develop anything, so stealing it was their standard method.

Fuchs of course found out that the US Manhattan project was just propaganda (young engineers like him writing science fiction papers or screwing local girls and together something looking like an a-bomb), which he could not tell anybody. National security! Fuchs and a friend (Mr. Hall/Gold) just copied 10 000's of pages of the stupid secrets about the atomic bomb that didn't work, I am told (!), brought them to Santa Fe or Albuquerque and gave them to some representatives of the USSR who brought it by rail to New York and the USSR consulate, so that Stalin knew what was going on.

Klaus Fuchs 1950

Klaus actually copied everything invented by the Americans and British, we are told - how to enrich uranium/plutonium, how to build a fake nuclear bombs incl. how to to trigger them, etc, etc, and gave that info to Stalin, so Stalin could build his own fake bomb! Nobody noticed! What a stupid story!!!

US security, FBI, was apparently very weak 1942/5 at the project at Los Alamos to facilitate leaks, and Klaus had no difficulties to provide the USSR with all details of everything that was being false or true. And US secret services to prevent any information to be given to the enemy were sleeping as usual. Unbelievable!


This could not go on! FBI had to wake up! Better late, than never. So 1950 Fuchs, back at a university in UK, was arrested as a spy and jailed. He apparently confessed everything and was later condemned to 14 years prison for treason after a 90 (!) minutes trial in the UK. No evidence of anything was presented. Tough luck. What a show! Klaus had summer 1945, historians tell us later, copied/pasted all the top (fake) secret information - 10 000's of pages - how to build a fake atomic bomb to the USSR consulates at New York and Montreal via Santa Fe and Albuquerque. This information and work were the result of 1.000's of top scientists and engineers during many years of secret work and one man - Klaus - managed to reveal it to Stalin! Magic! But today we are told that it happened. Two men - Klaus and a friend - helped Stalin to build an a-bomb.

9 years later Fuchs was kicked out of UK and settled at Dresden, East Germany. The Fuchs' arrest and trial and the Rosenberg's executions were clear signs to any civilian physicist in the know that fake atomic bombs do not work - shut up or ?

Or the whole thing was just part of the show! The A-Bomb show! There is no evidence that any nuclear research was ever done at Los Alamos or anywhere. Maybe Fuchs and his Nobel prize friends visited Santa Fe for a ski vaccation and some photos were taken?

Klaus 1960 joined the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), which is today owned by the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres. Such an association of associations full of assholes is paid for by German tax payers. They never cleared Klaus of any wrong doings, though. Personally I believe his story was just invented to explain how Stalin got hold of all fake nuclear bomb secrets that never existed.


2.8 The Soviet atomic bombs

4 to 11 February 1945 Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin met at Yalta, USSR, to discuss how to divide the world after the defeats of Nazi-Germany and Japan. Roosevelt/Churchill indicated that they had a little surprise for Stalin. And the days/night 14/16 February central Dresden (Altstadt and Neustadt), Germany, a town of no military or industrial value was completely destroyed or burnt down by US/UK carpet napalm terror bombing raids. The only purpose was to show Stalin what happens to countries that do not respect agreements made. The Red Army arrived at Dresden early May 1945 and could see the result of UK and US governments' terrorism. There was more military industry at little Freiberg 35 kms west than at 15 times bigger Dresden but Freiberg was never bombed. My house there was still standing (and sold 2016).

The US (fake) first atomic test bomb exploded in New Mexico 16 July 1945, we are told, and president Truman was informed, we are also told, who indicated to USSR dictator Stalin 24 July 1945 at Potsdam, Germany, that USA had a new weapon - the atomic bomb!!!

Two days later 26 July 1945 US, UK and US puppet CKS/China but not USSR nor France agreed and published a Proclamation Defining Terms for Japanese Surrender (the Potsdam proclamation) to the effect that

"Japan shall be given an opportunity to end this war ... for Japan to decide whether she will continue to be controlled by those self-willed militaristic advisers whose unintelligent calculations have brought the Empire of Japan to the threshold of annihilation, or whether she will follow the path of reason ... we insist that a new order of peace, security and justice will be impossible until irresponsible militarism is driven from the world .... Freedom of speech, of religion, and of thought, as well as respect for the fundamental human rights shall be established ... Japanese participation in world trade relations shall be permitted ... The occupying forces of the Allies shall be withdrawn from Japan as soon as these objectives have been accomplished ... We call upon the government of Japan to proclaim now the unconditional surrender of all Japanese armed forces, and to provide proper and adequate assurances of their good faith in such action. The alternative for Japan is prompt and utter destruction."

The alternative for Japan was not the atomic bomb! It was secret. But USA didn't await any response from Japan to this proclamation. Three weeks later the fake atomic bombs were brought into action. Why not? USA had invested a lot in this nonsense.


Klaus Fuchs had already 1 July 1945 told his USSR spy masters Beria and Serov about the US test of the (fake) bomb so Stalin and/or his deputy Beria was thus in the picture. Two more (fake) US atomic bombs did not destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan 6 and 9 August.

In reality it was the same B-29s piloted by young, stupid American boys 18-19 years old not having a clue where they were that had destroyed Dresden two nights in February 1945 that now destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki during two nights in August 1945 with their napalm bombs (and 60+ other Japanese cities). The atomic bomb equivalent of a 20.000.000 kg TNT FLASH, bla, bla, early morning was just propaganda.

Back in Moscow Stalin and Beria created 20 August 1945 a secret committee to produce a Soviet 'atomic' bomb, fake of course, as quickly as possible. The committee consisted of three communist gangsters, Malenkov, Voznessenski and Zaveniaguine and three corrupt scientists, Kurtchatov, Joffé and Kapitsa. Kapitsa had already 11 October 1941 written an article in Pravda about how to build an atomic bomb that could wipe out a city, so it was no news. The committee also got, 11 October 1945, a full set of plans of the US (fake) bomb provided by Fuchs, we are told, so it was just to copy and paste and voilà  - the USSR would have its (fake) bomb at little cost. At the same time USA occupied and sealed off Japan so that access to the alleged locations of atomic destruction was difficult.

However, USSR had no (fake) Uranium ore or metal to produce the (fake) bomb. To produce a fake atomic bomb you need enriched, fake Uranium metal or its oxide to make the bullshit more realistic. And the Uranium could anyway be used in peaceful, soviet, nuclear power plants. But where could Stalin get his Uranium?


2.9 Wismut AG

A quick study revealed that Saxony/Erzgebirge/Germany in the by the USSR occupied part of Germany had 100's of old, abandoned silver mines full of Uranium oxide (pitchblende), e.g. at Johanngeorgienstadt, Aue, Annaberg, Schneeberg and even at Freiberg i.Sa, etc.

USSR secret service (NKVD/KGB) thus created (late 1945 (or 1947)) a private German limited (AG) company, Wismut AG, to pursue mining Uranium (or whatever?) in Saxony. It was the only legal way! Nazi Germany was kaputt, a new DDR Germany was years away. Some poor professors at the Freiberg i.Sa. Bergakademi confirmed that, "Ja, there was (a little) Uranium in the old silver mines". If not, they would have been shot!

So a private company to mine Uranium was created! By communists Stalin and Beria at Moscow! OK, comrade Serov did most of it! On the spot! Of course there were no laws for it in Saxony.

The Problem - no Uranium in Saxony!

Another problem was that 95%+ of all Saxon silver mines, not very deep, say average 50 meters, but long, had been closed around 1900 being emptied of all silver and that the mining equipment was medieval or 1800-style - hammer, chisel, small vans on rails, all manual requiring brute human force.

Uranium ore mining therefore started 1946 with hammer and chisel and managed to produce just 10.000 kg (or ten tons!) of very low (0.02%!) Uranium oxide content ore 1946 that was shipped off by train in wooden boxes to the Mayak factory north of Chelyabinsk in Siberia, where the USSR (fake) bomb was being built in great secrecy by 300.000 Gulag prisoners. Und hast Du mir gesehen. Uranium ore production increased in Saxony thanks to a friend of mine, WM, working for Serov and the the corrupt Wismut AG at Objekt 17 at Freiberg and elsewise and on 26 August 1949 the USSR announced that it had exploded its (fake) atomic bomb at 08.00 hrs local time. In all secrecy, of course. Western media published the lies as Fake News. The Cold War had started.

The Wismut AG fairy tale is described by Rudolf Boch and Rainer Karlsch (Hg.) in their book Uranbergbau im Kalten Krieg - Die Wismut im sowjetischen Atomkomplex (Ch. Links Verlag, Berlin 2011). Wismut AG never produced any Uranium at all for the USSR in spite of all propaganda to the opposite and the Mayak factory never built any Russian/Soviet atomic bombs.


Wismut AG never had any share holders, no board, no capital and never issued any annual reports, etc, etc. from 1945 to 1990. Today you can visit some of their Uranium mines. They are museums! And not dangerous at all. No radiation! Just propaganda. Or the mines have been flooded and closed! Actually, they never existed! But nine five-years plans were fulfilled 99%, medals and certificates were given to the comrades creating the propaganda and the environment was damaged 1945/90.

1990 Wismut AG was closed and became Wismut GmbH that took over all assets and mess of the Wismut AG to keep the 1945/90 illusions going at tax payers' cost. It will last another 50 years!

USSR solid, GULAG, atomic bomb test observation bunkers 1949


Another fairy tale about Wismut AG is by Rainer Karlsch - Uran für Moskau. Karlsch thinks 2011 that Wismut AG actually produced Uranium. He hasn't understood that the company was run by pure stalinists like comrade Serov to cover up the lies of Stalin using propaganda then and ... today 2023!

Everything was top secret about Wismut AG until 1991 and records were easy to fake and now, today, official records do show that no real Uranium was produced at all. Only ore of no value was shipped off to the USSR as part of the Stalin atomic bomb show.  I wonder why media doesn't make a story about it. Are they afraid of the Truth?

A Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site was selected in 1947 by Lavrentiy Beria, political head of the Soviet atomic bomb project. Beria claimed the vast 18,000 km² steppe was "uninhabited". Gulag labour was employed to build (left) the primitive test facilities, including observation bunkers, a laboratory complex in the northeast corner on the southern bank of the Irtysh River, etc.

The first fake Soviet bomb test, Operation First Lightning (nicknamed Joe One by the Americans) was thus conducted on 29 August 1949 from a tower at the Semipalatinsk Test Site, scattering fallout on nearby villages, which Beria on the spot had neglected to evacuate, we are told. There are old meteoric lakes in the vicinity. And they are not made by a-bomb explosions! Nobody died!

However nuclear radiation dust also spread to Alaska, so USA could confirm that USSR had exploded an a-bomb 1949. The same area ("the experimental field", a region 64 km (40 mi) west of Kurchatov city) was then used for more than 100 subsequent above-ground weapons tests, we are told!


It is thus suggested that at the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Tests Site in the republic of Kazakhstan 456 nuclear tests were carried out from 1949 to 1989, including 111 atmospheric explosions between 1949 and 1963. The place was abandoned 1991. Because of those tests, according to the Kazakh government, approximately 1.6 million people suffered from the tests, and about 1.2 million people were still (2006) troubled with the after effects. Japanese researchers from Hiroshima have later tried to find out more about the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Tests Site. But they just collected forms from people they never met. And the meteoric lakes are nice. Full of fish!!

Fake USSR atomic bomb exploding 29 August 1949 at Semipalatinsk. Note the black smoke

In July 1954,
Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Ocean north of USSR was designated another nuclear test site - the Novaya Zemlya Test Site, construction of which began in October and existed during much of the Cold War.

"Zone A", Chyornaya Guba (70.7°N 54.6°E), was used in 1955-1962 and 1972-1975. "Zone B", Matochkin Shar (73.4°N 54.9°E), was used for underground tests in 1964-1990. "Zone C", Sukhoy Nos (73.7°N 54.0°E), was used in 1958-1961 and was the site of the 1961 test of the Tsar Bomba, the most powerful nuclear weapon (n)ever detonated. Nuclear radiation dust spread to Sweden, so Swedish air force in Lansen planes could collect it and confirm that USSR had exploded an h-bomb - and scare me.

I am happy to inform almost 68 years later that no atomic bombs exploded at neither the Semipalatinsk Test Site nor at the Novaya Zemlya Test Site and that no people got hurt there. It was/is all propaganda. You can visit the Semipalatinsk site (if you get a permit) and watch some impressive crater lakes, millions of years old, that USSR propaganda says were created by underground, nuclear explosions in the 1950/60's. But no, fairly great meteorites dropped down there >1 million years ago! There is today restricted access to Novaya Zemlya, special permission from the Russian government (and perhaps the military itself) would be needed to visit.

