..The atomic bomb hoax 1945 - today

US nuclear weapons are FAKE NEWS since 1945, when they were created out of nothing as propaganda to quickly end the US war with Japan between 1937 (!) and 1945

No a-bombs have ever exploded anywhere. All photos of such explosions (a mushroom cloud), damages and deaths are fake

Nobody has died from a-bomb explosions and nuclear radiation ever. US authorities and media lied about the 1945 a-bombings and those lies are fake historic facts today

It is absurd! And big, top secret, military, industrial business, of course

The deaths and destructions in Japan were due to napalm carpet bombings

Earn Euro 1M, to prove me wrong

Indifferent Americans think that USA attacked Japan with nuclear weapons 1945, because they believe the fantasies corrupt politicians and military (i.e. CIA) tell them since the 1940's. It is like being contaminated by an invisible virus ...

Stupid French also believe nuclear weapons contribute to peace in Europe 2020

Part 1

by Anders Björkman, M.Sc.


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Welcome to my long, popular and funny web page presenting the greatest scientific hoax in History, i.e. the scandals of fake atomic bombs, fake nuclear, deadly radiation, bad sciences, fake Fukushima incident 2011 and similar in Japan. They are my findings based on personal research, critical thinking, common sense, having lived and worked in Japan 1972/6 and having met people involved with the hoaxes. Take your time to read about it! You will not find it in the Mainichi, Asahi, Yomiuri and Chubu Nippon, etc, Japanese newspapers or Japanese history books.

Reason is the Japan State Secrecy Law, officially the Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets (SDS) (Tokutei Himitsu no Hogo ni Kansuru Hiritsu), Act No. 108 of 2013, which is a law allowing the government to designate sensitive information as "special secrets" that are protected from public disclosure.

The Japanese SDS law covers history, defense, diplomacy, public safety and counter-terrorism, etc. In addition, it allows the government to lock away documents for 60 years. Civil servants leaking secret information can expect ten years incarceration, while media journalists and other civilians, like me, helping them would get five years. A similar law is in force in the USA since 1945 but the penalty there is death!

Another reason why people believe in atomic bombs today is actually Vladimir Putin, the present president of Russia. He worked for USSR security KGB at Dresden, Sachsen, Germany, in the 1980's looking after Wismut AG producing fake uranium for the USSR a-bomb industry. Wismut AG had been created by Ivan Serov in the 1940's at the request of Laurentij Beria, the Soviet minister of security 1939/53. Stalin had 1945 asked Beria to make a fake, Soviet atomic bomb and Serov did most of the work until he died 1990. Wismut AG produced 1945/91 the uranium to make the bomb. I describe it below. Actually Wismut AG produced no uranium ever. It was all communist propaganda. Stalin/Beria exploded their fake atomic bomb 1949. Of course no a-bomb exploded anywhere. It was Serov telling USSR (and US) media to publish the fake news. Great propaganda! Serov later became head of KGB. Wikipedia has no info about Serov inventing the fake USSR a-bomb. Somebody should update the Wikipedia page! Serov later told Putin to maintain the a-bomb hoax and it works well today. Most Russian superweapons are just propaganda thanks to Serov.

I hope you learn something from an iconoclast like me.


Nuclear fission was discovered 1938 in Germany. It occurs, when an atom A (e.g. Uranium 235) absorbs a free neutron n under controlled conditions, so A splits into two smaller atoms B and C that fly apart and releases two free neutrons n, energy/heat E and radiation R as per formula:

A + n = B + C + 2n + E + R ... (1)

The strong forces keeping the protons and neutrons of atom A together disappear producing E and R, while the two new, free neutrons n have problems finding other atoms A to continue fission. If a free neutron n is not absorbed by another atom A, it dies after ten minutes or becomes a proton and an electron and a meson. The free neutrons n may produce more fission, but only due to moderation (slowing down!) inside a peaceful nuclear power plant/reactor (or a laboratory). This fission has been studied in laboratories for years and is described in peer reviewed papers. It takes place in nano-scale - the atoms A are very, very small and the neutrons n are even smaller and are very very fast and fission can be done by moderation in nuclear power plants.

