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"an unscientific, unintelligent and unreasonable querulant that spreads rumours and untruths (lies) as the worst creator of conspiracy theories"


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Anders Björkman

M.Sc. Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, runs the NGO Heiwa Co European agency for Safety at Sea since 2000 and still 2023,

has more than 51years experience of oil tanker, passenger ship and ferry design, construction, repairs and operations worldwide,

has 1991/7 been a delegate to the IMO for two national administrations (Liberia and Sweden) and one NGO (International Chamber of Shipping),

has been a speaker at various Safety at Sea and 911 Truth conferences,

holds several patents of ship safety (all expired),

is one of the most outspoken critics of the Estonia accident investigation 1994-1997, which is still discussed 2023 as there are many reasons for it,

thinks you shall never accuse a ship master before the incident investigation is finished, e.g. Costa Concordia; it is much better first to investigate what happened,http// try to re-float the wreck and inspect it (and not just remove it full of water) before accusing innocent people for anything,

has also criticized the official US 9-11 investigations so that the FBI isn't finally investigating it, as FBI is sleeping,

is a recognized expert of steel structural damage analysis and knows that evidently NY skyscrapers cannot destroy themself by gravity 2001, i.e. the weak tops cannot fall down into a black ground zero hole in the basement crushing the strong, intact parts in between, and

offers 1 000 000:- to anybody proving him wrong, Try to win it!

Weak, top C crushing strong,bottom A = ridiculous! Prove me wrong and win 1.000.000:- (Note - photo is a fake!)

Furthermore, Björkman

has revealed scientific fraud at Strathclyde University and Chalmers University of Technology,

has written and got published a scientific discussion paper that a top down progressive global collapse (sic) that occurred twice on 911 2001 is not possible, the opposite of which is suggested by some clowns supporting terrorism,

was invited to the Engineering Mechanics Institute, EMI, 2013 conference in United Stasi of America to speak about it but EMI chickened out, so it seem Stasi is winning NASA style, as Björkman

does not believe in US/NASA human space travel to the Moon information because you need to eject plenty mass to decelerate/reduce speed/stop and accelerate again in space, and because navigation between moving heavenly bodies and the re-entry to land safely on Earth are impossible (NASA does not like it, as NASA cannot prove Björkman wrong),

does not believe in any atomic bomb information, because he lived and worked in Japan almost five years and found little evidence of atomic bombs, except propaganda (US Presidents and Department of War against Terrorism doesn't like it because DoWaT loves terror and atomic bombs).

Björkman is a nice, friendly guy with good humour. Very brave! Very clever! And good looking.

Swedish media and authorities on the other hand suggest that Björkman is "an unscientific, unintelligent and unreasonable querulant that spreads rumours and untruths (lies) as the worst creator of conspiracy theories", or an asocial, anti-American, a-bombdenying, Arabloving alien, an aaAaAa, but have not been able to prove their obnoxiousnesses.

Of course I wrote all above myself. Also about Världshistoria - summary of the wars 1914-2023 and how to promote Peace (heiwa) and Sweden/Eastgermany (in Swedish).

My advice to avoid accidents at sea is simply to slow down.

I had a Facebook account but it was hacked. So I had another Facebook account and it was also hacked. Trying to cancel Facebook accounts is difficult so I have no such accounts any more. Contact me at .

When I die one day, I will be cremated and my ashes will then be deposited into the sea by my daughters.

Personal Information
Date of birth: 28 April 1946
6 rue Victor Hugo
F 06240 Beausoleil, France
Tel: 06 61 72 54 24 (France only)
Tel: +33 4 93 78 45 90


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Freiberg, i. Sa

Strathclyde University fraud

Chalmers University fraud 

Anders Björkman when he was young June 1965 - elite sailor - many girls loved me or my uniform

1965 -1969

Chalmers University of Technology - Gothenburg/ Sweden, M.Sc. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering - 1969


Various business courses and in-house training 1971-1999


Military training
Marine engineer in Swedish Navy 1970 - specialized in converting merchant ships to mine layers in 24 hours


Professional experience
Lloyd's Register of Shipping
- 1971 -1977
London/UK, Yokohama/Japan, Malmö/Sweden Ship surveyor - Research/London, Design approval/Yokohama - Japan (4 years), Newbuilding supervision/Malmö and Sölvesborg


Scandinavian Underwriters' Agency 1977-1978
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Ship surveyor - >100 damaged ships survey


Mediterranean Average Adjusting Company 1978 -1980
Monte Carlo, Monaco
Casualty investigator, Average adjuster - about 50 adjustments


V.Ships 1980-2000
Group naval architect - Project manager. V.Ships is the worlds largest ship manager (founded 1984) with >400 ships. Project manager for major repairs world wide. Project manager for many conversions, new buildings and similar projects worldwide, e.g. six roro passenger ferries in Red Sea (1989-1997), several passenger ship and gas tanker (Japan 1993) newbuildings, war ship conversion Ukraine (1994) and Russia (1996). Also safety and environmental protection up-gradings. Also two years Marketing manager - started V.Ships Norway and built up V.Ships Scandinavian customer basis

2000 - 2023






Heiwa Co. 2000 - 2023
Beausoleil, France
Heiwa Co is a development and consultancy agency for oil tankers, roro-ferries and safety at sea. Achievements: (1) has developed the
Coulombi Egg tanker; the only alternative to double hull tankers approved by the United Nations International Maritime Organization - 1990-1997. (2) independent investigation of the Estonia accident 1994-2022. (3) several ferry conversions (some with V.Ships) for Red Sea pilgrims service. The objective of Heiwa Co is to provide assistance to companies in the marine transport business to develop safer, simpler and more economic solutions. Does Pro Bono work for victims of ship incidents

2002-2007 Floating Production Systems S.A.M, Monaco (a subsidiary of SBM Offshore, NV) employed Björkman full time to inspect, maintain and repair 100's of cargo tanks of a large fleet of FPSOs. One result was an improved IG system for FPSOs. Later Björkman assisted FPS S.A.M. as a consultant.


Patents and publications
Tanker Collision Protection System Patent (1990) - USA, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Europe
Many articles published in The Naval Architect, MER, Lloyd's List, Dagens Nyheter about probabilistic methods to evaluate oil tanker protection, passenger ship damage survival, the 'Estonia' accident etc.
Most recent publications: On Bazant in JEM (2010), More Thoughts about WTC 911 Collapse (2009), Thoughts about WTC1 911 Collapse (2008) - Lies and Truths about the MV Estonia accident (1998), Nya Fakta om Estonia (1999), Katastrofutredning (2000), Disaster Investigation (2001) and Estoniabluffen (2002).

Additional professional activities
Have served as expert to the ICS, Liberia and Sweden delegations at the IMO.
Represented Liberia in the ICS Technical Committee
Speaker at international safety conferences and similar - Brighton 1998, Glasgow 1999, London 2002, London 2003, Tallinn 2005, Stockholm 2007, Tallinn 2008, San Francisco 2009, Albuquerque 2010

Scandinavian Spoken/Written
English S/W
German S/W
French S/W
(Dutch - Spoken/read)
(Japanese - some spoken getting better)
(Arabic - some spoken most forgotten)
Computer systems - Words, Excel, CASa Gifts, Acad, Corel Draw, etc.