It could be added that no a-bombs ever exploded at the US Nevada Test site either. However, from 1986 through 1994, two years after the United States put a hold on full-scale nuclear weapons testing, 536 demonstrations (!) were held at the Nevada Test Site involving 37,488 participants and 15,740 arrests, according to government records. So on average 70 persons demonstrated (536 times 1986/94) and 29 were arrested. I wonder why they demonstrated in the desert. No atomic bombs ever exploded there! Aha, it was standard CIA propagand!

Wismut AG and Putin

Wismut AG started 1946 as a Soviet Gulag slave work camp. Wikipedia publishes complete nonsense about it!

1953 after Stalin's death it became a Soviet-German AG run by East German communists at Berlin assisted by media and East German writers and artists. The company always fulfilled the plans, bla, bla. 1988 USSR informed that it didn't need any Wismut AG uranium ore any longer and 1991 the company was closed. During 45 years it didn't produce any uranium at all. 

A certain Vladimir Putin (right) supervised Wismut AG, when he lived at Dresden 1985/89. Putin was a young KGB-agent och noted that the Stalins/Serovs/Berias lies from the 1940's still worked perfectly!

It is a pity that Putin didn't changed this when he became president of Russia 1999!

When the Soviet archives were opened in early 2000 you could study what Wismut AG had done during 45 years - see e.g, the book "Uranbergbau im Kalten Krieg - Die Wismut im sowjetischen Atomkomplex" (Ch. Links Verlag, Berlin 2011) by Rudolf Boch and Rainer Karlsch (Hg.).

It appears that the company was fake from beginning to end! Nu uranium ore was mined to produce the Stalin Atomic bomb! All was propaganda!

Vladimir Putin as young in the DDR

2.10 300 Stalin prizes

On 29 September 1949 about 300 USSR engineers and scientists received the Stalin Prize of 1st order (an appartement) or 2nd order (a car) for their achievements to put a Soviet (fake) atomic bomb together in Four years and blow it up (using dynamite). Imagine that the USSR managed to build in all secrecy (or copy paste together using Fuchs' fake plans) a (fake) atomic bomb from scratch in only four years. USA thought it would take the USSR 20 years. All fake of course. It was a success for Serov! Only 150 appartements and 150 cars to be given to corrupt Russian scientists and engineers to agree that they had secretly developed and built without outside assistance a Russian A-bomb, details of which of course were military secrets for ever. France copied the Serov concept 10 years later.

There is no business like the fake nuke business. It goes full speed today! North Korea is in the lead 2023!

Stalin was then the most powerful man in the world, he thought or dreamt. But he was just a terrorist having killed millions of civilians in USSR since 1928. So he started to arrest his party comrades in East Europe having been spies and enemies since 1920. They were later condemned and executed at plenty show trials. It was all legal. You had to prove that you were innocent, you see! Or just sign a confession! If not you were murdered in the cellar. Stalin was of course sick, alcoholic, old and useless with no real friends and didn't know what to do with his fake bomb. USA was fully informed and loved it. Stalin had already 1950 lost his mind but his closest friend Beria kept him alive until 1953, when Beria simply posioned/murdered Stalin.

But to scare Stalin 1st November 1952 United States exploded its first hydrogen bomb - triggered by a small (fake) atomic bomb. It was 100 times stronger than the atomic bomb but of course 100% false.

Stalin didn't like it and died late 5 March 1953 murdered, shot, poisoned by Beria, sick or just faded away. Nobody knows how Stalin died. Another mystery. One version is that Stalin was drinking, singing and dancing with his closest buddies, incl. Beria, Saturday 28 February at his datja or at Kreml and went to bed at 05.00 hrs 1 March and slept all Sunday. Monday 2 March Stalin was found unconscious but alive in his bed next afternoon. Doctors were called but could do nothing for several days. Now and then Stalin was conscious and could eat some soup, drink some tea but couldn't speak. And then he died 5 March, still at his datja or at Kreml, with plenty people, doctors and nurses looking on. Medical care in the USSR was not on top!


In spite of this 1st August 1953 USSR tested its first hydrogen bomb, too, triggered by a small (fake) atomic bomb, media reported. It was 10 times stronger than the US bomb! It was of course also fake news - invented by Beria (?), who at the time was in jail since 25 June - but western media said it was true. Beria was shot 23 December 1953 unless he had been murdered earlier. The cold war was heating up. And the fake news atomic bombs show had to go on! It was easy. Media just reported all lies as true news!

Does this look like an atomic bomb going off in front of Soviet onlookers? What about the radiation killing them?

On 09:53 hours on September 14, 1954. somewhere in the then USSR the above took place! Or not? To me the whole thing looks fake. Like everything nuclear weapons west/east or whatever.  Anyway, there was no radiation!

And on October 30, 1961 the then USSR exploded the Tsar Bomba! Of course it never happened and was clever propaganda from A to Z too!

The US government propaganda by which the American people were terrorized began then with the dire threat of nuclear annihilation. School children went through daily drills of falling to the floor in terror of the atomic bomb which would destroy their school. Their parents built backyard "bomb shelters" stocked with food and water. Because "scientific studies" showed that the radiation peril would last for at least five hundred years, the survivors apparently expected to spend that much time in their shelters. 500 years!

After years of exposure to the imminent threat of being vaporized in an atomic blast, Americans however began to ignore the threat; many of them bulldozed their bomb shelters into swimming pools.

The years of being terrorized by the atomic threat had a very destructive effect on morality. If USA were to be vaporized at any time, it seemed worthwhile to seize the moment, to take pleasure, money and any other rewards, while they were available and simply have fun. To stop this nonsense the US government invented new threats of all kind to scare the US citizens; war in Vietnam, etc, etc.

18 years later the USSR invaded Afghanistan December 1979 to help the local population make a revolution so that all children could go to school and that all people had access to medical assistance or whatever: they were the cover-ups of the 1979 Soviet aggression. Civil war broke out. February 1989 the USSR was defeated and left after having lost at least 14 000 dead, 53 000 physically injured and a couple of 100
.000's mentally destroyed USSR soldiers - a majority of them 17-21 years old children - and civilians.

USSR never used its nuclear bomb toys at Afghanistan as they never existed and the USSR itself ceased to exist 1991.


The USSR/Stalin/Beria atomic bombs were just fake for 42 years. Like the US ones!

But the world believed that the USSR had the atomic bombs ready to drop them anywhere thanks to Western media. Modern Russia/KGB/FSB are keeping up the illusion. Doesn't cost them much ... but why not state today it was a hoax? Aha, Russia is still a nuclear bomb power! With no nuclear weapons!


2.11 Atomic bomb radiation 1945 and similar things 2011 and today - how dangerous is the radiation at Fukushima - and how to decommission a "damaged" nuclear power plant

11 March 2011 14:46 hrs the Tohoku very strong earthquake took place. Its epicenter was 70 kms out at sea in and below the sea floor of the Pacific Ocean and far away from the coast.

The earthquake pushed up the sea floor and the ocean water above it a couple of meters, so the sea water outside the coast of Japan far away flowed/was sucked out to sea. The rivers, ports and beaches of the Tohoku east coast were temporarily dry! No water! Everyone could see it. Terrible? No, only way to survive was to evacuate and escape to high land at once!

Because, then the sea water started to flow back towards Tohoku but it didn't produce any, enormous 14 meters high (!!) tsunami wave that 50 minutes later suddenly flooded and covered the Iwate prefecture coastal and river areas in Japan with mud/shit.

No, the water just flowed back slowly and the water just flooded the coast slowly. and damaged some ships in the ports. To survive you just had to escape/evacuate to high ground!

~16 000 known persons drowned but were recovered and given a decent funeral, ~2 500 disappeared and many more became homeless. Other sources talk of 15 500 dead. The flooding caused big physical damages and complete power failures. It had happened many times before in the 2 000 years' old recorded history of Japan. To suggest the tsunami was a surprise is Fake News! Produced by media.

There were, however, no serious earthquake structural damages anywhere on the Japan/Tohoku shore, only flooding, water damages. After seven/ten years of hard work most Tohoku tsunami damages have been repaired, even if much work remains. Including a proper safety analysises, my speciality. And plenty Japanese are very upset about it. At Iwate parents of dead children requested negligent homicide charges for the civil servants running schools having not done their jobs to ensure safe evacuation and protection of children during the 50 minutes between the earthquake and the tsunami flooding the coast.


Actually, in retrospect, 1 000's of Japanese would have survived the 2011 tsunami flooding, if simple rubber life rafts had been positionen on shore outside schools and offices. Such rafts can carry 500 persons each entering them in an emergency. Such rafts are stored in containers (on ships) and could be filled with air in a couple of minutes after an alarm was raised. And the rafts would float on top of the tsunami flood water and save plenty people. Japan doesn't like this simple idea of mine! Japan build expensive, useless seawalls by yakusa/mafia public works companies instead.

Further south in the Fukushima prefecture - the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear incident took place. I describe it below. A much better description is here. When the earthquake was registered, the nuclear power plant was shut down. Later the tsunami flooded the coast and people drowned.

It is suggested that the nuclear power plant got seriously damaged and that deadly, radioactive radiation was spreading locally, even if the plant was shut down. Japan Self Defense Forces moved in and removed 154 000 Japanese to protect them from radioactive radiation !!!.

But no radiation was ever recorded! The local radiation before and after the nuclear incident at Fukushima was and is about the total natural radiation exposure in Germany, where the effective dose for members of the public is on average 2.1 mSv/year or 0.24 µSv/h. However, depending on the place of residence, dietary and life habits, the effective dose sometimes adds up to 10 mSv/year or >1 µSv/h!

In my opinion the non-evacuation of people from Fukushima was a criminal mistake. 2016 it was announced that 2011 there was "a lack of exact knowledge of radiation and its effects", etc. Still is 2023!

Lessons Learned from the Accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant - More than Basic Knowledge: Education and its Effects Improve the Preparedness and Response to Radiation Emergency. (2016 Sep.17) Listen!

"A huge earthquake struck the northeast coast of the main island of Japan on 11 March 2011 triggering an extremely large tsunami to hit the area. The earthquake and tsunami caused serious damage to the Fukushima nuclear power plants (NPPs) of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), resulting in large amounts of radioactive materials being released into the environment. The major nuclides released were (131)I, (134)Cs and (137)Cs. The deposition of these radioactive materials on land resulted in a high ambient dose of radiation around the NPPs, especially within a 20-km radius. Dose assessments based on behavior survey and ambient dose rates revealed that external doses to most residents were lower than 5 mSv, with the maximum dose being 25 mSv. It was fortunate that no workers from the NPPs required treatment from the viewpoint of deterministic effects of radiation. However, a lack of exact knowledge of radiation and its effects prevented the system for medical care and transportation of contaminated personnel from functioning."

But the earthquake was out at sea and only low-lying houses on the coast were slowly flooded >30 minutes later. No big wave hit anything, anytime!! There was plenty time to evacuate to high ground.

11 March 2019 it was 8 years since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear incident took place. The technial matters are described here and here. To calm down the population a lot - millions of m3 - of dangerous, radioactive fallout top soil was immediately collected 2011 by various yakuza companies and stored below tarpaulins ... to protect people from radiation. Later, at extra cost, the soil was put in plastic bags that were easier to move around.

It was suggested that the soil or fallout was going to be transported away from Fukushima, but 2019 the soil was still there - just moved a little into heaps of bags - and nobody knows what to do with it. Nobody even knows how radioactive the soil is! And if it is dangerous at all!!


There is no official information available!!! Unless they use a new radiation unit - Becquerel/kg - that nobody uses. In all probability the soil is safe but it cannot be said!! Is the radiation 0.38 µSv/h? You don't die by 0.38 µSv/h. I explain more below. The Japanese authorities created panic 2011 and do not know how to solve the problems today. They spread Fake News instead!

May 2019, nobody at Fukushima and Iwate had died from radiation but March 2011 there was still panic at Fukushima. Reason was that in Japan according to 'experts' radioactive radiation is very dangerous. The evacuation of 154 000 Japanese from Fukushima 2011 was to scare all 129 million Japanese.

No radiation at Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945 and Fukushima 2011

And ten years later, 11 March 2021 nobody at Fukushima has been declared dead due to radiation! Reason is simple. There was no radiation at Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945 and Fukushima 2011! 3/11 in Japan was just propaganda to scare people.  

Gamma rays are emitted during nuclear fission in (false!) nuclear explosions that lasts nano- seconds

According media (Fake News produced by censorship in Japan!) about 70 000 persons had died immediately at Hiroshima due to the 6 August atomic bomb FLASH explosion 1945.

Then another 70.000 persons died due to radioactive radiation (gamma rays) and/or were poisoned by radioactive fall-out. But there is no historical evidence for it.

Over the decades American and Japanese governments have spent more than $100 million to try to understand just what the radiation from the atomic bombs did to the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. One interpretation is that no atomic bombs were dropped at all, so there were no nuclear explosions and no gamma ray radiation. It was just propaganda.