A fission bomb on the other hand, otherwise known as a nuclear bomb or a-bomb, is a fission reactor designed to liberate as much energy E as rapidly as possible to kill people (!) in a nano-second, before the released energy causes the reactor and content to melt and the chain reaction to stop, we are told. This explosive, military fission bomb was secretly invented 1945 by criminal pseudo-scientists/terrorists in the USA, evidently without any peer review idedor similar.

It kills people, we are told, because the two (or three), free neutrons n immediately, in no time, are absorbed by two or three other atoms A as per (1) producing four or six more atom splits, + more free neutrons n, etc, etc, producing billions of atom splits and new atoms B and C flying around during a nano-second releasing plenty energy/heat E and radiation R = an atomic bomb explosion, FLASH, radiation, shock wave, mushroom cloud killing civilians.

This - killing people - military, nuclear physics is totally phoney, which I explain further down. There is no evidence that it works and exists. It cannot be and has never been tested in a laboratory of course. A mass of atoms A that fission melt at once - no explosion. There are no peer reviewed scientific papers about it anywhere. But to become a nuclear expert PhD, you must agree that explosive, military fission is a fact!

It is simple! Nuclear weapons cannot explode and Japan and USA keep it secret by law since 1945! No military commander or political dictator can push a button, drop a nuclear bomb or launch a nuclear missile to wipe out an enemy.

It started differently. Back in the late 1920's and early 1930's Henry Lewis Stimson and general Douglas MacArthur (see below more about these war criminals) tried to convince president Hoover to impose economic sanctions on Japan ... to trigger military war. Hoover didn't agree. But Hoover was replaced by Franklin D. Roosevelt, FDR, and Henry Lewis Stimson and general Douglas MacArthur had better luck with FDR. Economic sanctions against Japan were decided and Japan started going bankrupt. Japan could not import oil or steel, etc. In the end Japan stupidly attacked USA December 1941 ... to start serious negotations. But no - FDR didn't want to talk. He wanted to destroy Japan! So back in early 1942 some idiots - better forgotten but led by now US Secretary of War Henry Lewis Stimson & Co. - invented the atomic bomb! It was a fantastic, fantasy weapon. It would stop all future wars in a FLASH! It was so fantastic that it must remain a 100% military secret for ever, even after it was (not) used! Twice!


Every nuclear engineer and scientist of any nationality must today agree that explosive, military FLASH nano-second fission is real to get a job, e.g. at the International Atomic Energy Agency or at a university, i.e. they start their careers by a lie. But real, nuclear fission is not explosive!

Fission can only be used in nuclear power plants/reactors and similar under controlled conditions, e.g. by cooling it down using water.

Let's repeat:

Nuclear fission thus occurs, when an atom A (e.g. Uranium 235) absorbs a free neutron n, so it splits into two smaller atoms B and C that releases two free neutrons n, energy/heat E and radiation R as per formula:

A + n = B + C + 2n + E + R ... (1)

It takes less than a nano-second. The strong forces keeping the protons and neutrons of A together disappear in no time producing E and R, while the two new, free neutrons n have problems finding other atoms A to continue fission. If a free neutron n is not absorbed by another atom A, it becomes a proton, an electron and a meson of no danger.

Explosive, military FLASH fission on the other hand is just propaganda since August 1945. Nobody had heard about it before then.

1945 ignorant people anywhere, of course, believed in explosive FLASH fission, because they didn't think and had no idea about nuclear physics. Today the situation is the same!

In order to avoid a costly, military invasion of Japan 1945, USA and Japan simply announced that two atomic bombs exploded August 1945 in nuclear FLASHES and told their media to report it. It was an elegant bluff/deception! Japan surrendered at once! The bombs had, it was told, secretly been developed by US and other scientists since 1942 or so and were, by chance, just ready July 1945 to save the world ... but the a-bombs didn't explode! Fission was then and is today not explosive!

