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Welcome to a chapter of the e-book Disaster Investigation.

Appendix 8

Two different Estonian versions of the course of events

The Estonian delegation (Meister, Laur and Neidre) handed in two different versions of the course of events to the Commission.

The first (act C11*) is dated 17 January 1995.

The second (act 30*) is dated 18 August 1995, i.e. seven months later. Both were made secret by Forssberg.

It is interesting to note different times of the same events in the two versions as shown below, e.g. in the first version Linde arrives on the bridge before the change of watch at 01.00 hrs, in the second version he arrives seven minutes later.


Time (act C11*)

Time (act C30*)

Comments by AB

Departure of the 'Estonia' from Tallinn.



Linde starts his patrol round



Mate Kukk leaves the bridge



Kukk meets Linde at the Pub Admiral


About 00.40

Linde makes his patrol round on the car deck



Linde is behind the ramp and hears a metallic noise. Linde reports to the bridge (to 2/O Kannussar via talkie-walkie)


00.50 or later

Linde leaves the car deck and goes down to decks 1/0 to complete the round


About 01.00

Linde returns to the bridge


01.05 or later

Change of watch on the bridge



Linde leaves the bridge


01.07 or later

The visor locks are broken and the visor has started to hit against the forward ramp. After the visor hinges are broken, the visor pushes/pulls the ramp open. Water starts to flow into the ship



The ship gets starboard list. Linde on deck 5 sees things falling



The official time for the sudden list is 01.15 hrs.

Linde arrives to deck 5 and asks the 'Information' to open the doors to the car deck. The ship suddenly lists to starboard


01.08 or later

The Estonians do not agree with JAIC that the sudden list was at 01.15 hrs

Linde runs up to deck 7


01.08 or later

Linde runs up after the sudden list, i.e. it occurred before 01.15 hrs

Linde arrives to deck 7 and meets one passenger which states that it is water on deck 1



This passenger must have escaped before the sudden list occurred, i.e. it was water on deck 1 before the sudden list

3/E Treu hears strong hitting (impact) noises from the foreship and sees water leaking in at the ramp



We should be informed when Treu in sound insulated ECR managed to hear the impacts - before or after the sudden listing

The visor is detatched from the 'Estonia' and pulls out the ramp further



The sudden increase in listing showed that the visor had fallen off and that the ramp was completely open



It is suggested that the ramp was completely open before the sudden listing

Order from the bridge to 3/E Treu to ballast the ship upright


Before 01.20

It seems the first action on the bridge was to call Treu and to order him to ballast the ship upright. Is this plausible? Didn't they discuss other matters?

Lifeboat alarm with bells. Alarm "Mr Skylight 1" and "Mr Skylight 2" via loud speakers. Then lifeboat alarm with the horn 1.33


Before 01.22

Why did Treu ignore these alarms?

Angle of list up to 25-30 degrees



Angle of list >30 degrees


Before 01.22

Port M.Es stop


Before 01.22

Starboard M.Es stop


About 01.22

Mayday call



Angle of list is 40-45 degrees



Angle of list is close to 90 degrees


Before 01.30

3/E Treu leaves the ECR




3/E Treu arrives at deck 7 (sic)


Before 01.30


3/M Treu is swept overboard by a wave


About 01.30

The 'Estonia' disappears from the radar screens of the 'Silja Europa' and the 'Mariella'



How could Treu be swept overboard 18-23 minutes before the alleged sinking?

Comments: The Estonian delegation ignored the testimonies of the passengers - the reports of Schager 2.1 were not considered. In one version Linde arrives to the bridge before the change of watch, in another after the change of watch. In one version Linde is already on deck 5 and notes the sudden listing, while in the other version Linde has not yet left the bridge. In the first version the sudden list occurs long before the visor was finally lost overboard

Neither version considers that Treu, Sillaste and Kadak saw the ramp closed at least two minutes after the sudden listing.

The escape of 3/E Treu is not explained 1.48. The Estonians believe Treu arrived at deck 7 and was immediately swept overboard 18-23 minutes before the sinking. In other statements Treu visits the emergency generator on deck 8.

The courses of events do not tally with the final one in figure 13.2 in (5) 1.9. In one version the angle of list is only 40-45 degrees at 01.30 hrs, in another Treu is already in the water at that time. After 3/E Treu has been swept overboard at 01.30 hrs, the 'Estonia' should have drifted another 2 500 meters Eastward. The Estonians give two different times, when the 'Estonia' should have disappeared from the radar screens of both 'Silja Europa' and the 'Mariella'. They ignore the statement of the mate of the 'Mariella' that the 'Estonia' disappeared at 01.36 hrs.

Both versions must be regarded as attempts to falsify the course of events. It seems that the Commission agreed some events but could not agree on the times. In the first attempt the list was at 01.05-01.08 hrs, but then it seems that Commission agreed that the listing must have been at 01.15 hrs, so a new sequence of events was made. Evidently there is no real evidence for any event stated.

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