The towns had been destroyed a little earlier and civilians, ~5
.000, were burnt to death by napalm! Evidently during seven years of US occupation of Japan no real radioactive radiation studies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were done. The US authorities just claimed that two atomic bombs had exploded, that people were dying later of radioactive radiation and anybody disagreeing, particularly the 'Hibakusha', poor atomic bomb survivors (a clever invention!) believing they had been radiated, would be visited by the local yakusas* to be told to shut up or getting problems.

So all Japanese just agreed with the 1945 atomic bomb radioactive radiation nonsense to carry on peacefully. No big deal actually. Japan became quickly an economic super power run by the old nomenklatura and the yakusa. But normal, informed people worldwide were scared for life of this mysterious radioactive radiation. What was it? Radiation!

Background radiation on Earth is the ionizing radiation present in the environment. Background radiation originates from a variety of sources, both natural and artificial. Sources include cosmic radiation, and environmental radioactivity from such as naturally occurring radioactive materials including radon and radium, and fallout from nuclear accidents.

The annual average effective dose from natural background radiation is approximately 2.4 mSv/year worldwide or 0.27 µSv/h. It is naturally much higher - for instance on the Kerala Coast in India, the effective annual dose is 1.43 µSv/h , i.e. much higher than recorded at Fukushima today. The dose varies with the source of the radiation. For example, in northern Iran, geological characteristics result in an annual dose that can reach 29.6 µSv/h. And people survive it!

Ionizing radiation takes different forms according to conventional wisdom today:

There are alpha, beta, and neutron particles with mass flying around, and gamma- and X-rays of pure energy without mass also flying around as radiation. All types of such radiation are caused by unstable atoms, which have either an excess of energy or mass or both. In order to reach a stable state, these atoms must release that extra energy or mass in the form of invisible radiation at various speeds and intensities.

Short Japan 1868-today history lesson how the atomic bomb hoax worked 1945-today

Rich, conservative, authoritarian Japanese families took control of Japan 1868 and installed a puppet emperor at Tokyo. These oligarques and plutocrats are still in power 150 years later.They loved America and Europe, their money and colonies. Japan quickly acquired their own colonies - the Ryukyu Kingdom 1879, Taiwan 1895, the Kwantung peninsula, Sakhalin and the 56 Kuril islands 1905 (after attacking Russia), Korea 1910, the German Far East colonies 1919, Manchuria 1932 and French Indochina 1940. Japan was then a solid ally of USA/Europe (but not Russia) from 1868 until 1924, when America adopted the Immigration Act of 1924. Things got worse in the 1930's, when USA/FDR adopted economic sanctions of all sorts against Japan and refused friendly talks to solve the problems. Reason was that USA was protecting its puppets in China and the opium trade there, which Japan planned to eliminate. So poor Japan was driven by FDR into the hands of Nazi Germany/Hitler and Fascist Italy/Mussolini and provoked to more violence. In the end war with USA broke out December 1941. Japan thought USA would negotiate but no way. FDR had other plans. The result is known. Japan was supposed to be totally destroyed forever by US atomic bombs. Japan gave up and agreed to return to its pre-1868 borders. Early 1950's Japan was back on its feet and best friend of USA and Europe again and in the 1970's, when I worked in Japan, it had become the second biggest economic power in the world â?¦ with the same families in control since 1868! And today. It was and is very easy to manipulate the Japan population. The Japanese are born into a hierarchy where everyone plays his/her role and everyone is happy ... as long as you don't inquiry too much about the mysterious, rich, conservative, authoritarian Japanese families and their corporations running the show assisted by USA and Europe. They live in their luxury flats in the skyscraper cities of Tokyo with a view of Mount Fuji and Tokyo Bay and are quite harmless. But you cannot inquire too much about the fake atomic bombs 1945 and the Fukushima nuclear incident 2011. Then you are in trouble. State secrets! So you have to read about it here.

Anders Björkman

Alpha radiation is just helium atoms with mass that fly away hurting nobody.

Beta radiation is electrons with no or much less mass that cannot hurt anyone either.

Gamma-rays are photons (like light or sun shine) with no mass at all but which contain energy to heat you up; compare sun burn of your skin.

Better hide below a parasol, if you are exposed for hours to it on a sunny beach!

Gamma radiation is arising from the radioactive decay of atomic nuclei, we are told. Paul Villard, a French chemist discovered it long time ago. As radioactive decay is a slow process, I assume gamma radiation is harmless, if you protect yourself. Some clowns say that gamma radiation was emitted during nuclear fission in nuclear explosions but nuclear explosions are not possible. So nobody died of gamma radiation at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

A wire chamber can record radiation! It has wires (W) and cathode (-) plates (P). The protons (alfa), electrons (beta), photons (gamma) particles flying through P/W will ionize gas atoms and set free a charge that an amplifier (A) collects (impulse at the output), we are told. This gadget was invented by Charpak, a Frenchman, and he got the Nobel prize for it. If it works and was used at Fukushima, I have no idea.

X/Röntgen-rays are similar to gamma-rays but man-made to be used as a medical tool to penetrate your body so a picture of your inside can be taken. They only last seconds.

N-Rays are an early example of pseudoscience, i.e. scientists faking it.

Neutron radiation consists of free neutrons, usually emitted as a result of spontaneous or induced nuclear fission. Water moderates the free neutrons, so they either produce more fission or just die down in the water. In air the free neutrons just fly away and die. Neutron radiation is however also able to turn atoms of other materials radioactive - the neutrons are absorbed by the atoms one way or other - and this is what happens in nuclear power plants. A small fraction of the used nuclear fuel becomes radioactive due to neutron radiation and must be stored somewhere until methods are found to treat it to become harmless. No big deal, in my opinion and solutions to handle it can be found unless already available (and kept secret?).


Most radiation is harmless

Thus it seems most radiation is harmless and that the only risk is from radioactive fuel rests (ash) that is spread in the environment due to accidents, e.g. at nuclear power plants. This situation is unfortunately used by well paid nuclear scientists that lie about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki incidents to scare everyone about nuclear weapons since 1945. The invisible radiation is dangerous. It may kill you, it is contagious (!) and, if you have been radiated by it, you are a risk to society, bla, bla, bla. I do not trust these 'experts'. They use pseudoscience to fool people.

It is just old fashioned governments, racist propaganda spread by main stream media to scare. If anyone dies in contact with radioactive substances, it is because they are poisonous!

It is a pity that an intelligent people like Japan remain today fooled by the stupid American propaganda since 1945. Reason is that the Japanese in power and its media like to treat the ordinary Japanese like idiots ... and the Japanese lower down in the hierarchy are too polite and disciplined to object.

"The radiation has not been the disaster. It's our response to the radiation, our fear that we've projected on to others, to say this is really dangerous. It isn't really dangerous and there are plenty of places in the world where you would live with background radiation of at least this level."

Professor Geraldine Thomas of Imperial College, London, 10 March, 2016

When a person has experienced known or probable exposure to a high dose of radiation from an accident, medical personnel should take a number of steps to determine the absorbed radiation dose. This information is essential for determining how severe the illness is likely to be, which treatments to use and whether a person is likely to survive.

Information important for determining an absorbed radiation dose includes:

Known exposure. Details about distance from the source of radiation and duration of exposure can help provide a rough estimate of the severity of radiation sickness.

Vomiting and other symptoms. The time between radiation exposure and the onset of vomiting is a fairly accurate screening tool to estimate absorbed radiation dose. The shorter the time before the onset of this sign, the higher the dose. The severity and timing of other signs and symptoms also may help medical personnel determine the absorbed dose.

Blood tests. Frequent blood tests over several days enable medical personnel to look for drops in disease-fighting white blood cells and abnormal changes in the DNA of blood cells. These factors indicate the degree of bone marrow damage, which is determined by the level of an absorbed dose.

Dosimeter. A device called a dosimeter can measure the absorbed dose of radiation but only if it was exposed to the same radiation event as the affected person.

Survey meter. A device such as a Geiger counter can be used to survey people to determine the body location of radioactive particles.

Type of radiation. A part of the larger emergency response to a radioactive accident or attack would include identifying the type of radiation exposure. This information would guide some decisions for treating people with radiation sickness.

It is a fact that no medical personnel at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and at Fukushima university hospital 50 kms away ever determined any absorbed radiation doses of persons at and around the plant! The medical personnel lacked training! And even if they had training, they had no treatment against nuclear radiation. Or nuclear poision!

Let's repeat!


So 11 March 2011 the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear incident took place. The Fukushima Daiichi #1 nuclear power plant consisted of six reactor vessels #1-6. #4 was empty and #5-6 were in cold shutdown. #1-3 were allegedly automatically stopped due to the earthquake 50 minutes earlier and before the tsunami hit the coast up north. Then control rods were lowered that absorbed the free neutrons stopping the fission, and the moderating medium - water - was being cooled down by electric pumps circulating the water. If a proper safety analysis had been done before construction, the incident would never had occured. How to provide cooling of a nuclear plant in an emergency, when state electrical power is not available? Nobody in Japan seems to have thought of it then and later today.

The earthquake thus damaged the normal shore based electricity grid and supply at Fukushima but it didn't cause the nuclear incident.


The tsunami wave - only 9 (?) meters high here - caused slow flooding of low level coastal areas however destroyed the Fukushima #1 nuclear plant, in-house emergency electric power system. The plant's emergency electrical generators were located in the basement (!) that allegedly was flooded first, so the cooling pumps didn't work, water temperature inside increased, so reactor pressure vessels, RPV, #1-3 overheated, when cooling failed: the moderating water - 100's of tons - started to boil we are told, the nuclear fuel rods melted at 2800 C above water (!) and parts collected at the bottom of the RPVs and radioactive gasses (?) -steam incl. hydrogen (!) leaked into the environment through safety valves (the roofs were blown off) ... we were told ... by experts ... and people could get killed by radiation (gamma rays) and radioactive fall-out poisoning ... we were also told! But it was just steam boiling off. Nothing melted anywhere!!


Each Fukushima nuclear reactor is quite simple. It consists of a reactor pressure vessel, RPV, of steel surrounded by a primary containment drywell of concrete connected to a suppression pond wetwell. All is housed inside a concrete building with a light roof. The nuclear fuel and control rods are inside the RPV. The nuclear fuel heats radio active water, when fission occurs that heats, via a heat exchanger, other non-radioactive water that becomes non-radioactive steam driving turbo generators producing steam.

Radioactive leakages

The radioactive leakages from the RPVs didn't occur until 3-6 days after the tsunami flooding took place, we are told. You should really wonder what happened and, if persons were subject to radiation! Can fuel rods in air without moderating water melt by themselves due to fission?

Eleven reactors at four nuclear power plants in the region were operating at the time and all shut tolddown automatically, when the quake and tsunami hit. Subsequent inspection showed no significant damage to any from the earthquake and tsunami. The operating units which shut down were Tokyo Electric Power Company's (Tepco) Fukushima Daiichi 1, 2, 3, and Fukushima Daini 1, 2, 3, 4, Tohoku's Onagawa 1, 2, 3, and Japco's Tokai, total 9377 MWe net. Fukushima Daiichi units 4, 5 & 6 were not operating at the time, but were affected. The main problem initially centred on Fukushima Daiichi units 1-3. Unit 4 became a problem on day five.

The reactors proved robust seismically, but vulnerable to the tsunami. Power, from grid or backup generators, was available to run the Residual Heat Removal (RHR) system cooling pumps at eight of the eleven units, and despite some problems they achieved 'cold shutdown' within about four days. The other three, at Fukushima Daiichi, lost power at 3.42 pm, almost an hour after the quake, when the entire site was flooded by the 15-metre tsunami (sic). This disabled 12 of 13 back-up generators on site and also the heat exchangers for dumping reactor waste heat and decay heat (??) to the sea. The three units lost the ability to maintain proper reactor cooling and water circulation functions. Electrical switchgear was also disabled. Thereafter, many weeks of focused work centred on restoring heat removal from the reactors and coping with overheated spent fuel ponds. This was undertaken by hundreds of Tepco employees as well as some contractors, supported by firefighting (sic) and military (sic) personnel. Some of the Tepco staff had lost homes, and even families, in the tsunami, and were initially living in temporary accommodation under great difficulties and privation, with some personal risk. A hardened emergency response centre on site was unable to be used in grappling with the situation, due to radioactive contamination.

Three Tepco employees at the Daiichi and Daini plants were killed directly by the earthquake and tsunami, but there have been no fatalities from the nuclear accident. has another description of the events of the Fukushima incident. It would appear it is quite easy to mix true and false information to confuse and fool interested people and to cover up what really happened.