So US (Truman, Stimson, MacArthur & Co.) and Japan (Hirohito & Co) decided to fake it! USSR/Stalin knew it too - communist spies in USA kept them informed - and Stalin agreed to play along with USA and Japan - for a while. Stalin could do what he wanted in eastern Europe and USA/Truman would not object as long as Stalin kept the a-bomb hoax alive.

The idea might have been already September or October 1945 to announce that the US atomic bomb was a clever war, propaganda hoax but Truman (actually the real bosses ) decided otherwise.

Henry Lewis Stimson were quickly retired and new, corrupt people brought in at Pentagon and CIA to handle the hoax and already 1947 (!) the US "Broiler plan" was ready! A fleet of new B-29B bomb planes were lined up to wipe out 24 Soviet cities with 34 (!) fake atomic bombs! Stalin didn't like it and soon had his own fake a-bombs using fake German uranium from Wismut AG.

Ever heard of Wismut AG?

A really fake German (actually Stalin KGB) company (described below at 2.9).

End 1949 Truman had >200 (fake) a-bombs and plenty B-29B planes and more plans to destroy USSR.

It was the reason for a cold war started by Truman that lasted until 1991. Eisenhower made things worse in the 1950's by building another 1.000's of B-52 bomb jet planes to drop >30 000 a-bombs on the USSR (and napalm bombs on Korea 1950/3). There were suddenly two (fake) nuclear super powers - capitalist and communist - that could divide, e.g. Europe and Korea and keep the world population worried.

The Japan Communist Party (LOL) evidently supports the hoax today! The military industrial complex west and east later took over and made it a fake historical fact ... and money maker. USA (and Sweden and Switzerland) were the real winners of WW2. Their economies and profits doubled during the war. The rest of the world became bankrupt and followed orders not to upset the nuclear super powers!

One problem is of course France! It also wanted to be a fake nuclear super power, which it became starting 1960. USA/CIA/USSR/KGB were not happy. Three (!) fake nuclear powers!

USA and USSR years later copied the concept with a fake space race with intercontinental, ballistic nuclear missiles. And the fraud goes on and on! United Kingdom, China and some other, ridiculous countries like North Korea also joined the hoax!

The Japan/South Korea General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA) about sharing key military intelligence - considered crucial to reducing the threat (sic) posed by (fake) North Korean nuclear weapons - expired 23 November, 2019. Who cares? North Korea has no nuclear weapons. North Korea Kim III baby dictator's father Kim II faked them! The fake treaty was thus prolonged after plenty new Fake News!

Sunday 24 November 2019 His Holiness Pope Francis (!) of the Vatican joined the fake nuclear arms hoax show at Hiroshima Peace park (see below) warning about future, fake nuclear devastations ... in latin. HHP recommended nuclear disarmament without simply saying that nuclear arms are fake and a hoax since 1945. What a holy clown!

Plenty, new (!) Japanese atomic bomb survivors from 1945 were also at the show - they looked to be in their fifties. Japan is producing new, fake nuke actors! Some old ones - Yoshiko Kajimoto (88) and Koji Hosokawa (92) - having seen the FLASH 1945 were also there. The nuke hoax biz must go on. Then HHP Francis went to a Nagasaki baseball stadium to meet kakure kirishitan and kiss babies, bla, bla. Why couldn't HHP Francis just say it was a show 1945? Easy, HHP Francis finally had tea with another fake Holiness - the emperor of Japan - whose ancestor dropped down from the Sun 666 years before Jesus Christ was even born!

