The 911-report and the CIA Torture report written by members of the U.S. Congress can be read free of charge on the net. I review the reports here where you also can download the reports. Interesting reading. One President of the U.S. encouraged the CIA to use torture to find out how terrorists are brainwashed and another President of the U.S. ordered the terrorist to be murdered!

The POUFF, POUFF-theory
developed by Anders Björkman, M.Sc. and

not checked by FBI, Albuqurque, New Mexico, USA


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"At this time the (FBI) Albuquerque Division will not be opening an investigation into your claims. If you have proof of your allegations, please present that proof to your nearest Legal Attaché, or you may visit one of our FBI Divisions the next time you are in the United States. Thank you."

Carol K.O. Lee, Special Agent in Charge of FBI Albuquerque Division


"Prove me wrong and earn 1 000 000:-" Tjäna 1 millioner och visa att jag har fel!

Anders Björkman


FBI Special Agent trying to stop a tower collapsing from top! Note lack of eyes protection!

On 11th September 2018 it was seventeen years since US terrorists destroyed the complete WTC-complex at New York 'live on (faked) TV' and blamed it on another party - Usama Bin Laden, UBL, and Al Qaida. The US terrorists overlooked one important matter:

No structure or tower can be destroyed by local structural failures up top caused, e.g. by a plane.

In order to fool the public the US terrorists asked Hollywood to produce a movie showing the WTC towers being stricken by planes and collapsing (!?) from top down, etc, that the terrorists then broadcasted 'live on TV' when the complete WTC- complex was destroyed. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, is supporting the US terrorists and will not review the below information. In the decade since the 9/11 attacks, the FBI's intelligence program has tripled in size, and FBI analysts work around the world-from the war zone in Afghanistan to the White House Situation Room-to help covering up the Truth about 911. It is quite sad and the beginning of the end of the USA.

All information about three (!) New York skyscrapers collapsing from top down - tops crushing intact bottoms - full of people 11 September 2001 in fountains of smoke and dust as shown live on all US TV channels and then disappearing in little heaps of rubble was 100% false! The US government had of course produced similar, stupid shows before - 1945 and 1969.

There is first no way an airplane of aluminium can penetrate a wall of steel columns of the top of a skyscraper and explode inside. The steel columns backed by floors are too strong and the floors will slice the airplane's body into small pieces, dislocate the wings and most parts should bounce away and drop down on the ground. But this didn't happened. Mysterious planes were twice recorded on film slicing the walls of skyscrapers with their wings on 911 and disappearing through a hole followed by balls of fires.

WTC7 in front of WT1 were destroyed later by controlled demolition!

Second there is no way that a little top part of a structure can crush the intact bottom of same structure by gravity or by controlled demolition (unless using e.g. 25 off 300 kg composition H6 charges fitted just outside the elevator shafts in the core at every fourth floor and triggered from top down) and become ... dust (!) ... as shown on all available videos and footage, e.g. left! The footage is fake!

So all footage and videos showing airplanes flying through skyscraper walls and the skyscrapers structure becoming fountains of dust live on TV were produced before hand! This web page of mine explains all about the lies of the US 911 NIST investigation. I pay anyone 1 milllion proving me wrong!


Meeting about the POUFF, POUFF theory at Albuquerque, 10 November, 2010

You can study the Björkman presentation here and below! The meeting was very popular.

The American audience quickly understood that no skyscraper can ever progressively, globally collapse POUFF, POUFF by gravity from top down due to a structural failure (or fire) up top and that allegedly scientific reports by terrorists like professor Bazant of Northwestern University and dr. Sunder of NIST are false.

The audience also understood that all videos and pictures of a structural collapse from top down and its rubble on ground on 911 are false! It is 100% Computer Graphic Images, i.e. virtual models. One lady in the audience asked who could have produced the CGI movie that was shown "live on TV" on 9-11? Good question. And the good news are that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, at Albuquerque, is investigating that right now! They contacted me after the presentation to this effect! I wonder what FBI will do. Go back to sleep?

On Nov. 29, 2010, 13.40 pm, FBI has however clarified: "At this time the Albuquerque Division will not be opening an investigation into your claims. If you have proof of your allegations, please present that proof to your nearest Legal Attaché, or you may visit one of our FBI Divisions the next time you are in the United States. Thank you."