The Japanese parliament had also its stupid excuse of the incident: 

"For all the extensive detail it provides, what this report cannot fully convey - especially to a global audience - is the mindset that supported the negligence behind this disaster. What must be admitted - very painfully - is that this was a disaster "Made in Japan." Its fundamental causes are to be found in the ingrained conventions of Japanese culture: our reflexive obedience; our reluctance to question authority; our devotion to 'sticking with the program'; our groupism; and our insularity. Had other Japanese been in the shoes of those who bear responsibility for this accident, the result may well have been the same."

Everyone knows that the Japanese parliament consists of members of gangs, clicks and secret societies that makes "laws" that their friends at the various ministeris apply and change as the like to keep control.



Caesium-137 is reported to be the major health concern in Fukushima. But nothing is done about it.

Beacuse Chernobyl released far more Cesium-137 than Fukushima did, according to a Mr. Lyman.

"About 25 petabecquerels (PBq) of cesium-137 was released to the environment from the three damaged Fukushima reactors, compared to an estimate of 85 PBq for Chernobyl,"

he said (PBq is a unit for measuring radioactivity that shows the decay of nuclei per second). But how could anything escape from any reactors? They were all intact!!

A report issued by United Nations agencies in 2005 approximated that 4,000 people could eventually die of radiation exposure from Chernobyl. But 2023 nobody has died of radiation.


No deaths or cases of radiation sickness

At Fukushima, there were no deaths or cases of radiation sickness directly associated with the accident - neither workers nor members of the public, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). However, Japan's aggressive disaster response, which relocated 100,000 people from their homes near Fukushima, is thought to have indirectly caused around 1,000 deaths, most of which were people age 66 years or more, the World Nuclear Association reported. Bla, bla, bla!

To see how radiation from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster impacted the pale blue grass butterflies, researchers collected adults from 10 localities (Shiroishi, Fukushima, Motomiya, Koriyama, Hirono, Iwaki, Takahagi, Mito, Tsukuba and Tokyo). The Fukushima butterflies showed various abnormalities: dented eyes (Shiroishi), deformed left eye (Iwaki), deformed right palpus (Takahagi), and deformed wing shape (Fukushima). All due to radiation? There is no evidence for it!


Tritium problem?

And then there was the mysterious tritium problem. Tritium is an isotope of hydrogen, which allows it to readily bind to hydroxyl radicals, forming tritiated water (HTO), and to carbon atoms. Since tritium is a low energy beta emitter, it is not dangerous externally (its beta particles are unable to penetrate the skin), but it can be a radiation hazard when inhaled, ingested via food or water, or absorbed through the skin. HTO has a short biological half-life in the human body of 7 to 14 days, which both reduces the total effects of single-incident ingestion and precludes long-term bioaccumulation of HTO from the environment. The biological half life of tritiated water in the human body, which is a measure of body water turn over, varies with the season. Studies on the biological half life of occupational radiation workers for free water tritium in the coastal region of Karnataka, India show that the biological half life in the winter season is twice that of the summer season. Etc, etc, bla, bla. In the 1960's tritium found in the sky was evidence of thermonuclear bomb explosions ... that never occured.


In January 2014 it was made public that a total of 875 TBq (2.45 g) of tritium were on the site of Fukushima Daiichi, and the amount of tritium contained in the contaminated water was increasing by approximately 230 TBq (0.64 g) per year. According to a strange report by Tepco "Tritium could be separated theoretically, but there is no practical separation technology on an industrial scale."

Of course there was no real problem. It was only created by particular, criminal parties making money to scare people at Fukushima:

A total of 44 people, including those in local fisheries, voiced their opinions at the hearings. Some were concerned about the damage caused by unfounded fears and rumors concerning the effects of the offshore disposal of tritium water. Meanwhile, many others thought that the water should remain stored in tanks for the time being while new treatment technologies were being sought.

December 2018 three ex-Tepco (the owning company) directors (the board chairman T. Katsumata, 78, and two vice presidents, I. Takekuro, 72, and S. Muto, 68) were finally arrested of negligence and for causing the incident seven years earlier 2011 by not having prepared necessary safety measures incl. causing three (!) core melt-downs. Katsumata, Takekuro and Muto were also indicted on charges for the deaths of 44 patients at Futaba Hospital, near the Fukushima Daiichi plant. The victims died after they were forced to evacuate for many hours to avoid radiation spewing from the crippled power station.

Japanese justice prosecutors can in Japan accuse, arrest and jail anyone for anything and the accused have to prove they are innocent. In the rest of the world it is the other way around. The case was in court March 2019. The accused said that the tsunami was unforeseeable, that the incident would have occurred, even if they implemented preventive measures not required by any laws and regulations 2011, and that the incident could not have been foreseen by them. No evidence of melt-downs, radiation and that the three directors were evacuating/killing patients at Futaba Hospital were provided.

If found guilty September 2019, they will spend five years in prison. So better follow my advice! Agree with anything a Japanese prosecutor says, appologize and appeal after conviction! And you'll go free!

If the Tepco directors are already locked up for 108 days in a prison cell like ex Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn 19 November 2018/March 2019 is not clear to me April 2019.

On Thursday 19 September 2019 the three directors were found not guilty of anything. They were law abiding Japanese!

Now something completely else:

Short Japan 1868-today history lesson how the atomic bomb hoax worked 1945-today

Rich, conservative, authoritarian Japanese families took control of Japan 1868 and installed a puppet emperor at Tokyo. These oligarques and plutocrats are still in power 150 years later.They loved America and Europe, their money and colonies. Japan quickly acquired their own colonies - the Ryukyu Kingdom 1879, Taiwan 1895, the Kwantung peninsula, Sakhalin and the 56 Kuril islands 1905 (after attacking Russia), Korea 1910, the German Far East colonies 1919, Manchuria 1932 and French Indochina 1940. Japan was then a solid ally of USA/Europe (but not Russia) from 1868 until 1924, when America adopted the Immigration Act of 1924. Things got worse in the 1930's, when USA/FDR adopted economic sanctions of all sorts against Japan and refused friendly talks to solve the problems. Reason was that USA was protecting its puppets in China and the opium trade there, which Japan planned to eliminate. So poor Japan was driven by FDR into the hands of Nazi Germany/Hitler and Fascist Italy/Mussolini and provoked to more violence. In the end war with USA broke out December 1941. Japan thought USA would negotiate but no way. FDR had other plans. The result is known. Japan was supposed to be totally destroyed forever by US atomic bombs. Japan gave up and agreed to return to its pre-1868 borders. Early 1950's Japan was back on its feet and best friend of USA and Europe again and in the 1970's, when I worked in Japan, it had become the second biggest economic power in the world â?¦ with the same families in control since 1868! And today. It was and is very easy to manipulate the Japan population. The Japanese are born into a hierarchy where everyone plays his/her role and everyone is happy ... as long as you don't inquiry too much about the mysterious, rich, conservative, authoritarian Japanese families and their corporations running the show assisted by USA and Europe. They live in their luxury flats in the skyscraper cities of Tokyo with a view of Mount Fuji and Tokyo Bay and are quite harmless. But you cannot inquire too much about the fake atomic bombs 1945 and the Fukushima nuclear incident 2011. Then you are in trouble. State secrets! So you have to read about it here.

Anders Björkman

Carlos Ghosn was 2018 accused of not reporting his earnings in Japan, where he was working since late 1990's. Nobody told him since 1999 that this was necessary. Carlos doesn't speak, read or write Japanese. He has nothing to do with anyting nuclear. He just ran the Nissan company that builds and sells cars.

Ghosn was released on bail in March 2019 but re-arrested 3 April on order of some Japanese prosecutor and jailed again for new alleged crimes under laws nobody had heard of!

Ghosn was lined up to probably rot in Japan jails many years and never to be brought to court. Nissan is a funny company with very unusual shareholders. It was created in the 1930's to develop industry in Manchuria using slave labour under Japanese army control and was building cars in Japan at a loss until Ghosn was called in.

In the 1990's Nissan had serious problems due to mismanagement, so Ghosn was brought in by French Renault SA that also bought 36.8% of the shares to solve the problems. The old Japanese owners of the shares were happy to be paid. They still were in 63.2% control. Their shares are held by Japanese banks that will never say who really owns the shares. Ever heard of no? It is Japanese theater with all actors hidden by masks. Covid-19 style.


Ghosn apparently solved the problems but then the old share holders wanted to get rid of him. Japan is a strange country with a false history 1904-today.

I really don't feel sorry for Ghosn or the Tepco directors. If you work in Japan and, if Japanese authorities accuse you of anything, you simply just hear - kiku or kikimasu - anything said by them and nod! And then, after being sentenced, you apologize for what ever you have not done or heard. What else can you do? You can appeal, later. Maybe it works! But no criminal court in Japan will agree you are innocent.

However Carlos Ghosn counter attacked on Thursday 23 October 2019: a Tokyo court should dismiss the case against him, accusing Japanese prosecutors of a "pervasive pattern of illegal misconduct". The claims, made in two filings to the Tokyo District Court by his lawyers, allege prosecutors colluded with Nissan and effectively subcontracted out their investigation to employees of the automaker who were trying to oust Ghosn.

"The court filings demonstrate that the prosecutors' case, which was politically motivated and poisoned from the start, is fundamentally flawed and contradicted by the evidentiary record," Ghosn's lawyers said in a statement. I wondered how it would end!


Back to Fukushima 2024!

The impressive hydrogen explosions that 2011 blew out the roofs of the buildings housing units 1, 2, and 3 (and also 4?), allegedly releasing massive amounts of radiation, should be better clarified today.

As I understand it, fission had stopped by the control rods but the fuel rods themselves were very hot, when circulation of the radioactive cooling/moderation water inside the RPVs stopped. Thus the water started to boil, radioactive (?) water vapor - steam - was formed and released via safety valves into the primary containment drywell and to the suppression pond wetwell and from there to the air or sea via more safety valves. It was bad but not dangerous. The vapor would cool down and be diluted by the atmosphere and the radioactivity would be reduced to safe levels.

But from where did the hydrogen originate, when cooling failed? Was it interaction of the fuel rods very hot zirconium cladding with steam? Does oxidation of the zirconium cladding at high temperatures in the presence of steam really produce hydrogen exothermically? Zirconium is extremely resistant to heat and corrosion. Was it a design fault? A significant problem in tracking radioactive release was then that 23 out of the 24 radiation monitoring stations on the plant site were allegedly disabled by the tsunami. The plant was virtually intact but 23 out of the 24 radiation monitoring stations failed. Why was that? And what did the intact monitoring station record?

There were no fires anywhere, so the Fukushima incident cannot be compared with the Chernobyl accident on 25-26 April 1986, which was completely different.

And let's face it. The roofs were just there to protect against rain/wind and couldn't stop the radiation. With no roofs the steam + radiation would just blow away.


Otherwise the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was intact. But to scare the people plenty strange idiots told the public and media that it was the end of the world and media trumpeted it. The whole of Japan was horrified and afraid.

There are many different, sloppy reports of the incident:


"Despite the efforts of the operators at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to maintain control, the reactor cores in Units 1-3 overheated, the nuclear fuel melted and the three dry and wet containment vessels were breached. Hydrogen was released from the reactor pressure vessels (RPV), leading to explosions inside the reactor buildings in Units 1, 3 and 4 that damaged structures and equipment and injured personnel. Radionuclides were released from the plant to the atmosphere and were deposited on land and on the ocean. There were also direct releases into the sea."

The only explosions were the ones blowing off the thin roof of three buildings!


"The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was an energy accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima, initiated primarily by the tsunami following the Tohoku earthquake on 11 March 2011. Immediately after the earthquake, the active reactors automatically shut down their sustained fission reactions. However, the tsunami disabled the emergency generators that would have provided power to control and operate the pumps necessary to cool the reactors. The insufficient cooling led to three nuclear meltdowns, hydrogen-air chemical explosions, and the release of radioactive material in Units 1, 2 and 3 from 12 March to 15 March. Loss of cooling also caused the pool for storing spent fuel from Reactor 4 to overheat on 15 March due to the decay heat from the fuel rods.

Or maybe only one fuel 'meltdown' took place? And what is a nuclear meltdown? It sounds dangerous, but is it?


"Following a major earthquake, a 15-metre tsunami disabled the power supply and cooling of three Fukushima Daiichi reactors, causing a nuclear accident on 11 March 2011. All three cores largely melted in the first three days. â?¦ After two weeks, the three reactors (units 1-3) were stable with water addition and by July they were being cooled with recycled water from the new treatment plant. Official 'cold shutdown condition' was announced in mid-December. â?¦There have been no deaths or cases of radiation sickness from the nuclear accident, but over 100,000 people were evacuated from their homes to ensure this. Government nervousness (sic) delays the return of many."

So we have been told about three core meltdowns (!!!) at the power plant. And government nervousness??