In Japan, the social phenomenon known as hikikomori - the psychological condition where people shut themselves off, often staying in their bedrooms for >10 years on end - is gearing towards crisis point. The Japanese government defines hikikomori as people who haven't left their rooms or interacted with others (?) for only six months. It's now a big problem. The number of hikikomori between the ages of 15 to 30 in 2015 were around 540.000 people, according to a report published in 2016. 2019, the government estimated that 1.55 million Japanese are on the verge of becoming hikikomori. That is 1.22% of the total population, 30.0 % of which lives in the Greater Tokyo area! I have a feeling that the main cause of being hikikomori is being fed fake information since birth about life and history including the atomic bombings 1945 and Fukushima incident 2011 (described below), Japan in space (described elsewhere) and that you have to accept the nonsense. I suffered something similar 1953/65 and left home to cure myself. The hikikomori alone in their rooms are only supported by their parents and Internet friends! The parents feed them and pay their Internet fees, the friends keep in contact via Internet. The show goes on!

If you are in charge of running a nuclear power plant in Japan - don't worry, if an earth quake or tsunami hits and destroys it - you are not responsible for anything (19 September 2019!).

But the story starts earlier. Listen! Please, read on!

If German anti-Hitler resistance fighters had managed to kill German, criminal dictator Hitler July 1944, WW2 had ended then saving millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Jews, Germans, British, American, Japanese, Chinese and others from being killed until May or August 1945 and ... there would have been no grand finale, i.e. the 100% fake, US atomic bombings of Japan August 1945.

But UK (Churchill)/USA (Roosevelt) disinformation warriors informed Hitler about the plots of his opponents ... Hitler survived a very strange attack 20 July 1944 and arrested and killed 10.000's of them. The war went on for another 10 months in Europe and a little longer in the Far East! Business as usual? Yes ... and standard disinformation! Like today!

For those, who do not know what Hitler was, I suggest it was a virus 1920 - 1945. Everyone in touch with Hitler became infected and believed everything he said. Hitler became dictator of Germany 1933, and started re-arming Germany at once. The Hitler idea or virus was to conquer the world by terrorism and wars of aggression. Hitler was the greatest statesman of all times according to himself, his 100's of millions of supporters ... and media of course. Many Germans followed his orders without thinking.

Nuclear fission was detected and explained in Germany already 1938 but Hitler didn't notice it! He never built an atomic bomb. Or he knew that fission wasn't explosive?

Anyway, Hitler, assisted by Stalin, another criminal and virus, first attacked and conquered Poland September 1939 and then Denmark, Norway, France, Netherlands and Belgium June 1940, while USA watched on. USA maintained relations with Stalin and France taken over by Hitler 1940. Hitler's attack on Great Britain failed 1941! In the meantime Stalin attacked Finland December 1939 and occupied the Baltic States June 1940. Sweden and Finland were neutral and became surrounded by Hitler and Stalin and allowed Hitler's soldiers without weapons to transit their countries. Then Hitler took control of the Balkan states and occupied Greece May 1941. June 1941 Hitler attacked Stalin!

Hitler thought he would win quickly over Stalin, so Italy, Finland and some Balkan states joined the attack. The attack failed December 1941. Then 1942 Hitler started to murder civilians; Jews, gypsies, Poles, mentally sick people, etc, etc. The Finnish attack was strange. Finland, allied with criminal Hitler, occupied July 1941 territory lost 1940 and much more (East Carelia) ... but then stopped attacking USSR. Italy/dictator Mussolini was on the side of Hitler ... but didn't contribute much ... and was kicked out 1943.

In the Asia Far East real war had already broken out summer 1937 between Japan (Hirohito) and China (CKS) outside Beiing followed by fights at Shanghai ending in the occupation of Nanking December 1937 and the flight of CKS to the inner of China. USA was allied with China (CKS) all the time and supplied weapons, airplanes (US pilots bombed Japan forces already 1938!) and money and started an economic war against Japan. December 1941, Japan going bankrupt, after trying to negotiate, attacked USA militarily in self-defence (at Pearl Harbour) and Hitler declared war on USA. Japan thought (!) that the war in the Far East would stop by negotiations. Japan was wrong. In my opinion World War II started already summer 1937 in Asia (between China, Japan and USA) with UK, France and Netherlands looking on.

