Unbelievable new Information 2008 about the M/S Estonia accident 1994
survivors saw that the visor was lost prior sinking, etc.
by Anders Björkman


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According Vinnova's latest research 2008 there were two brave witnesses that saw that the visor was lost!

Estonian prosecutor Margus Kurm has later identified the two as Antti Arak and Ain-Alar Juhanson. In 1994, when questioned by police, they never mentioned the following:

They had at 01.24 hrs - when the list was 90° and the ship was rolling a lot - walked forward on the ship's side and climbed down to the bow!

This is the time of the Mayday - but according the Mayday the heel was only 20-30° at 01.24.51 hrs!

They noted that the visor was missing! It was not there!

But that was not enough! One of the witnesses decided to climb down on the ramp - that was closed!

Imagine that - climbing down a closed ramp of a sinking ship in the middle of the dark, stormy night.

As the list quickly became 180° already at 01.30 hrs, the witnesses decided to climb over to the bulbous bow (that now was upside down) ... where they managed to get into raft R.

All of this appears to be pure propaganda lies!

Antti Arak and Ain-Alar Juhanson on the bow of M/S Estonia! Video animation by Safety at Sea, Ltd. Co, Glasgow, Scotland. It is pitch dark in the middle of the stormy night.

If the ramp had been open, you would expect the following to happen - I quote from chapter 3.11 of Disaster Investigation:

"If the visor had pulled open the ramp, then the ramp should have hit the fore peak deck with 1.8 MNm energy.

The visor should then first have remained hanging on the ramp top, when the ramp was open - the visor was pushed aft by the water, waves and the forward motion of the ship. If the ramp actually fell down on the forepeak deck, the ramp plate grid should have been bent downward, all ramp hinges should have been broken, the ramp side guard rails might have been damaged and should have been bent outwards 3.10, the 'preventer' wires120 and the ramp hydraulics should have been pulled out and it would later have been impossible to close the ramp 1.8.

The starboard ripped apart ramp hydraulics should have hanged out and should later have blocked the closing of the ramp, when the list was >90 degrees. The ramp should have folded itself around the fore peak structure. The forepeak deck 2 should have been smashed (but it is undamaged). Then you would expect the visor to slip off the ramp causing more damages to visor housing, etc. But none is seen."

Antti Arak and Ain-Alar Juhanson on the bow of M/S Estonia! One climbs down the closed ramp! The ship rolls heavily in the severe weather.


Conclusion - if any survivor climbed down a closed ramp as shown in the figure, the ramp could never have been open before that! The Safety at Sea report actually confirms that the accident could not have been caused by an open ramp!

But let's face it. It is just propaganda! Ordered and paid for by the Swedish government.


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