But six years later the RPV interior is ... intact!!! But ...

"Some sections of the platform were determined to have melted away."

The water filled interior of the Fukushima daiichi nuclear power station #2 RPV that suffered a meltdown 2011. It doesn't look having melted. How can steel melt under water? Yes, a platform to walk on is damaged but what does it mean? I assume that hot fuel elements have dropped on the platform and deformed the thin steel elements there ... but it does not mean that the very thick, reactor pressure vessel, RPV, is leaking! The platform is just to stand on when the RPV is empty, etc, etc.

And a Sasori robot was swimming (or walking?) around down there among the Sieverts ... February 2017! Sorry, it got stuck ... .

What a stupid joke! Is this serious? Is this real? 


It seems rain and snow cleans up most of Fukushima better than humans! What a surprise. The removal of the top soil by Yakusa gangsters was probably just for show!

My opinion today is that all steel RPVs are structurally intact and only damages are inside the RPVs themselves.

The leaks of the RPVs of water and gasses were only via the safety valves and valves to the heat exchangers and for water filling.

Only May 2018 we were told by a Mr. Matsuda of TEPCO that the company has conducted a series of investigations of the interiors of the reactor containment vessels, RPVs, to figure out the conditions at each in order for the removal of the fuel debris.

Radioactive concentrations in the water have been found to have fallen to levels of 1/100,000th to 1/1.000.000th of those immediately after the accident, and Matsuda expressed hope that that would remain so. And the Japan industry ministry said Monday 18 November 2019 it would be safe to release water contaminated by the Fukushima nuclear disaster into the ocean, stressing that on an annual basis the amount of radiation measured near the release point would be very small compared to levels to which humans are naturally exposed. 

As of the end of February 2018 there were 4,970 workers per day-comprising both TEPCO's and those of cooperating companies-sixty percent of whom were locally hired. They only use face masks as protection! The exposure dose is 0.32 milliSieverts per month (?) as of January 2018. Nobody knows why Matsuda uses this confusing radiation unit. Why not say 3.84 milliSieverts/year or 0.38 µSv/h. You don't die by 0.38 µSv/h.

December 2018 (during my last visit in Japan) TEPCO informed that the start of removal of 566 assemblies of spent nuclear fuel from a storage pool in the #3 unit will start March 2019. The work will be completed within fiscal 2020 which ends March 2021. Why it takes two years to move some spent nuclear fuel is not clear to anyone.

The real scandal at Fukushima was that 154 000 persons were March 2011 illegally evacuated by the Japan Self Defense Forces. Many were later barred from returning to their homes inside the "exclusion zone," while others opted to resettle elsewhere. They were also told to slaughter all cattle in the area.

7 March 2018 73.000 persons had still not returned. 

January 2019 42 615 citizens are still evacuated from their homes at Fukushima for fake safety or security reasons.


5 March 2020 the situation was a little better at Futaba but total 40 335 Japanese could still not return to where they lived 2011.

They have been told that they had been fatally radiated and that they were contaminated by radiation. It was hinted that they would soon die by radiation sickness. It was also hinted that that this sickness was contagious, so that other people should stay away from them ... like Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945.

December 2020 36 811 Japanese are still evacuated from their homes at Fukushima for fake safety or security reasons

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. has January 2020 estimated that it will take 44 years to decommission its Fukushima No. 2 nuclear plant. What a joke! Why??

Situation 1 April 2017

Japanese media are today very powerful to maintain the 1945 atomic bomb propaganda. It is very sad.


A cattle farmer Mr. Fumikazu Watanabe, 60, of Namie a few kilometers from the Fukushima #1 nuclear power plant ignored the evacuation order and keeps his cows since 2011 inside the evacuation area. Neither Watanabe nor his cows have died of radiation today.

The good news were that on Friday 31 March 2017 the Japanese authorities lifted their evacuation orders for parts of Iitate, Namie and Tomioka that had been enforced due to the nuclear incident at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant 2011. But we do not really know why. Radiation?

20 mSv/year radiation is considered harmless, because people working in nuclear power plants are subject to it all the time. It corresponds to 2.28 µSv/hour, if you understand radiation, which you don't. It seems radiation is <1 µSv/hour also at Futaba and Okuma but who knows?

5 February 2018 the situation (left) was more or less unchanged. Total 50 641 Japanese could still not return to where they lived 2011. 16 426 Japanese live nearby in the prefecture but 34 207 live further away.

According NHK 7 March 2018 73.000 persons have still not returned. 

Why is that? What was really the radiation 2018 where 50 641 or 73;000 persons lived 2011. >2 µSv/hour? I visited Japan 2019 to find out the situation at Namie, Futaba and Okuma 2019.

You should also wonder why a serious, technical defect, i.e. that controlled cooling down could not be maintained after a simple power failure, had not been discovered by the experts at the frequent emergency exercises of the 30+ years old plant.

How was it possible, that when the emergency electric power system didn't work, you could not cool down the moderating water and stop the plant by other means, e.g. by engine driven pumps or by gravity? All other nuclear power plants in the vicinity were safely closed down due to the tsunami/earthquake.

Stopping the plant was standard operation for maintenance overhauls and refueling and had been done numerous times in the past.

Had a third, tsunami proof, emergency power system been provided on the roof or in a strong, watertight bunker, or, if cooling could be done by gravity or by engine driven pumps in a tsunami safe location, the shut down and cooling down of the plant could easily have been done as planned and the nuclear incident avoided. On ships, my speciality, emergency generators and batteries are always located in the safest place, i.e. on top of the deck house behind the wheel house.

The water cooling requirements are fairly big when running at full output - about than 7.500 m3/hour for a reactor that will warm up a few degrees - but the head is small so little power is required. And much less cooling water is required in an emergency, when the unit is switched off, when higher temperatures may be allowed, and just needs to be kept cool due to natural fission. And explosive, hydrogen gasses? They should have been collected and simply been burnt off.

But the nuclear power plant safety experts! Who are they? All of them are supporters of the Hiroshima/Nagasaki 1945 atomic bomb hoaxes. Can we trust them? They knew that plenty money can be made to scare people of ... radiation.

Due to this invented radiation dangers there was panic; Japan military moved in, people were forced to leave the area and told that they could not return ... forever. Many areas were fenced off. Only the cherry trees continued to blossom every year for a week at spring. Cherry trees are not affected by radiation!

Behind the fence is dangerous radioactive radiation! But cherry blossoms are not affacted!

The Japan Self Defense Forces thus moved in and forcibly evacuated 154 000 Japanese due to radiation concerns forgetting it was not its job. According NHK 7 March 2018 73.000 persons have still not returned.  Part of the panic and to improve the show was to temporarily close all, 50+ Japanese nuclear power plants that were running safely far away unaffected by any earthquakes. But in retrospect there was no need at all to evacuate 154 000 persons due to radiation concerns. 2018 nobody has died at Fukushima due to radiation. Of course 2011 all Japanese just obeyed as usual. And March 2018 Japan prime minister S. Abe proposes to re-start all nuclear power plants again.

You should really wonder why this confusion goes on for seven years.

If there is radiation at Fukushima 2018 - to be confirmed - it should be examined carefully, e.g, how much and how dangerous it is. It is of course still being discussed. Propaganda is regularly trumpeted by media. 2018 the situation at Fukushima is worse than ever ... according media! The combustion chambers or cores are completely destroyed and all fuel rods have melted and disappeared ... while maybe only some platforms to walk on are damaged.

Many people including nuclear experts supporting fake atomic bombs always mix up milliSievert/hour (mSv/h) with microSievert/hour (µSv/h) the latter being 1 000 times smaller. It seems 1 µSv/h (or 8.76 mSv/year) radiation is safe and normal and 400 mSv/h is unnormal and will kill you, the latter being 400 000 times bigger. It seems the level is <1 µSv/h at Fukushima today 2018.

Average annual human exposure to ionizing radiation maybe of the order 3-6 mSv/year.


Before the Fukushima incident the limit was 1 mSv/year. After the Fukushima incident the limit was suddenly 20 mSv/year. Typical Japanese! People get confused and worried!

Thus - milliSieverts (per hour) may be dangerous. But microSiverts and Low Dose Radiation and the Linear No-Threshold hypothesis, LNT, that Leaves No Trace, LNT? I assume James Muckerheide knows what he is talking about.

It is a fact April 2016 that nobody died or has died later in Japan from radiation of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear incident. People have died of stress and similar - being frightened or chased away from their homes by the JSDF - but radiation?

The only ones getting rich were the local yakusas* that took over the alleged "cleaning up" of the areas around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station that were sealed off at once. Reason is that radiation hardly exceeded 3 µSv/h in most of Fukushima prefecture April 2011 and that April 2016 the situation was greatly improved. Remember that average natural background radiation on Earth is 0.27 µSv/h and that on the Kerala Coast in India, the effective annual dose is 1.43 µSv/h and nothing to worry about. It seems radiation of 3 or 4 µSv/h doesn't kill anything.

Media were told by corrupt politicians supported by criminal, nuclear experts to exaggerate the damages to the nuclear power plant and the dangers and effects of radiation and radioactive pollution so the yakusas* could hire poor, uneducated Japanese to be dressed up in white boiler suits to "clean up" the radioactivity and eliminate the radiation. They scooped up the top soil at local farms and put it somewhere else ... where it still is today.

(*Yakusas are Japanese gangster cartels more powerful than any Italian or US mafia that run parts of Japan society since it was opened up to foreigners around 1860) 

If you ask for details about the "cleaning up", you will not get any. Except that the nuclear atomic bomb radiation show goes on, even if no nuclear bombs went off at Fukushima, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Take the case of Caesium-137 at Fukushima from Wikipedia (last edited on 10 November 2017, at 19:37):

Caesium-137 is reported to be the major health concern in Fukushima. The government is under pressure to clean up radioactivity from Fukushima from as much land as possible so that some of the 110,000 people can return. A number of techniques are being considered that will be able to strip out 80% to 95% of the caesium from contaminated soil and other materials efficiently and without destroying the organic material in the soil. These include hydrothermal blasting. The caesium precipitated with ferric ferricyanide (Prussian blue) would be the only waste requiring special burial sites. The aim is to get annual exposure from the contaminated environment down to 1 millisievert (mSv) above background. The most contaminated area where radiation doses are greater than 50 mSv/year (5.7 µSv/h) must remain off limits, but some areas that are currently less than 5 mSv/year (0.57 µSv/h) may be decontaminated, allowing 22,000 residents to return.

When I checked Wikipedia 8 March 2018 the above nonsense had been removed! Why must areas with 5.7 µSv/h radiation be off limits? You can visit them for a couple of hours without danger. And what was really reported? Other experts talk about solid nano-caesium metal corns inside glass being found ... but cannot explain their origin ... and why these corns do not react with water unless isolated inside glass, etc.  

According to Dr Satoshi Utsunomiya of Kyushu University, Nagasaki, Japan:

New research shows that most of the radioactive fallout which landed on downtown Tokyo a few days after the Fukushima accident was concentrated and deposited in non-soluble glass micro-particles, as a type of 'glassy soot'. This meant that most of the radioactive material was not dissolved in rain and running water, and probably stayed in the environment until removed by direct washing or physical removal. The particles also concentrated the radioactive caesium (Cs), meaning that in some cases dose effects of the fallout are still unclear. ...

(My) work changes some of our assumptions about the Fukushima fallout. It looks like the clean-up procedure, which consisted of washing and removal of top soils, was the correct thing to do. However, the concentration of radioactive caesium in microparticles means that, at an extremely localized and focused level, the radioactive fallout may have been more (or less) concentrated than anticipated. This may mean that our ideas of the health implications should be modified.

Etc, etc. Maybe something similar happened at Nagasaki, 1945? There was no radioactivity ... or nuclear bomb! Just evil Americans scaring innocent people.


There were and are of course many political reasons to exaggerate the Fukushima damages 2011 and to keep the complete Japanese population scared about anything nuclear and radiating and plenty corrupt Japanese politicians and civil servants were and are assisting the 75 years old atomic bomb bullshit and now the new, 2011 Fukushima show. But it didn't last!

29 March 2016 42 Japanese nuclear reactors were operable and potentially able to restart, and 24 of these were in the process of restart approvals. The first two restarted in August and October 2015. Evidently there was no need to stop them at all March 2011.

42 peaceful and safe Japanese nuclear reactors can provide 27% of the electrical demand and hopefully they will be up and running soon.

But if you 4 March 2018 asked Google about "How many nuclear power plants are in operation in Japan?" you didn't get any answers at all! Media had stopped reporting and the Japan authorities have nothing to say! But 9 March 2018 prime minister Abe told media that he thought it was a good idea to restart all nuclear power plants (except the Fukushima #1 plant).