June 1944 USA attacked France (D-day !) in order to destroy Hitler. France had two (!) governments then. One was led by Pétain at Vichy, that supported and worked with Hitler and was supported by USA since 1940! Imagine that! The other, De Gaulle, at London, UK, and Alger/France, was supported by UK and Stalin ... but not USA! Complicated times! Pétain fled to Germany 1945 and USA/Roosevelt suddenly told de Gaulle that USA supported him too. But only until the war was over! It is the reason France do not rely on USA! The war 1944 is not really over 2020!

The French people had of course supported Pétain until summer 1944, when they all said they had supported de Gaulle since summer 1940 or whenever. The winners always write the official history. It is the only reason to check the old 1930/40's facts today 2020!

Hitler committed suicide April 1945, we are told. Only his virus survived in people trying to conquer the world by terrorism and wars of aggression today. It is sad that civilized people didn't stop criminal madmen like Hitler and Stalin in the 1920/30's.

You are probably terrified just thinking of nuclear wars and nuclear weapons of mass destruction, atomic bombs or nuclear power plants exploding in FLASHES or mushroom clouds spreading death and radiation killing children and women. You should be. It is a #1 priority of ridiculous US Presidents and Japanese prime ministers since 1945 to scare the shit out of you. All Fake News since August 1945, though! The secret is that nuclear weapons cannot explode! It is the greatest scientific hoax in History!

Tuesday 6 August 2019 at least 50.000 Shinto believers attended a real (fake) atomic bomb memorial ceremony at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park led by Japan Prime minister Abe and Hiroshima mayor Katsumi Matsui.

A bronze bell was struck, a 'peace' song was sung, etc. You could also take a ride on two 75+ years old electric trams/street cars that survived the nuclear (sic) blast 1945.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park with famous 'nuclear (gengeki) dome' in the back. A nuclear bomb exploded 1945 above this dome that survived ...

Some actors (!) on those trams, now obaasans (old ladies) in their 80's, survived (!) that day 74 years ago too, and now told small children aboard what happened to them 1945. Children travelled free! What a show!

You could also visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum full of drawings (!) by survivors made years ago and blood stained clothes (!) of victims donated by surviving relatives ... 70+ years later.

Crazy, isn't it? Since re-opening end April 2019 the museum has had 500.000 (!) visitors, I was told.

The museum is 100% full of propaganda lies. There have never before been so many, old survivors around and things that survived the 1945 napalm firebombing ever. People vomit to see the clothes of a baby that was vaporized 74+ years ago. The baby became vapor, only clothes remained ... intact. The whole entrance of the "museum" is full of it! A total of over 1
.200 survivors (!) have created and donated more than 5.000 drawings some of which are on display. You could also launch a floating lantern in the river. Why? A young person said his grandparents survived the alleged a-bombing, FLASH and radiation 1945, but it was too much to explain to their children and their children later, so instead they invented the lantern ceremony. To allow the souls to have a cruise on the river .... Crazy, isn't it?

More propaganda is according Kiyoshi Shizuma, Satoru Endo, and Yoko Fujikawa of Hiroshima university in a paper of Health Physics magazine, February 2012, Volume 102, Number 2! Immediately after detonation and FLASH of the atomic bomb 1945, a shock wave struck the ground, houses, and other structures in Hiroshima City. The updraft caused by the fireball formed a mushroom cloud, and when it cooled, rainfall began 20 –30 min after the explosion and continued for 1 – 4 h. Heavy rainfall, which was black and muddy, occurred in the Koi-Takasu district about 30 min after the explosion. Many people who drank well water contaminated with black rain had diarrhea, and many fish died in contaminated ponds and rivers (Uda et al. 1973).

