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Welcome to a chapter of the e-book Disasterinvestigation.

'We cannot establish the truth, instead we can establish clarifications, better structure of the available information. The truth of past times is always difficult to establish and it requires that you have complete background information about all matters and such complete information does not exist'.

Björn Körlof, director general of the Swedish Board of Psychological Defence, SPF, 23 April 2001 (in Swedish Radio) after having been ordered by the Swedish government to create a 'fact bank' of 'Estonia' information not included in the Final report (5). Mr Körlof retired from the SPF 11 November 2001  

'It is felt deeply worrying that three amateurs should be able to overthrow the government of an independent state. Behind this (the demand for a new 'Estonia' investigation - the writer's note) is primarily shipbuilding engineer Björkman and ... They are unbelievably aggressive in their points of view but completely unable to do a proper analysis of cause and event.'

Kari Lehtola, head of the Finnish delegation of the 'Estonia' Commission, 15 March 2001 (on Swedish Television SVT) 

When Wool Socks grow on Trees

Chapter dedicated to
Ms Vendela Dobson-Andersson of the (Swedish) Board of Psychological Defence - Styrelsen för Psykologiskt Försvar -
21 October 2001 and
Ms Mona Sahlin, deputy minister of commerce and responsible for 'Estonia' affairs and
Mr Ingvar Carlsson, prime minister of Sweden who ordered the cover-up in 1994.

Trofim D. Lyssenko was born at Karlowka outside Poltava on 30 December 1898. He did not get a very good education - two years in the village school and then three years training in a gardening school. By 1925 he got appointed to the plant research station at Gandsha in the Caucasus. His first step to fame came on 7 August 1927, when the Soviet daily Pravda, reported that young Lyssenko had developed plants - wine - that could grow in the winter. It was the early times of cross fertilisation and gene manipulations and Lyssenko had jumped on the band wagon. Everything was possible. Lyssenko stated that it was even possible to cross fertilise, e.g. trees with sheep, so that wool socks would grow straight on the branches. The nature was fantastic. Work and money were not necessary. Let nature do the work! Lyssenko's society (a state governed by terror) needed disinformation like that.

When Lyssenko further developed his ideas at the '2nd Union Congress of the Shock Workers of the Collective Farms' at the Grand Hall of the Kremlin on 11 to 17 February 1935 no less than comrade J.V Stalin himself interrupted Lyssenko in the middle of his speech with a

'Bravo, comrade Lyssenko, bravo'

and encouraged the 1436 delegates to give him a long standing ovation.

J.V Stalin no doubt knew that the scientific base of the Lyssenko theories was total rubbish, but that unscientific and manipulated scientific theories can be used for political ends - to cover up mistakes ... and crimes. To support Lyssenko Stalin arranged that all true biology scientists in the USSR, even foreigners, were executed or deported - the remaining 'scientists' evidently wholeheartedly supported Lyssenko. Lyssenko was elected to the Academy of Sciences, etc. and rose to the top. On 31 July to 7 August 1948 Lyssenko confirmed all his findings and announced amazing progress confirming the politics of the day and the past at the meeting of the Lenin Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the USSR in his famous speech about 'The Positions of Biologic Science'.

Evidently there were no real biology scientists left in Russia at that time and there was no real scientific biologic progress in Russia at all since 1917. All Lyssenko said was fantasy. Lyssenko reached the summit of his career circa 1950-1951.

The difficulties started when the USSR wanted to export its biologic, scientific findings, etc. to more knowledgeable and advanced countries, which it had occupied after the Second World War, e.g. Germany! The German scientists quietly told the new German dictator Ulbricht that Lyssenko was a charlatan and that all his biologic theories were 'Scheisse' - all of them! Ulbricht then had a choice. He could of course do what Stalin had done supporting Lyssenko, but in a very unusual move Ulbricht permitted young biology students to write papers questioning the Lyssenko ideas. Wool socks or knickers could not grow straight on trees, etc. In the end of 1965 the German Communist dictatorship formally put all Lyssenko theories where they belonged - on the rubbish heap. Of course Ulbricht had until then officially supported Lyssenko. And six years later Ulbricht was himself disposed of.

The Principle of Archimedes does not apply

The scientific treatment of the 'Estonia' investigation 1994-2001 is very similar to the Lyssenko affaire 1927-1965 to cover up political or social mistakes and crimes of any kind. You invent some new scientific theories - in this case, e.g:

"a ship does not float in water on its hull any longer as per the principle of buoyancy of Archimedes established circa 252 BC but on the deck house in the air, etc."