Actually, I had already presented proof of my allegations to the FBI, Legal Attaché, Paris, that recommended me to contact FBI at Albuquerque. It seems FBI and Carol K.O. Lee, Special Agent in Charge of FBI Albuquerque Division, are sleeping at the switches, as usual, even if the case is opened and being investigated. Or FBI chief Mueller decided otherwise?

The basic question is:

Illustration of 'progressive global collapse' from top to bottom of a tower structure according prof. Bazant and NIST and terrorists. Top C gets loose by plane causing local failures and crushes down bottom A into rubble B and rubble B then crushes up top C into more rubble B. It cannot happen in reality as shown scientifically here!

Can a big, 400 meter tall skyscraper/tower collapse, Pouff, Pouff from top down by gravity into a heap of rubble due to small local damages up top and create a Ground Zero?

Strange 'planes' hit the tops and make holes in them? OK, why not? It is very easy to fake a plane crashing into a skyscraper! Will the big bottom parts below the holes then suddenly 'collapse'? From top? Down? Twice on same day? Into rubble? 

I have prepared a Power Point Presentation (you have to open it with Microsoft PowerPoint) from footage shown "live on TV" how the WTC1 (North Tower) roof (#110) of top part C drops six floors to floor #104, while at same time nothing happens to the structure below floor #92, i.e. bottom part A. Fake smoke on top of the roof also drops six floors, while more smoke is added to simulate ejection of smoke of the top six floors being compressed. Officially the complete top part C remained intact and crushed the intact bottom structure. Actually the footage is simple Computer Generated Images done by the terrorists to impress the president, CIA, FBI and other stupid observers.

Photo right (I have added C and A) that you find on the Internet is often used to illustrate a crush down global collapse of a skyscraper that allegedly took place twice on 9-11. Many similar photos exist. It is suggested that a small, structurally weak top part C, hidden by the smoke, has got loose due to fire/local failures (plane making hole!) up top and is dropping down by gravity on the much bigger and stronger structural bottom part A and that smoke, dust, debris - thousands of small pieces - and big, loose steel wall panels are ejected sideways in all directions as a result, while bottom part A is crushed down into rubble B, also hidden by smoke. The picture, like all similar pictures or videos, is a fake! It is just a stupid animation created by terrorists using Photoshop or Blast Code or similar! The top part is simply erased and smoke (from a volcano!), dust and debris added Hollywood style in different layers and directions - and then broadcasted live on TV!

Easy to show and prove. The picture is really ridiculous.

I wonder why any US terrorism analysts like FBI cannot see that! Can't they distinguish a fake photo from a real one? I pay anybody 1.000 000:- to produce a real photo or video of a structure collapsing from the top by itself by gravity started with a failure up top!

Small top C crushing big bottom A = ridiculous! Prove me wrong and win 1.000.000:- - (Note - photo is a fake! Smoke and debris are false.)

Below are two more faked photos of the same object: You wonder why a big wall panel falling on side always is followed by a trail of smoke/dust. And why the smoke on top looks the same! Copy/paste of various layers of animations? Aha - Hollywood! xx

Upper small part C crushing big A = ridiculous! Prove me wrong and win 1.000.000:- (Note - photos are fakes! Smoke and debris flying in all directions are just added by Photoshop.)

Right is another photo of similar type, i.e. a fake (from the NIST reports) showing steel wall panels and debris falling from the top of the South Tower, WTC2, while the bottom part of WTC2 in the background is still intact.

The picture is evidently a fake! It is just another stupid animation created by same terrorists and Photoshop! And dishonest photographers. Terrorists!

Imagine - there is a small fire up top in a skyscraper and suddenly the four solid perimeter walls - steel panels - are ripped off six floors apart, i.e. at two locations top/bottom and are pushed out and then fall down on the streets below followed by clouds of dust and a photographer (terrorist?) snaps a picture of it - just when the panels pass by ... while the bottom of the skyscraper is still intact!

Unbelievable in my view! It is of course impossible to snap such a picture. But there are people making fake pictures. They are of course terrorists! And FBI or any US authority does nothing about it. Amazing. FBI does not react!

Big parts - steel wall panels - dropping from skyscraper = ridiculous! Prove me wrong and win 1.000.000:- (Note - photo is evidently a fake!)