An initial survey of the fallout was started already on 9 August 1945 by Nishina and co-workers, who sought to characterize the effects of the atomic bomb (reported by Kimura 1973). They collected soil and other samples from 28 locations within 5 km of the hypocenter. The samples were transported to Tokyo, and the radioactivity produced in a copper wire (?) was detected on 10 August 1945. On 11 August 1945, Yamaoka et al. of Osaka University collected sand samples at 10 locations in the city and detected high radioactivity in samples collected near the hypocenter and also near Koi station. They surmised that fission products were included in the black rain that fell around Koi station. On 13 and 14 August 1945, Arakatsu et al. of Kyoto University collected soil samples from 100 locations in Hiroshima City. They detected radioactivity from a sample collected near Asahi-bashi, located about 500 m south of Koi station, which is located about 3.000 m west of the hypocenter. On 3 and 4 September, 1945, Yamasaki carried out car-borne measurements using a Lauritsen electroscope. Similar results were also obtained in later measurements by Pace and Smith (1959) and Miyazaki and Masuda (1953). ...

Black rain samples were also collected ... 1967! The roof of the Yashima family’s house, located 3.700 m west of the hypocenter of the Hiroshima atomic bomb in the Takasu district, was dislocated by the shock wave produced by the explosion 1945. According to Akijiro Yashima, black rain fell through the opening onto the interior plaster wall inside the house, forming streaks of black rain. Imagine that!!! When the house was repaired in 1967, an 80 x 97 cm section of the wall (Wall 1) was excised and donated to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. In 1985, a 41 x 53 cm section of the same wall (Wall 2) was excised to use for autoradiography using an imaging plate. The autoradiography results revealed the pattern along the black streaks, indicating that excess radioactivity is contained in the streaks (Miyahara 1998). Etc, etc. You should wonder what kind of people invents this propaganda!

Friday 9 August 2019 the show continued after morning mass at the Urakami catholic church at west Nagasaki. No more Shinto. The church had been fire damaged 1945, but another obaasan/actor outside recalled that she had seen atomic bomb FLASH and radiation and a mushroom cloud 500 meters above the church, bla, bla, bla. The church was quickly rebuilt and became a ... cathedral. 100's of girl school children in sailor costumes sang. A wooden cross from the Urakami altar, which a US soldier had taken as a souvenir 1945, was returned! The US soldier's niece informed how US soldiers died (!) of nuclear radiation after occupying Nagasaki 1945.

A study has been conducted among several hundred pregnant women who survived Hiroshima or Nagasaki atomic explosions, we were told. Their children have been medically observed for >70 years. Many of the children developed smaller than normal head size and among them is a significant increase of mental retardation! Etc, etc.

It was very easy to fool the world 1945 that two fake atomic bombs exploded 1945 using propaganda. It is quite easy to continue and reinforce the hoax today with fake medical reports, donating clothes to peace museums, arranging ceremonies and spreading new lies of all kind. But how much longer? Listen to me!

Nuclear weapons are 100% US/UK/USSR (Russia)/Japanese collusion, infringements, infractions, disinformation, stupid propaganda, lies, pseudoscience or bad science and fake history fiction. It upsets many American, British and Japan State Boards of Education (or Indoctrination), SBOEs, that force teachers to tell pupils that US scientists and engineers top secretly (hm!) developed atomic bombs 1942/5 at enormous costs using the best brains in the world. It is a scandal that nobody really wants to talk about today. Many countries, France, China, Pakistan, India, North Korea, etc., have later joined the hoax. It is quite easy to fake nuclear weapons of all sorts! Just keep all military secret and spread Fake News!

The public had no idea except that communist spies of USSR in UK and USA were fully informed since 1942 and stole all the secrets. They were allies against Hitler Nazi Germany then.

At the same time USA built >3.000's of big, four engines, long range B-29 bomb planes and trained >30 000's of stupid pilots/heroes to bomb German, Italian and Japanese towns of no military values. After USA had occupied Japanese islands in the Pacific early 1945 and built air bases there, it was possible to bomb towns in the Japan main islands too.

It started at Dresden, Germany, 13-15 February, which was wiped out by American/British napalm bombings killing about 30.000 persons, mostly civilians.