- and then you gain support for the idea by using manipulated 'scientists' and bureaucrats - mostly the latter - and an 'understanding' media - very important. That this performance was possible 1994-2004 in Sweden (and not 1927-1965 in the USSR) is not so surprising.

The 'Estonia' floats on the deckhouse?

The political game is the same - stupid scientist (read Huss, Karppinen, Vassalos, Valanto and Krüger&Kehren) are always available (particularly in Sweden, Finland, Scotland and Germany) to produce false reports - and so are numerous bureaucrats (read Franson, Eksborg, Tom Allan, Lehtola & Co) ready to support them - encouraged by, e.g. minister Mona Sahlin. It seems that the civil servants in Sweden and Finland are programmed to spread disinformation to support the objectives of their Masters. The media is what it is. It has never heard of Archimedes. And the Swedes and Finns that should know dare not say anything.

It was Sweden that mainly produced the now infamous Estonia Final report (5), so naturally the Swedish government and its bureaucrats strongly support it, particularly after the government appointed new, pure charlatans to direct the Board of Accident Investigations (BAI/SHK), the National Maritime administration and its Board of Ship Safety Inspections and appointed the past head of the BAI/SHK as appeal court judge. The allies Finland and Estonia are naturally giving moral support. The similarities with Lyssenko are striking - exchange biology with safety at sea and you have the 'Estonia' affaire in a nut shell. And it is interesting to note that, when exporting the shit (5), it is, again, Germany that starts the process to have it reversed. The German group of experts appointed by the shipyard started the process but did not dare to point out the Lyssenkoist manipulations of the laws of physics and principle of Archimedes by the Commission. Other Germans are following up by new divings on the wreck. But the situation is slightly different today. Ulbricht could reverse the Lyssenko developments 1950-1965 and nobody actually cared. Lyssenko was a pure product of a dictatorship and an inhuman ideology. What shall Sweden do about the false Estonia Final report and the Stockholm agreement? Where is the honorable way out? Nobody except some Swedish charlatans is today prepared to stand up to defend the Final report (5) and the Stockholm agreement - the other responsible parties are silent. Ms Mona Sahlin has decided 19 April 2001 that the (Swedish) Board of Psychologic Defence - Styrelsen för psykologiskt försvar SPF shall collect all missing information in a 'fact bank' and establish how and why the 'Estonia' actually sank, i.e. how the hull was filled with water between 01.30-01.52 hrs on 28 September 1994. This writer has of course told Ms Vendela Dobson-Andersson of the SPF - what to do (see Dnr E8/01 in the SPF archive). It is very simple. But Ms Dobson-Andersson has declined the solution, so that Ms Mona Sahlin can rest comfortably in her office. Maybe because she will lose her job - to spread disinformation about the 'Estonia' - in the process?

We cannot establish the Truth ...

But - come on Vendela! - there are always other jobs for bureaucrats. Your boss, Björn, has obviously stated that the 'truth cannot be established' (see above - so what is the 'fact bank' for?) - it is his job - but it does not mean that you have to propagate that the principle of Archimedes does not apply in Sweden. It applies in Sweden today, it applied, when the 'Estonia' sank on 28 September 1994, and it applied before Archimedes formulated it at 252 BC regardless what some charlatans stated in the Commission 1994 and in Sweden today and it applies to all ships. Apply it - it is very simple.

"Wool socks do not grow on trees!"

But even more serious, Vendela. Haven't you understood that your job is not a joke. It cannot be written in your job description that you shall sit and protect lying civil servants and politicians and in the process lie to worried relatives and survivors about what is going on and maybe hiding a crime in the process. But this is what you have been doing for exactly five years according to the plan. Shame on you, comrade Dobson-Andersson. How can you do such stupid, boring and unproductive work every day?

In Germany (and the United States) other principles apply. The German physicist and Nobel price candidate Jan Hendrik Schön was 2000 suspected of falsifying measured data to confirm his own fantastic theories of nano-physics and micro-electronics. In July 2003 an investigating commission found that an intentional manipulation of basic measured data to support theoretical conclusions could not be eliminated. Evidently the scientific reputation of Dr. Schön was destroyed. Likewise it is very easy to verify the intentional manipulations of all scientific 'evidence' of the Estonia accident investigation. Permit a small investigation commission to check a sample of Estonia data - it will find that every essential piece of 'evidence' is false. Including the latest master piece - the 2003 SPF Pre-study to prove the sinking of the Estonia. Here Vendela is really caught with her wool knickers down!

And there is no end to the manipulations. In March 2004 the SPF announced that they were going to produce a video animation of sinking based on the false Pre-study.


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