It is not strange that an identical (or slightly 'repaired' (!) upper right corner) steel wall panel pops up on another photo right attributed to Richard Drew, AP.

Now the steel wall panel drops on the Marriott hotel in downtown NY! But it is just amateurish Photoshop! Like all terrorist photos of the 'collapses'. A skyscraper can only get destroyed from bottom up! A skyscraper can never collapse from top down!

Why is described below!

A false FEM decription of a structural collapse is shown here. US authorities and terrorists believe that structural components like beams are just ripped apart ... by gravity ... and fly away! Sorry GWB and Condi - you do not fool me!

Bill Biggart is another photographer producing pictures, e.g. this (plane collides with WTC2) or this (debris and panels fall from WTC2).

Same part, repaired (sic), dropping from skyscraper on hotel = ridiculous! Prove me wrong and win 1.000.000:- (Note - photo is faked = photoshopped by Richard Drew, AP)

Another (faked!) photo, right, of a dropping wall panel of WTC2 is from a fake video by Christian Martin, NBC:

Doesn't people know that walls are not falling off tops of buildings and that filming such non-events is suspicious?

How a skyscraper destroys itself from top down (!) is described by US terrorists in Chapter 9 of NIST Report 1-6 ( .

Every essential piece of information in that report is of course false. Imagine that! USA publishes a report how a skyscraper destroys itself from top on 9-11 and everything is faked! Doesn't the authors of the report know that no structure can destroy itself from top down by gravity? And why illustrate the report with fake photos of falling wall panels? Of course, it fools plenty of people but not the real experts.

Big part, ripped off wall panel again, dropping from skyscraper = ridiculous! Prove me wrong and win 1.000.000:- (Note - video is stupidly faked by Christian Martin, NBC!)

There are many people in the USA that believe that tall steel tower structures can collapse or disappear in smoke and dust from top down initiated by a structural failure (e.g. plane crash) or fire up top.

I call it the POUFF, POUFF-theory.

It was launched by the US National Institute of Support of Terrorism, NIST, a non-regulated agency controlled by the US Department of Commerce, in its so called 911-report, where it is said that when ... the release of potential energy due to downward movement of the (top of the WTC) building mass above the buckled columns (the upper part C up top) exceeded the strain energy that could be absorbed by the structure (parts A below), global collapse ensued. It is the new BIG BANG theory in reverse! A structure disappears into a black hole in the basement!! It is a joke ... and it is the reason why the USA is losing its war of aggression in Afghanistan.

Prof Bazant, famous terrorist, has another strange explanation in a paper from 2006! The supporting elements simply snaps through (?) - magically - and the structure becomes a heap of rubble as shown below:

"The collapse, in which two phases - crush-down followed by crush-up - must be distinguished, is described in each phase by a nonlinear second-order differential equation for the propagation of the crushing front of a compacted block (top part C) of accreting mass. Expressions for consistent energy potentials are formulated and an exact analytical solution of a special case is given. It is shown that progressive collapse will be triggered if the total (internal) energy loss during the crushing of one story (equal to the energy dissipated by the complete crushing and compaction of one story, minus the loss of gravity potential during the crushing of that story) exceeds the kinetic energy impacted to that story.

Regardless of the load capacity of the columns, there is no way to deny the inevitability of progressive collapse driven by gravity alone if this criterion is satisfied (for the World Trade Center it is, with an order-of-magnitude margin)."

The POUFF, POUFF-theory is illustrated below:

The upper part C is originally carried by four parts A1, 2, 3 and 4 below one above the other of similar structure, even if lowest part A4 is four times stronger than A1 and five times stronger than C. A1 is just double as strong as C. Then upper part C is given downward motion due to gravity (some supports between parts C and top A1 are buckled) and upper part C applies, when impacting A1, released potential energy on the top part A1 that is crushed down into rubble B - POUFF - as top A1 cannot absorb the energy applied! The first part A1 becomes smoke and dust or rubble B or whatever. It cannot really be seen due to the smoke and dust.

Then the rubble B or the smoke (?) is accelerated by the intact upper part C and gravity and more released potential energy is applied on the second part A2 that is crushed into more rubble B - another POUFF - as second part A2 cannot absorb the energy applied! The second part A2 becomes more smoke and dust or more B or whatever. It cannot be seen either. Smoke, you know!