August 2022 it seems 10 Japan old nuclear power plants were running. 23 were operable and could be started. 24 have been stopped. And 2 are being completed at Oma, and Shimane 3. Information is confusing as usual in Japan.

2011 Japan nuclear power plants produced about 288 TWh of elextricity annually. 2022 it is about 40. TWh. Japan make up the difference by burning imported coal and natural gaz. World coal mining has increased 50% since 2011. Japan is a rich country, but at least 100 TWh of electricity could be produced by starting some existing nuclear power plants.

Japan should on the other hand close the nuclear museums at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They are just full of lies and nonsense about imaginary atomic bombs that never exploded and radioactive radiation that killed nobody.

September 2017 only five Japanese reactors - Sendai units 1 and 2; Takahama units 3 and 4; and Ikata unit 3 - had been restarted under the new safety regulations. The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ) notes that another seven units have already met these standards and are being prepared for restart by the end of March 2019. But 2022 only 10 nuclear power plants are running.

The IEEJ estimated that, if restarts take place according to the current schedule by the end of FY 2018, ten units could be restarted, generating 65.6 TWh of electricity annually and representing a 7% share of the country's power generation mix. This compares with total nuclear output of 288.2 TWh and a share of almost 30% in FY 2010, the year prior to the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. 

Anyway, none of the 42 Japanese nuclear power plants that were stopped 2011 have been officially decommissioned and will be closed. The reason why only five were on line 2017 and the others cannot be restarted seems to be political. 

When I visited Fukushima Daiichi this year, I was struck by the extent of the resources mobilised to return the area to an acceptable situation and also by the volume of work still to be carried out. This visit was particularly useful for me to gain a fuller understanding of the major impact of a nuclear accident with radioactive discharges. It underlines the relevance of the EDF Group's policy and justifies the measures taken to ensure that "no severe accident should result in the long-term contamination of extensive areas of land".

EDF Group Inspector General for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection

François de Lastic

Paris, 15 February 2017

There are other inhabited radioactive locations in the world, e.g. Ramsar's Talesh Mahalleh district in Iran is the most radioactive inhabited area known on Earth, due to nearby hot springs and building materials originating from them. A combined population of 2.000 residents from this district and other high radiation neighborhoods receive an average radiation dose of 10 mGy per year, ten times more than the ICRP recommended limit for exposure to the public from artificial sources. Record levels were found in a house where the effective radiation dose due to external radiation was 131 mSv/a, and the committed dose from radon was 72 mSv/a. This unique case is over 80 times higher than the world average background radiation.


The ICRP has investigated the Fukushima 2011 incident and concluded, e.g.:

There are great difficulties to communicate radiological information to non-experts and the public at large using the ICRP system and its quantities. ...

An important confusion has been triggered by the fact that the quantities equivalent dose (to an organ or tissue) and effective dose have a common unit, the sievert. ...

There have been some difficulties for transiting from the emergency exposure situation created by the accident to the existing exposure situation that will remain in the long term. A main difficulty seems to be how to define and decide when the emergency exposure situation is terminated and the existing exposure situation starts. ...

Etc, etc. Big confusion. Easy to fool people! An emergency exposure of radioactive radiation is of very short duration during the emergency, an existing exposure takes place today.


So what is the existing exposure today at Fukushima? The answer is below. But first let's review again the strange units of radiation used:

Gray: The IS unit for the energy absorbed from ionizing radiation, equal to one joule per kilogram. An absorbed dose of one gray is equal to the absorption of one joule of radiation energy by one kilogram of matter. The gray is the correct unit to use when you wish to monitor energy absorbed per unit mass. 

Sievert: The IS unit for the amount of ionizing radiation required to produce the same biological effect as one rad of high-penetration x-rays, equivalent to a gray for x-rays. It measures the radioactive dose equivalent. One sievert is equal to one gray multiplied by a relative biological effective factor, Q, and a factor that takes into account the distribution of the radiation energy, N. The sievert is the correct unit to use when you wish to monitor the biological danger of radiation.

Do you follow? I do not understand anything! A geiger meter normaly tells you the dose per hour, e.g. µSv/h . But the experts use also doses per day or year. But if the radiation varies with time, how can you calculate a dose over a year. It seems that finally the experts use µSv/h as measurement and that 1 µSv/h is not dangerous ... over a year!

Let's sum up!

1 gray (Gy) = 100 rad

1 rad = 10 milligray (mGy)

1 sievert (Sv) = 1.000 millisieverts (mSv) = 1.000.000 microsieverts (µSv)

1 sievert = 100 rem

1 becquerel (Bq) = 1 count per second (cps)

1 Bq/cm3 = 1 µSv/h . Why would anyone invent this strange equivalency and put it in a report?

1 curie = 37,000,000,000 becquerel = 37 Gigabecquerels (GBq)

For x-rays and gamma rays, 1 rad = 1 rem = 10 mSv

Millirem, mrem, is the US unit for effective dose. Americans receive 620 mrem/year.

For neutrons, 1 rad = 5 to 20 rem (depending on energy level) = 50-200 mSv

For alpha radiation (helium-4 nuclei), 1 rad = 20 rem = 200 mSv

Etc, etc.

I do not understand anything. Here we are 2023 and the scientific and medical world expertize has no unfied descriptions of (1) radiation, (2) biological danger effects of radiation on human life or anything ... except that radiation is dangerous.


The World Health Organization has investigated the radiation exposures of Fukushima:  

The present results suggest that the increases in the incidence of human disease attributable to the additional radiation exposure from the Fukushima Daiichi NPP accident are likely to remain below detectable levels. ... 

To date, the Fukushima Daiichi NPP accident has not resulted in acute radiation effects among workers. None of the seven reported deaths among workers is attributable to radiation exposure.

Etc, etc.  2020 the World Health Organization announced that the whole world would die by the Covid-19 virus late 2020. It never happaned of course! The virus was fake! But big biz. We would all die 2023 unless we carried masks and washed our hands. Not doing so, you had to pay a $150:- fine.

The World Nuclear Association has also studied the radiation exposure at Fukushima:

On 11 April 2012 the government suggested that those outside the 20km zone who were likely to accumulate 20 mSv/year total dose should move out within a month. Data at the end of May (with most I-131 gone by decay) showed that about half of the 20 km evacuation zone and a similar area to the NW, total about 1000 sq km, would give an annual dose of 20 mSv to March 2012. ... 

From April 2012 part of the 20-km radius area and the portion of Minami-Soma city extending north from it, were recategorised by the Environment Ministry: below 20 mSv/yr, evacuation called off; 20-50 mSv/yr "restrict residency", allowing entry for specific purposes with no protective equipment required and remediation action to be completed in March 2014 (now 2017); and over 50 mSv/yr "difficulty of return", with restricted entry and remediation deferred. These restricted areas, comprising about half of the 20-km radius evacuation zone, are not expected to drop below 20 mSv/yr before about March 2016. Such areas add to those devastated by the tsunami, where rebuilding is very uncertain. 

If you Google for existing radiation exposure at Fukushima April 2017 you get inconclusive data.


Maybe the radiation was really >10 µSv per hour in some isolated locations that adds up to 87 600 µSv per year or 87.6 mSv per year, which is much above the 20 mSv/year to worry about. There is plenty info about the short term emergency exposure March 2011 though that scared the population to flee. The answer probably is that the existing radiation exposure at Fukushima (apart from very close to the nuclear power plant) seven years later is less than that of Ramsar's Talesh Mahalleh district in Iran today.

On the other hand, 14 April 2017 and 16 October 2017 just outside the damaged nuclear power plant itself, radiation doses were <2 µSv per hour:

It seemed safe to visit Fukushima December 2017! But it cannot be said, because then the previous lies will be revealed. On the other hand other news have taken over the scence. North Korea is planning to attack Japan!


TEPCO, the owner of the Fukushima nuclear plant, is right now decommisioning the complete plant according to some plan established long time ago, even if half the plant, reactor vessels #4-6 are intact. Why not? Details are not really available. But where is the problem?

Ten (US) reactors have completed decommissioning safely 2017 to either the point of license termination or the point where the remaining activities are limited to management of an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI). Isn't it good news? Why not do it like USA?

Furthermore, nuclear decommissioning is just the process whereby a nuclear facility is dismantled to the point that it no longer requires measures for radiation protection. Decommissioning is an administrative and technical process. Just follow established practices. Why is it an expensive problem in Japan? Hiroshima/Nagasaki 1945 lies?

There exists internationally established standards to decommisioning a nuclear power plant, so it is not difficult:

Under the terms of Article III of its Statute, the INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY has established and adopted standards of safety for protection of health and minimization of danger to life and property, and to provide for the application of these standards. The standards are simple, e.g.:


Requirement 33: Preparation for decommissioning

The operating organization shall prepare a decommissioning plan and shall maintain it throughout the lifetime of the plant, unless otherwise approved by the regulatory body, to demonstrate that decommissioning can be accomplished safely and in such a way as to meet the specified end state.

9.1 The decommissioning plan shall be updated in accordance with changes in regulatory requirements, modifications to the plant, advances in technology, changes in the need for decommissioning activities and changes in national policies [see INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY, Decommissioning of Facilities, IAEA Safety Standards Series No. GSR Part 6, IAEA, Vienna (2014).]. 

9.2 A human resource programme shall be developed for ensuring that sufficient motivated and qualified personnel are available for the safe operation of the plant up to final shutdown, for conducting activities in a safe manner during the preparatory period for decommissioning and for safely carrying out the decommissioning of the plant.

9.3 In the preparatory period for decommissioning, a high level of operational safety shall be maintained until the nuclear fuel has been removed from the plant.

9.4 For a multiple unit plant, appropriate measures shall be put in place to ensure that common systems and common equipment remain fully available to support the safe operation of all the generating units.

9.5 The operating organization shall be aware, over the operating lifetime of the plant, of the needs in relation to future decommissioning. Experience and knowledge with regard to contaminated or irradiated structures, systems and components gained in modification and maintenance activities at the plant shall be recorded and retained to facilitate the planning of decommissioning. Complete and reviewed information shall be compiled to be transferred to the organization responsible for managing the decommissioning phase.

9.6 The implications for safety of the activities in the transitional phase prior to the commencement of decommissioning shall be assessed and shall be managed so as to avoid undue hazards and to ensure safety.

It seems the safest, cheapest, minimum cost and best way to decommision a nuclear power plant is just to stop the plant, remove the nuclear fuel and than keep the nuclear plant as a museum and re-use the non-nuclear, non radioactive electric power generating plant.

No need to destroy the nuclear reactor and cut it into pieces to ... do what with it? Better is just to leave it as a museum ... of nuclear propagande FEAR lies.


Nobody in Japan seems to know the cost of the Fukushima incident. According Japanese authorities end 2016 estimates they were USD 188 billion but according to Japan Center for Economic Research 2017 they were between USD 450 and 630 billion (source). But as described above nobody was really killed and 2023 most areas have been rebuilt are back and and up and running.


Experts say (2 December 2019) a 30- to 40-year completion target for the decommissioning is too optimistic. Some have raised doubts if removing all of the melted fuel is doable and suggest an approach like Chernobyl - contain the reactors and wait until radioactivity naturally decreases.

Why it would take 30-40 years to decommission three reactors, when the other three are intact, is still unclear. Better is of course to continue running the three intact reactors and just seal off the reactors that cannot work. Reason is probably pure Japanese, i.e. old lies must be maintained for social order reasons. Japan should learn from France and the EDF company of which I am a happy share holder.


EDF is a French private (but government controlled) company and with the state as majority (>85%) share holder producing electricity, almost 90%, by 58 nuclear power stations in France. EDF controls more nuclear power stations than Japan! The past president of France, M. Hollande, had some years ago, foolishly, suggested that electricity produced by nuclear power should be reduced to 50% by 2025, so he wasn't reelected! The new president, M. Macron, had 27 November 2018 suggested that electricity produced by nuclear power should be 50% by 2035 by closing 14 reactors and making 10.000's of nuclear power plant workers unemployed. The idea is to first close two reactors at Fessenheim and then four others by 2030 (and eight reactors 2031-2035). The lost nuclear production capacity - 40% - shall be replaced by solar panels and wind mills by 2030! This plan was of course not realistic, so EDF will continue to produce the cheapest and best electricty in Europe by nuclear power until 2060! 

EDF is thus 2023 expanding its range of nuclear reactors of various sizes to meet the specific needs of countries and electricity networks around the world. In France, with the French nuclear fleet, EDF is geared up to launch the new nuclear power plant construction programme (8 plants adjacent to existing plants) announced by the President of the Republic on 9 November 2021. In conjunction with renewable energies, this programme will guarantee France's electricity supply and help achieve carbon neutrality. The People's Republic of China plans to build 150 new nuclear power plants assisted by EDF!

