The M/S 'Estonia' Sinking Investigation
The biggest Scam in maritime History
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The 'Estonia' Sinking Investigation - The biggest Scam in maritime History

The Estonia flag, Cyprus registry M/S "Estonia" sank in the Baltic on 28 September 1994 under very mysterious circumstances. At least 852 persons died.

The ferry had frequently carried ex USSR military material from Tallinn to Stockholm, some of it on behalf of the Swedish Armed Forces.

Immediately, without any evidence, the Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt thought on TV that the bow visor had caused the accident. The visor had dropped off and ripped open the weathertight ramp door to the superstrucure, which nobody of >1 000 persons aboard noticed.

However it seems that the visor had nothing to do with the accident but was simply removed from the wreck under water by the Swedish Armed (Navy) Forces after the accident - so you could blame the accident on the visor. A visor cannot open a ramp as suggested.

It explains all lies and official false information about the sinking presented 1994-2005. To support the official lies of Carl Bildt many surviving Estonian crew members were kidnapped by the Swedish, Finish and Estonian authorities later on the day. Other crew members were forced to lie about what happened and about the cargo. All information was then falsified to support the official story as described in my book Disaster Investigation.

Year 2000 four out of five do not believe the official Conclusions

Some 80 percent of Estonians polled said (August 28-September 4, 2000) they don't believe official conclusions about why the ferry Estonia sank six years ago this month in one of Europe's worst maritime disasters, local media reported on September 2. Investigators said the Sept. 28, 1994 tragedy, which killed 852, occurred when fierce waves broke badly made locks in the bow door, causing it to fall off and for water to flood the ship. They also said the crew reacted too slowly. The investigators never provided any evidence for their different suggestions what caused the accident.

Most relatives of the mostly Swedish and Estonian victims have called for a new investigation. Of 400 Estonians questioned by ES Market Research, 78 percent said they didn't accept the 1997 findings of official Estonian, Finnish and Swedish investigators, reported the Eesti Paevaleht daily, which ordered the survey. Sixty-seven percent also said they backed the dive of American Gregg Bemis to the Baltic Sea site of the shipwrecked ferry, which area governments opposed as a desecration of an officially declared gravesite. The poll, which had a margin of error of 4 percent, was conducted just before the dives got underway. Bemis said on September 1 that he had found a previously undiscovered hole in the ship's superstructure, though he said it required further study. According the official investigation the hole does not exist - the relevant area of the superstructure is undamaged according to the official accounts. According to Bemis the hole is 2 x 0.7 meters caused by explosives. In an editorial, Eesti Paevaleht said Swedes were more likely to believe the official conclusion, though it didn't cite poll results. It said Estonia's past under Soviet totalitarian rule made it more skeptical of official findings.

The People does not understand - the Report was not for them!

Jaan Metsaveer, one of the investigators, adamantly defended the official explanation, arguing that laymen sought simplistic answers because they couldn't understand the technical accounts in the commission's lengthy final report.

"It was a document that was written for experts, not for the general public,"

he was quoted as saying. He said some relatively minor details about the accident remain unknown, e.g. the hole that Bemis discovered, but that the general conclusions still stood. Estonia's government also dismissed suggestions that the dives led by Gregg Bemis last week may have made significant enough discoveries to justify a new investigation.

"From the government's point of view, we've seen nothing new,"

government spokesman Priit Poiklik said.

"We don't believe a new investigation is warranted."

Well, he is an idiot!

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