The crushing down will be repeated as many times as is required to crush parts A3 and A4 into rubble B or smoke and dust. In this example the third and fourth parts A3 and A4 thus become smoke and dust or even more B or whatever. Then all A parts are B because all A parts could not absorb the energy applied by intact upper part C! Then the rubble B crushes up intact upper part C into more rubble B - the second final POUFF! The last POUFF is that B becomes a pyramid shaped heap of rubble. Bazant has confirmed it July 2010! It cannot be seen - so you have to believe Bazant. Or ...

The POUFF, POUFF-theory was in fact originally developed by terrorist professor Zdenek P. Bazant, F.ASCE & Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, (a US nest of terrorists!! - FBI take note!) already 2001, in Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse? - Simple Analysis . My contribution 2010 is to name it POUFF, POUFF! It is plenty smoke and dust. Repeatedly.

The Bazant & Co simple one-way crush-down theory is applicable to all structures regardless of size and details of elements and joints of the structure; Above it is applied to a structure consisting of five assemblies of structural elements - one upper part C and four lower parts A1, A2, A3 and A4; All parts consists 95% of air and the rest is steel elements holding it together. The uniform density (total mass (kg) divided by total volume (m3)) of any part C and A is 250 (kgs/m3). Each part has height h. Thus total structure has height 5 h.

(1) Lower parts A carries upper part C of the structure statically with a FoS >1 (actually >3 so that part C will not collapse down by itself before start). Primary load bearing elements make up <1% of the structure volume. Upper part C is then dropped on top part A1 by gravity and one way crush-down, suggested by Bazant & Co, starts. The suggested reason is that upper part C can apply sufficient energy to destroy - snap-through - elements in part A1 and compress them into rubble part B without destroying itself, C. It is of course crazy! Part C cannot apply energy to destroy part A1 without destroying itself! In all normal cases upper part C would just bounce on top of A1 and come to rest on top of A1 with some minor local damages on A1 and C. Simple energy balance proves it. Evidently part C cannot apply any energy on A1 without destroying itself C, and C cannot ever accelerate any rubble B. There is not enough energy available! What is seen on all videos of WTC 1&2 destructions is just animations and simulations produced by the movie industry type the Indpendence Day movie 1995! Imagine that the terrorists managed to put a movie on all US major TV channels on 9-11.

(2) POUFF!! Upper part C has crushed top part A1 into rubble part B A1/4; The density of part B rubble is 4 times the density of C and A1 according Bazant, i.e 1000. Part C has dropped 3/4 h. Upper Part C remains intact according to Bazant & Co. In reality it cannot happen, but Bazant & Co suggest otherwise!

(3) POUFF!! Upper part C has crushed two top parts A1 and A2 into rubble part B A/2; Part C has dropped 1.5 h! The rubble B assists the crushing of part A2.

(4) POUFF!! Upper part C has crushed three top parts A1, A2 and A3 into rubble part B 3A/4; Part C has dropped 2.25 h. The rubble B assists the crushing of part A3.

(5) POUFF!! Upper part C has crushed all four parts A1, A2, A3 and A4 into rubble part B = one part A; Part C has dropped 3 h. The rubble B assists the crushing of part A4.

(6) POUFF!! Rubble part B (!) has crushed up (?) upper part C into rubble from below. Parts A and C with density 250 have become 100% rubble of height 1.25 h and 'rubble' density 1000.

(7) The rubble then spills out on the ground POUFF!!, according Bazant & Co (and is more compressed to density >1000?).

The destruction goes very fast! At about 65% of gravity acceleration g (about 9.82 m/s²) according Bazant.

Evidently no structure A can be found on Earth that goes POUFF!! POUFF!! POUFF!! POUFF!! POUFF!! from top down, when you drop a small top piece C on it by gravity, but according to terrorist professor Zdenek P. Bazant all structures with density 250 kg/m3 shall go POUFF, POUFF and become rubble with density 1 000 kg/m3 only du to gravity. The Bazant madness is further analyzed here. And here! Terrorist Bazant has been reported to the FBI several times ... but the FBI sleeps at the switches as usual and ... sleeps. That's why the USA will be attacked again by the terrorists, which all are Americans BTW.

Anders Björkman, M.Sc., President, Heiwa Co.

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(published 030310 by Heiwa Co - European Agency for Safety at Sea)