One new French nuclear power station, Flamanville, should come on line soon and it should be able to produce until 2080! EDF has a debt of >Euro 33 billion at low interest (0%?), which is guaranteed by France and it will probably never be amortized or paid back. EDF produces so much clean electricity that part of it sold (at a loss!) to the competition and foreign countries. Price of electricity is otherwise increasing world wide due to the fact that most electricity is produced by coal burning power plants and that price of coal is always increasing.

Nuclear fission of uranium oxide is used to generate energy in France. In the current water cooled reactors 'slow' neutrons are used in the fission process that only split uranium-235 atoms in the oxide.

Fourth generation reactors work with fast neutrons that also split uranium-238 atoms. Because natural uranium contains barely 0.7 % uranium-235 and no less than 99.3 % uranium-238, these 'fast' reactors will use the planet's available uranium reserves much more efficiently. If these reactors are operational by 2030 the current uranium reserves will last for thousands of years.


EDF has nuclear power plants of various types all over France.


An EDF nuclear power station is very simple and safe. It consists of a water filled reactor vessel with control rods that by burning nuclear fuel heats water that becomes steam in a steam gereator. The steam drives a turbine that rotates an electric generator that produces electricity sold to consumers via a power grid. The steam is cooled in a condensor and returned to the steam generator as water to become steam again.

Only the water inside the reactor vessel is radioactive!

The nuclear power station is very easy to adjust for electric demand, which doubles during cold winters.

The average age of a French EDF nuclear power plant 2019 was about 34 years. The plants have very good safety records and can run another 30+ years without problems assuming normal maintenance and EDF states publicly that all plants (apart from Fessenheim) will run 2029. A nuclear power power plant is also simple to convert to coal, gas or other fuels, if required. You just disconnect and empty the reactor vessel of its nuclear fuel. The steam must then be produced by coal, gas or other means. The turbines, generators, condensors and power grid remain in place. As the plant is located on the coast or at a river logistics is no problem.

The value of EDF shares dropped from almost Euro 30 to below Euro 9 2014/7 due to very bad ownership - French socialist government not protesting the German government's decision to close all its nuclear power plants at great costs, etc.

The dividend 2017 was Euro 0.40 per share down from Euro 0.90 2016 but still pretty good. And an extra dividend was just offered. New shares were already 2016 issued at Euro 7.04 to old shareholders (like me) to re-finance the company. It is better than a bank savings account paying 1%.

2016 I bought >7 000 shares for Euro 9.6! It was pure speculation based on common sense. I buy, when share values are low. And I don't need a new car.

I attended the EDF shareholders meeting 2018 to pursue this matter. The result was positive. Most questions are resolved and the future looks bright. But today looks worse ... Time to sell my shares?

25 July 2022 the share price is 11.76!

EDF safety records are very good!

In France mysterious reactor pressure vessels welding defects are also lately discovered (sic) in new and old plants causing panic in spite of 100% quality control at fabrication by in-house, EDF welders. I have a feeling these welding defects are fake news to manipulate share values.

There is plenty propaganda that nuclear power plants are unsafe and that the cost to treat used nuclear fuel and to close plants will be enormous.

IMHO it is not correct. If you decide to close a nuclear power plant, you just remove the nuclear fuel/rods from the reactor pressure vessel and then you can leave the empty, dry reactor in place isolated from the rest of the non-radioactive installation - steam turbines, generators, condensors, etc, that should be re-used for the next electricty producing power plant.

To produce steam you evidently have to build a conventional boiler plant driven by coal, gas or other fuels. But you should also consider to build a new nuclear reactor!

There was no reason to doubt that EDF couldn't increase in value to Euro 15 in 2018 and Euro 20 in 2020, when people grasp this. We will see. On 13 November 2017 the value dropped 10% to Euro 10.52, when it was announced that upgradings of the power plants would be delayed a year. Japan should learn from France! Nuclear power is clean and safe. Anyway 14 September 2018 EDF shares traded at Euro 14.50! And June 2019 - ~Euro 10.80! Doesn't look good! And January 2000 ~Euro 11.50 again.

And 4 March 2022. Euro 7.45! Due to war in Ukraine!

Just to dismantle and re-cycle a worn out nuclear reactor may cost Euro 500-1.000 million each, we are told by crazy people, so it is evidently better just to leave it, where it is, until it is not radioactive any longer. Many old factories are just abandoned ... until they become museums!

The French Authority of Nuclear Safety (Autorite de Sûrete Nucleaire), ASN, is quite strange. Its missions are rules (safe operations of nuclear power plants), control (that rules are followed) and information (to the public). However, according to French weekly Le Canard enchaîné 24 October 2018 (p. 3) ASN has written a letter to EDF 18 October 2018 referring to a secret report about the EDF's handling of nuclear waste, that apparently after 30 years have become a problem.

ASN has also told EDF that the Fessenheim nuclear power plant must be closed by 2022, even if it complies with all rules and is operated safely since beginning. Why the plant must be closed is secret. Nuclear safety is not maintained and improved by secrecy! Evertything should be public and open for discussion. Why close a nuclear power plant that can be safely operated another 30 years? Regardless, it seems the Fessenheim 1 plant will be stopped 22 February 2020 and the Fessenheim 2 plant will be stopped 30 June 2020. France has then 2019 paid EDF Euro 400 million for this stupid decision. But what about the future untl 2041? No problems! France will completely (!?!) compensate EDF for any losses. What a show.

ASN has also critized EDF for not making their nuclear plants 100% safe when an earth quake hits and damages both the electrical grid and the emergency generators of the plant to assist in stopping the plant. All emergency generators must at once be put on a foundation that protects it against earthquakes according ASN ... even if no serious earthquake has occurred in France since long


Another French nuclear incident was 25 October 2017, when 500 litres of moderatly radioactive waste leaked out of a tank and was collected in a containment drywell to this effect ... so it could be pumped back into the tank after repairs. Nobody was hurt and ... what is moderatly radioactive waste anyway? Nobody seems to know!

ASN was in action again April 2019. Now ASN has found welding defects in the EDF #3 Flamanville nuclear power plant Steam lines from the Steam generators to the Turbine outside the Containment building. Work started already 2007 to be completed 2012 at a cost of Euro 3.500.000.000. Evidently, you started to weld together the steam lines and tested them then using X-ray (but not ultrasound!) before the containment building was completed. But 12 years later 2019, ASN, rechecking (?) their quality control inspections years ago - now using ultrasound - has found that the welding was not up to standards!!! It must be re-done!!!! Repair work will be finished 2022! Total cost is now Euro 11.500.000.000. But how could it happen? Easy, it was suggested 2019 that the Flamanville defects were minor, when found 2007 and covered up by small bribes. What a strange situation! And now today! It must be repaired. I am curious to know how using X-ray shows the welding is OK, while using ultrasound shows they are defective. Building ships since 1972 I have used both methods and never heard that they can give different results!

And September 2019 ASN has found that EDF nuclear power plants at Blayais (four reactors working since 1981), Bugey (also four reactors but working since 1978), Paluel (yes, also four reactors working but since 1984), Dampierre (four reactors working safely since 1980) and other EDF plants have defective steam generators that must be attended to. The defects are secret and do not affect safety! But something must be done!

Please! Stop the nonsense.

Of course, the Owners, EDF, suggests today, that the plant is safe and should be allowed to be started as planned, after many years of costly delays, and that the defects, if serious, can be attended to in service. I have never heard about something like this. Quality control of welding is done during the work is done and finished. Defects are attended to during production. You don't wait >10 years to verify welding of steam lines. It seems EDF, ASN & France are controlled by corrupt people with particular interests. I look forward to developments. Maybe I will sell my EDF shares! I am just a small share holder, anyway.


The steam is only high pressure/temperature but not radioactive and a welding defect in such a line is no real danger. If there is a steam leak, it is immediately noticed.

An EDF nuclear power station is as already shown above very simple and safe. It consists of a water filled reactor vessel with control rods that by burning nuclear fuel heats radioactive water that produces non-radioactive steam in a steam generator. The steam drives a turbine that rotates an electric generator that produces electricity sold to consumers via a power grid.

The steam is cooled in a condensor and returned to the steam generator as water to become steam again. The rest of a nuclear power plant - containment building, steam generators, steam lines, pumps, turbines, condensors, generators, transformers and cooling towers - has long life and can be used for 100's of years, if required.

To decommision a nuclear power plant is easy and doesn't cost much: just remove the uranium fuel/control rods and seal the empty reactor vessel, that shall remain in place. All other equipment can be re-used, when steam is produced by other means, e.g. by a new reactor vessel!

The good news March 2018 was that India planned to build 10 nuclear power plants of French design adding to 22 existing plants. India knows that nuclear power is safe. The bad news are that it was later discovered that earthquakes (!) are frequent in India so maybe no nuclear power plants shall be built.

EDF reported end July 2022 $1.3 bn loss as France prepares nationalisation! But according Financial Times same day the loss was 5.3 bn! The share price was 11.86!

Then there is the problem of corrosion! It is easily solved using my systems on ships! Corroded pipes are just replaced by new pipes. Corroded tanks and containment vessels are cleaned and coated by some layers of epoxy to prevent further corrosion. I cannot understand why EDF doesn't use simple, cheap protection systems.


2.12 The fake French atomic bombs ... and hydrogen bombs

But didn't France governed by our famous Général De Gaulle explode atomic bombs 1960 - 1966 and hydrogen bombs 1968, you may ask? Oui, the Général (assisted by Gaston Palewski, French Minister of State in charge of Scientific Research, Atomic Energy and Space Questions in the 1960's, etc. ) produced his first atomic bomb-show 07.04 hrs February 13, 1960, in the middle of desert Sahara and 60 persons flown in witnessed it. It was French Fake News! It was magic!

De Gaulle had together with USA (Truman) and England (Churchill) won world war 2 1945! Truman and Churchill didn't like de Gaulle and planned to occupy France 1945, but de Gaulle stopped it.

France remained an independent country with de Gaulle as president. De Gaulle retired 1946. In 1958, de Gaulle came out of retirement when appointed President of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister) by President René Coty. De Gaulle quickly rewrote the Constitution of France and founded the Fifth Republic after approval by referendum.

De Gaulle was elected President of France later that year 1958, a position to which he was reelected in 1965 and held until his resignation in 1969.

A French atomic bomb was exploded April 25, 1961. It had been transported from the port of Alger into the Sahara desert in the back of a 2CV on April 23, 1961, like a bag of potatoes. De Gaulle was worried that it may be stolen:

A la suite immédiate du putsch des généraux (ou " putsch d'Alger ", 23 avril 1961), le gouvernement français ordonne la détonation du 25 avril 1961 (Gerboise verte) afin que l'engin nuclèaire ne puisse tomber dans les mains des généraux putschistes qui l'avaient localisé dans un entrepôt du port d'Alger ; la bombe est rapidement acheminée sur Reggane en 2 CV.

What bullshit! De Gaulle (and Palewski) had, when De Gaulle become President autumn 1958, decided at once that France must have its own nuclear weapons to be equal to USA and USSR and the only way was to fake them!

So in less than 18 months de Gaulle developed 'Gerboise bleu', a 70 kt, totally fake atomic bomb that was said to have been tested in Sahara. It was followed by 15 more, fake Sahara desert explosion shows, three of which also in the air.

Of course, the visitors were all asked to turn around and close their eyes, when the bombs exploded (to protect their eyes) ... and were later shown photos/films of what they were supposed to have seen - FIREBALLS and a dirty mushroom clouds. They were of course impressed.


Already 8 October 1964 De Gaulle had a Mirage IV airplane that could drop atomic bombs type AN 11 (much stronger than the US Hiroshima bomb) on anything within its range (which was not very far). Today, it is a Rafale B (1) airplane (it has two seats but no toilet) of hunting squadron 2/4 La Fayette at Saint Dizier (Haute Marne) that shall drop the French nuclear bomb on the enemy. Such an airplane has a range of 11.000 km (!) and can thus fly to e.g. La Réunion in the Indian Ocean - it takes 12 hrs one-way - but the plane has then to be refilled five times (!) in the air by an Airbus 330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT). Imagine flying for 24 hrs to drop a nuclear bomb! The actual range is thus only about 2 000 km, and if the plane shall return to its base, the range is about 1.000 km! The present, today, head of the French Strategic Air Force is général Bruno Maigret. He has 1.900 soldiers in his force at six bases in France! He believes in power, precision and penetration and doeesn't know that his nuclear bombs cannot explode. The French are not very clever when it comes to dropping nuclear bombs from planes! So there is also a French Strategic Ocean Force under admiral Bernard-Antoine Morio de l'Isle. He has 3.000 sailors on his submarines that can launch nuclear intercontinental, ballistic missiles on the enemy, it is said. But in reality they can only launch conventional missiles of little value - see below. Another problem is that the few submarines can only stay away 70 days with no women aboard ... which may change!!! Women may soon serve under sea in the French Strategic Ocean Force. Anyway, it is just propaganda and Fake News! There are today no French atomic bombs of any types that can kill anything.

