The 1 000 000:- Anders Björkman Challenge 6 (previously the Heiwa Challenges - seriously proposed and paid for by Anders Björkman, M.Sc. also at Assbook)


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Media and readers of my articles about atomic bombs 1945, moon trips 1969, M/S Estonia ferry incident 1994 and 911 tower top down terrorist collapses 2001 are warned. You probably suffer from cognitive dissonance and cannot handle my information without getting mentally disturbed with serious consequences.

My proven facts are simple and correct and good news. A-bombs do not work. Humans cannot travel to the Moon. M/S Estonia didn't lose her bow visor. Skyscrapers do not collapse from top down. All information to the contrary is pseudoscience, propaganda lies or fantasies promoted by media and taught at universities. And if you do not agree with the official lies, you will not be allowed at the university boat race* and other silly events, etc. Your position in society is at risk.

If you suffer from cognitive dissonance, you no doubt find my info disturbing and get upset, angry, anxious or worried. What to believe and write? Old lies or truth?

Media incl. newspaper chief editors are kindly requested to get psychological assistance to get rid of their cognitive dissonance. Why not cure yourself? And publish the result as a scoop.

*Safety at sea is my business

The Anders Björkman Challenge 6 (new August 2020 - revised 11 September 2020)

Summer 2020 there are three space trips to planet Mars to check the weather (!) or life - very important - on planet Mars. Media go mad about them.

They are all of course 100% fake like all trips in space since 1958! There is no way to fly to planet Mars, change course there and study the weather and life, etc. But they are fun.

A 2020 trip to planet Mars is, let's face it, a 100% real, variable speed, elongated orbit around planet Earth (and not around the Sun as pseudo-experts suggest) until you arrive.

Only planets orbit the Sun at different speeds. The spacecrafts thus depart from Earth summer 2020 at a certain escape speed and direction to arrive, where Mars will be when you arrive at another speed later.

So far so good. Getting away from Earth gravity is easy! You just need the right escape velocity, direction and location, etc. So you take off!

The basis for space navigation relative planet Earth is then, I was told 1969, inertial guidance using the inertia of (A) three spinning gyroscopes irrespective of any external forces and without any reference to the Sun and stars and (B) three accelerometers. Precise measurements were made of changes in velocity (acceleration) in all directions and the data is stored in a computer to determine the location in the trajectory at any time. As backup optical sightings/GPS of three stars is used to determine location.

The described system is of course oversimplified because the real system used on any spacecraft 2020 is much more complex and powerful. Details are unfortunately secret! Without an accurate system of space navigation any trip with a spacecraft isn't feasible! Any trip is then preprogrammed and any deviations corrected one way or other.

Your speed and direction during the trip in orbit to Mars then changes all the time but you know where you are when you slow down! But on arrival Mars it's gravity will pull you towards it and your speed increases in a new orbit! How to enter or land on or orbit around Mars is then another matter. You cannot do it. You have no means aboard your spacecraft to do anything. If you miss Mars on arrival, you will of course continue in your original orbit and return to Earth.

You can see planet Mars from Earth (it is lit up by the Sun and looks like a star) at departure, but you have to aim towards its future location at your arrival. Not easy to calculate the trajectory and arrival time, as your speed is reduced and direction in orbit varies all the time! So all people on Earth - pseudo-astroscientists - behind the trips are simple criminals fooling the stupid people/Arabs paying for the trips. It has gone on for >60 years.

Anyway, assume that you arrive and land on Mars and start exploring the planet and that data about weather, life and soil is sent back to experts on Earth for analysis. What shall any expert do with this data?

And can he/she trust the data? That's my Challenge #6. I'll pay you 1M if you tell me how to trust the data.

The spacecrafts will not start to arrive until 2021 so you have plenty time to solve my Challenge #6. 

Application to include following data: mass of spacecraft at departure (kg), speeds and diretions of spacecraft (m/s) at departure, after 10, 50, 100 and 150 days, etc. Also explain what rocket can accelerate the spacecraft at departure and fuel used to get the spacecraft started!

Send your entry (data, analysises, etc) to Anders Björkman, 6 rue Victor Hugo, F 06 240 Beausoleil, France,

Money is evidently available at the bank. The award will be paid by bank transfer.

Any legal disputes will be handled in France. I cannot visit USA today as I am punished by death there (in absentia) having revealed military secrets of no value. It is not funny being punished by death.


Anders Björkman


The 911-report and the CIA Torture report written by members of the U.S. Congress can be read free of charge on the net. I review the reports here where you also can download the reports. Interesting reading. One President of the U.S. encouraged the CIA to use torture to find out how terrorists are brainwashed and another President of the U.S. ordered the terrorist to be murdered!

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