In the early hours of March 10, 1945, 279 US B-29s then dropped 1.665 tons of napalm bombs on Tokyo, killing approximately 100,000 civilians in a single night. Almost 270,000 buildings were destroyed, and more than 1 million residents were rendered homeless, authorities have established. It was worse than any atomic bomb explosions 6 months later. But on March 10, 2020, 75 years later, no memorial ceremony was held at Tokyo! I find it sad.

A week later on March 16, 1945, about 90% of the city of Würzburg, Germany, was destroyed by 226 British Lancaster bombers dropping >1.000 tons napalm fire bombs. Würzburg became a target for its role as a traffic hub and to break the spirit of the population. It, like Dresden, had no military value.

These were not the only air attacks during the war. In total, Tokyo would be struck 106 times, and more than 60 other cities all around Japan were attacked repeatedly, basically indiscriminately, as well by US air forces.

These attacks beg the question as to their legality, and many on both sides of the Pacific believe that the attacks went against international law. They certainly were immoral, which many acts during war are. And the bombings didn't really work. Japan didn't budge! The war had to be won on the ground. But how?

End March 1945 US and allies attacked Okinawa, Japan, with >1 200 ships and >500 000 seamen/soldiers/marines. Okinawa was a small island of little military value and full of civilians. June 22, 1945 US & Co had lost 13 000 men and >36 000 men were injured at Okinawa. It was a bloody fiasco. 150 000 civilians on Okinawa were killed!

After defeating Nazi Germany (Hitler) May 1945 UK, USA (new POTUS Truman) and USSR (criminal dictator Stalin) met in July at Potsdam, Germany, to decide what to do next, apart from looking after >11 million German PoWs of which >1 million soon died of starvation! Allied soldiers had, to liberate Germany, spring/summer 1945 raped and killed 10 times more women than Japan did at Nanking December 1937, but media failed to notice it! Stalin had exactly six years earlier - 1939 - negotiated a secret pact with Hitler, so Nazi Germany (together with Stalin) could attack, Poland, then Norway, France and England, start WW2 (?) and ruin France 1940/5. Hitler had for years regarded the Russians as sub humans and the Russians hated the Germans, we are told.

1945 a new US/UK/USSR secret pact would be agreed, so that USSR could attack Japan in August. France was not invited. History is always written by the winners.

Stalin was at first hesitant. He had >3 million German PoWs to look after and kill. At previous US/UK/USSR summits at Cairo, Teheran and Yalta it had been agreed that it would take 18 (!) months to transfer all the troops, arms, planes and ships in Europe to the Far East to invade Japan. In addition USSR already had a peace agreement with Japan, but Truman convinced Stalin that Japan would surrender at once! No risk! Japanese diplomats at Moscow, Bern and Stockholm had secretly agreed (!) all details of this with their US counterparts. In Washington DC already 10 August 1945 it was decided to divide Korea in two parts along the 38th latitude - Stalin could occupy the north part and Truman the south.

Japan just needed some excuses to surrender, e.g. - US fake atomic bombs and a USSR attack! So we were told by media that USA dropped two, atomic bombs on Japan 6 and 9 August 1945 killing >200.000 civilians, mostly Japanese, incl. many women and children to install peace. Only Albert Camus, French writer, protested.

Of course the atomic bombs attacks never happened. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were simply napalm, carpet fire bombed like 60+ other Japanese towns spring/summer 1945.

Fake News 9 August 1945

And on 9 August Stalin attacked Manchuria with 150 (!) divisions, we were told, because NYT said so!

On 16 August the Japan emperor announced by radio the unconditional surrendering, all fighting stopped at once, while some Japanese flow to Manila (Philippines) to sort out unconditional (sic) surrender details with the Americans, we were also told. NYT announced the news two days earlier (!). A miracle had happened!

At Manila it was agreed in writing that Japan's future territory should be limited to its four main islands as per 1862 maps and that (a) the south part of the Sakhalin island north of Hokkaido and (b) the Kuril Islands between Hokkaido and the Kamchatka Peninsula, lost by Russia 1905, would be returned to Russia/USSR.

It was also agreed that the Ryukyu islands south of Kyushu should become part of USA. USA returned the