>56 years ago, i.e. October 1964, the Général de Gaulle started more fake nuclear bomb testings at Moruroa located about 1 250 kilometers southeast of Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean. It is an uninhabited atoll. Nobody is allowed to visit it ever. It is still guarded by French military forces today.

The first fake French nuclear test in the Pacific Ocean was conducted on July 2, 1966, when a plutonium fission bomb on a barge was exploded in the lagoon with the général as host. All water, fish and corals inside the atoll were pushed out into the Pacific, we were told. Only (not) seen by some flown in witnesses being asked to turn around, close their eyes, etc, etc. All French witnesses were proud and certain to contribute to the greatness (grandeur) of France. But the Général simply fooled them. As usual!


The 1960's French propaganda was however not very clever. Exploding barges at sea were difficult to fake, so a big, impressive balloon was used to carry the various bombs in the Pacific (they must be heavy!) that allegedly exploded at 600 meter altitude - like the Hiroshima (fake) bomb. The shows were filmed from very far away. All viewers are standing up in the open but are asked to turn around, when the atomic bombs go off. In one case the FIREBALL allegedly heatsed up the water 600 meter below to boiling point and boiling water/vapor emerges, bla, bla, but there was no tsunami or shock wave. The films are cut to insert pictures of happy, invited Frenchmen. All FIREBALLS and dirty mushroom clouds are simple trick film. Fooled plenty people then.

On 24 August 1968 the Général produced his first fake hydrogen bomb show (a hydrogen, thermonuclear fusion bomb ignited by a French atomic fission bomb that didn't blow the hydrogen bomb apart doing it) at Moruroa, we are told. The witnesses evidently had no reason to doubt what the Général told them.


A total of 41 or 43 atmospheric nuclear tests (all fake) were conducted at Moruroa between 1966 and 1974 producing FIREBALLS and dirty mushroom clouds. All fake, naturellement!

France abandoned fake atmospheric nuclear testing in 1974 and moved to fake underground and underwater testing instead. July 1985 the NGO Greenpeace wanted to check what had been going on but French secret services, at the order of president Mitterrand, sank its boat Rainbow Warrior at Auckland, New Zeeland killing one person.

The test site at Moruroa was dismantled following France's last nuclear test to date, detonated on 27 January 1996, but the atoll is still guarded by the French military forces today. In total, 181 fake explosions took place at Moruroa, 41 or 43 of which were atmospheric. However, the total number has been variously reported: nuclear scientists working at the site claim only 175 explosions in total took place. There is no evidence that any nuclear bombs exploded at Mururoa at all. It was all propaganda of fake bombs!

Fake photo of imaginary atomic bomb explosion in the South Pacific

The French have much better ideas today than atomic bombs and ICBMs to protect themselves that is still working today. French nuclear submarines with short range conventional missiles are always stationed close to the allies' and enemies' shores so they can wipe out the allies' and enemies' headquarters in short time. Keep it simple. BTW, De Gaulle always disliked Roosevelt and USA as they had supported 1942/5 a certain M. Pétain, ruler of France during WWII. Pétain cooperated with Hitler and Stalin and was a traitor and later sentenced to death.


De Gaulle also told USA (Eisenhower/Kennedy) several times to avoid sending soldiers to Vietnam in the 1960's. The Vietnamese simply detested white, foreign, stupid soldiers interfering in their affairs, De Gaulle said. So USA lost the war in Vietnam 1974 ... and never used its nuclear weapons there. Reason? USA has no nuclear arms. They are all fake!

French terrorists tried to kill de Gaulle at least three times early 1960's but every time they failed! Reason? De Gaulle had infiltrated the terrorists and knew what was going on! Same terrorists were involved in killing US President Kennedy 1963, so de Gaulle knew what was going to happen to JFK. He warned JFK but ...

When I visited Vietnam 2002/6 I was welcomed like a hero. Why? Sweden had helped the Vietnamese communist gangsters in the past, so I didn't need a visa.


February 2020 French nuclear arms 'force de frappe' are a glorious joke! The French are told by their present, clown, president E. Macron that they have four nuclear attack submarines with 16 nuclear missiles each. One submarine is always at sea somewhere to attack the enemy with these missiles. Then there is one aircraft carrier with planes that can fire 20 nuclear missiles. And that is about it. Of course none of it works in reality.

It is 100% fantasy propaganda but according to French president E. Macron it makes Europe including Germany safe against poor islamic terrorists. Only Macron can decide to fire a French nuclear missile. France was/is at war in Mali and surrounding countries against mysterious terrorists and ... seems to lose. No nukes will be used there!

I always wonder why France doesn't admit its nuclear arms is a hoax since >50 years. It is not simple! The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is 2020 a key player in research, development and innovation. It employs 20 181 persons to maintain the French A-Bomb bullshit.  

2.13 The China atomic bomb 1964

The communist dictatorship People's Republic of China, PRC, became an atomic bomb power 1964. The PRC-bomb was pulled by horses into position and cheered on by plenty people. Chinese a-bomb designers were educated at US universities and institutions in spite of no diplomatic relations between US and PRC in the 1960's.

By pushing the RED button in the middle - photo right - nothing really happens except that many lights flashes, etc, etc. Later PRC produced fake, mobile ICBMs that could wipe out USA in less than an hour!

North Korea later copied the concept!


2.14 The US propaganda machine 2015 - nuclear terrorism 2018

More good news 2012 was that the United Nations are firmly against nuclear weapons with a few stupid countries disagreeing. It means that the US NNSA does not have to carry out stupid experiments again with US tax payers footing the bill.

But US invests a lot in the bullshit 2015.

Imagine, e.g., all nonsense about the LGM-118 Peacekeeper:  

The LGM-118A Peacekeeper, also known as the MX missile (for Missile-eXperimental), was a land-based ICBM deployed by the United States starting in 1986. The Peacekeeper was a MIRV missile; it could carry up to 10 re-entry vehicles, each armed with a 300-kiloton W87 warhead/MK-21 RVs. A total of 50 missiles were deployed after a long and troubled development period.

As nuclear weapons do not work, imagine all money wasted (actually stolen by US Pentagon insiders) with the LGM-118 Peacekeeper. And ICBMs do not work either. They burn up at re-entry.

All atomic or nuclear bomb information is silly propaganda! Like the NASA human space travel project. To produce all the nonsense a lot of Americans are kept busy since 1945 and it has become a family business. The children, grand children and great grand children of the original propagandists keep the fire burning 2018. It is a boring job ... doing nothing ... resulting in drugs and alcohol abuse. But it is paid for by the government and it is protected by security and media will never look into it.

According Isao Hashimoto 2 053 atomic Uranium or plutonium bombs or trigger devices for hydrogen bombs have exploded in the period 1945-1998. I am happy to inform it is also all propaganda! Not one atomic bomb has exploded, ever!

However, there was a new, big problem 2018:

Nuclear terrorism!

You must have heard about it. Terrible stuff!

1 April 2016 B. Obama said:  

"... the danger of a terrorist group obtaining and using a nuclear weapon is one of the greatest threats to global security."  

The POTUS was just repeating old nonsense about atomic bombs to scare at the 2016 Nuclear Scare hm Security Summit at Washington, DC, where about 50 really silly representatives of countries and some organizations met one evening for dinner and the next day (1 April) for a group photo:

Then they had lunch ... and a little chit-chat ... and went home again. Media hardly reported the meaningless encounter. What terrorist group is obtaining a nuclear weapon today? Any ideas? Let's look back! 

The Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) organized by US President Obama was four world summits, aimed at preventing nuclear terrorism around the globe. The first summit was held in Washington, D.C., United States, on April 12-13, 2010. The second summit was held in Seoul, South Korea, in 2012. The third summit was held in The Hague, Netherlands, on March 24-25, 2014. The fourth and last summit was held in Washington, D.C. on March 31-April 1, 2016.

Russia then informed Washington in mid October 2016 it would not attend the summit. Their Foreign Ministry stated "We shared with our American colleagues our doubts regarding the added value of a forum that is planned to be held in the United States in 2016, We believe it is unacceptable to create a precedent of such outside interference into the work of international organizations" and "Washington is trying to assume the role of the main and privileged 'player' in this field," the foreign ministry said, adding that Russia would instead focus on its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Nuclear terrorism then disappeared from the agenda as a threat to world peace. Of course there were never any nuclear terrorists anywhere.

A terrorist is a (sick) person murdering innocent civilians to scare other innocent civilians that cannot do much about it anyway. The terrorist is today normally immediately killed by local police after the murders, so it is risky business. Recent crazy examples here in France: (1) terrorists attack a satiric magazine, Charlie Hebdo, editorial office and kill editors and cartoonists but were hunted down and killed by police, (2) terrorists attack Paris restaurants and music hall full of people having dinner or listening to music shooting them down but are killed in return by police. (3) A terrorist rents a heavy, slow truck and drives it into crowds of people watching fireworks at Nice killing 84 but is killed by police. (4) Terrorists interrupt morning mass/prayers in a remote village in Normandy, take a few people hostage and cut the throat of the priest but are killed by police. It is little you can do about such crazy terrorism. Some people suggest they are hoaxes to scare people.

Nuclear terrorism on the other hand refers to an act of terrorism in which a person or persons belonging to a terrorist organization detonates a nuclear device. But as it is not possible to detonate an atomic bomb or similar nuclear device, nuclear terrorism doesn't really exist. It is an invention/propaganda to scare us! Invention? By whom?

The first Nuclear Security Summit was held at Washington DC, April 12-13, 2010, with world leaders from 47 countries incl. Turkey (Erdogan!) and three international organizations participating hosted by Obama! No terrorists that were obtaining nuclear weapons were named!

The second Nuclear Security Summit was held at Seoul, South Korea, March 26-27, 2012, with 58 world leaders from 53 states incl. Turkey (Erdogan again!) and four international organizations, including the United Nations, International Atomic Energy Agency, the European Union and INTERPOL, participated. Again no terrorists that were obtaining nuclear weapons were named!

The third Nuclear Security Summit was held at The Hague, the Netherlands, March 24 and 25, 2014, again with 58 world leaders (5 of which from observing international organizations) incl. Turkey (A. Gül - Erdogan was on vacation), some 5 000 (!) delegates and some 3 000 (!!) journalists. Imagine that - 5 000 delegates and 3 000 journalists - assembled during two days and nobody could name one terrorist that was obtaining nuclear weapons. After four years no world leaders could still identify any terrorist that was obtaining nuclear weapons. And not one of 3 000 journalists asked them! What was the purpose of media?

And at the fourth Nuclear Security Summit the few attending journalists were asked by the POTUS to leave the room and not ask any questions or report anything. ROTFL! No delegates of any kind were seen!

But Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey was there ... as he was 2010! And according Obama:

"... the danger of a terrorist group obtaining and using a nuclear weapon is one of the greatest threats to global security."  

Since 2010 Obama and 16 separate US government agencies that work to conduct intelligence activities considered necessary for the US national security haven't been able to name or identify any such terrorist group. The Washington Post reported in 2010 that there were 1 271 government organizations and 1 931 private companies in 10 000 locations in the United States that are working on counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence, and that the intelligence community as a whole includes 854 000 people holding top-secret clearances. But none has been able to name one, 1, terrorist group trying to obtain a nuclear weapon.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, is according media supporting the terrorist group ISIS, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, just south of the border and Turkey, a member of NATO, stores plenty US atomic bombs ... and nobody cares. Reason is that all atomic bombs, incl. the US ones in Turkey, are dummies.

Lately nuclear terrorism was therefore not about stealing nuclear weapons but about destroying a nuclear power plant. One crazy idea is to crash US 911 style an airplane or drone with a bomb into the containment building. It will probably not damage the reactor vessel. No, nuclear terrorists are supposed to enter the containment building and blow up the reactor vessel from inside. Personally I consider this risk as 0. Why would anyone do such a thing?

In my clear, healthy mind atomic bombs and nuclear terrorists simply do not exist. Only sick military minds and sick world leaders of all kind (Turkey?) think otherwise and waste their times at semi-annual, nonsensical Nuclear Security Summits.

Media are of course part of the show ... and are paid for it. Only good decision of Donald Trump 2018 and 2020 is to permanently abandon the idea of Nuclear Security Summits. Obama's idea was stupid and didn't impress anyone. Poor Obama! He is a stupid actor playing his role.

The United States has today spent nearly $6 trillion on wars that directly contributed to the deaths of around 500.000 people since the 9/11 attacks of 2001.  And nobody really cares! Thanks for reading all above!

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