Survivors' Testimonies prove the JAIC wrong 2007

by Anders Björkman


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Survivors' Testimonies prove the JAIC wrong (Updated 20 July 2007)

There were 137 surviving witnesses aboard the Estonia 1994. 134 survivors evacuated at once to open decks after the heavy noises (the incident causing hull leakage?) at 00.46 hrs, the rolling >30° port and starboard at 01.02 hrs and the stable list at 01.03 <15° starboard together with 100+ others that drowned. The 134 survivors tell how the Estonia floated stably while she sank and the angle of list increased during 30 minutes. Some survivors from deck 1 below waterline observed that water leaked in down there after the noise (they woke up!) and before the sudden rolling/heeling. The Estonia was leaking forward!

Only three, engine room crew, survivors did not evacuate at once! They went to the engine control room and tried to reduce the listing by emptying and filling various tanks during 8-10 minutes. An impossible task as many manual valves/pumps were located far away! They also inform that the bilge pumps had been started, i.e. the Estonia was also leaking in the engine rooms! They have also said that they saw water spraying in on deck 2 at the closed bow ramp two minutes after the heeling occurred.

All observations of survivors indicate that the Estonia was leaking below water line in at least two locations forward and aft at 01.00 hrs. The free water on and in several compartments on deck 0, explains (a) the rolling >30° port and starboard at 01.02 hrs (GM and GZ were negative), (b) the stable listing at 01.03 <15° starboard (positive GM when more water leaked in) and (c) the actual sinking.

The exact time for the collision or sinking (hitting bottom - LOL) is known.

The JAIC ignorered all testimonies about leakages below waterline and instead announced that the sudden healing was caused by the lost visor (sic) and a fully open bow ramp. There are no evidences supporting those suggestions:

1. Wave impacts against the fore ship cannot knock off the visor. The impact force/energy are too small (it will only cause local plate deformations/vibrations!) and the noise is very high! Nobody heard anything.

2. Water ingress through an open bow ramp, if it took place, is five times larger than indicated by JAIC and causes immediate capsize and floating upside down. It didn't happen!

3. All information about a missing visor of the wreck after the accident and that it was found and raised 1 560 meters west of the wreck are lies based on falsified and edited underwater films of the wreck. The visor was never fully detached from the ship, when it was floating! The visor was removed from the wreck after the accident!

The JAIC then produced a 100% false Final report on 3 December 1997 to hide the actual cause of sinking; multiple leakages below waterline due to a collision or sabotage (explosion)! The high number of dead victims was due to the fact that the Estonia was not seaworthy and lacked proper life saving equipment, etc., which the ship owners and the Swedish and Estonian maritime administrations were fully aware of. The job of the JAIC by the Swedish government was to hide the Truth. The ship owners were very happy. They got away with murder.

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