Disaster Investigation
Every essential official information by Estonian, Finnish and Swedish authorities 1994/7 about the M/S Estonia incident 28 September 1994 is false. Why is explained in this book! The authorities decided to invent a false cause of accident - the visor - to cover up a crime. It then declared the wreck a grave or burial yard that could not be visited by anyone because it would disturb the dead. The ship was simply sunk by sabotage ...


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"Estonia" laevahukk - suurim pettus meresõidu ajaloos

Thorough and unbiased marine casualty investigations are the most effective way of establishing the circumstances and causes of a casualty. IMO Res. A.849(20) - 5.1.1
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Warning for pseudo science

Have you heard about Trofim Lyssenko? He was the inventor of pseudo science around 1930! 

Many persons visiting my popular web pages about (i) Atomic bombs 1945-2014, (ii) Moon landings 1969-1972, (iii) M/S Estonia incident 1994 (this one!), (iv) destructions of WTC towers at NY 911 2001 and (v) re-entries from the Moon and/or the International Space Station, ISS, 2014, get very upset. They have been told something else - Fake News - about these events at school or college (cost US$ 60 000:-/year in USA) or university or from the media than what I present, so they evidently feel angry. Some hate me for disturbing their costly circles. But they should be happy. I am just a very friendly person trying to clear up confusion:

(i) Atomic bombs were and are just propaganda. There is no evidence that they worked 1945 or later and killed 100 000's of Japanese. The atomic bomb was invented by an American Adam Lyssenko - a cousin of Trofim!

(ii) No Moon landings ever took place 1969 and later because humans cannot travel in space. It was just a clever and funny US/Hollywood show put together by Buzz Lyssenko. A nephew of Trofim!

(iii) M/S Estonia never lost its visor but sank due to hull leakage. The Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt invented a fairy tale 1994 to hide the true facts, prevented salvage by pontoons, faked a scientific research program 2005-2008 to clarify matters and it is very serious. Why did he do it? To cover up sabotage! Anyway, Börje Lyssenko assisted. A child of Trofim!

(iv) The WTC towers were never hit by planes 911 as no structure can collapse from top down. The show was invented by Clinton Lyssenko. US authorities and Tex W Lyssenko suggest the opposite and that is serious too. It is very easy to fool people, e.g. that

(v) human beings can return to Earth by a fast re-entry after a visit to the Moon or to the International Space Station, ISS. It - re-entry - is not possible. There is no way to reduce speed of the return vehicle, so the ISS and Moon travel are just stupid hoaxes to confuse. Re-entry was invented by Buzz Lyssenko - see (ii) above.

Too many persons believe in old media and government lies of all kind, i.e. pseudo sciences taught at schools, expensive colleges and universities and get very upset, when they realize, by studying my info, how they have been fooled and then some hate … me. A German admirer of mine explains why here (in German)! Hate is a bad feeling. Better is to love me, even if I just want to be helpful free of charge.

When historical fiction becomes more truthful than historical fact, it makes you wonder who is directing the manipulations of the masses that then hate me. Who are promoting all these Lyssenkos of atomic bombs since 1942, human space travel since 1961, a Baltic ferry losing its visor 1994, NY skyscrapers disappearing in smoke 911 2001 and plenty humans easily dropping down on Earth from space - re-entry - without any difficulties since 1960's? What kind of human beings are creating this shit? And why? Answer! Money!

M/S Sewol salvage March 2017

The Korean ferry M/S Sewol was salvaged March 2017 at 45 m depth using two barges. She was 10 m shorter and 2 m less wide than M/S Estonia. Tunnels were dug below the wreck and steel wires were introduced there and then connected to the barges.

In memory of

Elke Masczyk

14 August 1951 - 9 March 2002

"... je refuse la guerre et tout ce qu'il y a dedans... Je ne la déplore pas moi... Je ne me résigne pas moi... Je ne pleurniche pas dessus moi... Je la refuse tout net, avec tous les hommes qu'elle contient, je ne veux rien avoir à faire avec eux, avec elle... c'est eux qui ont tort... c'est moi qui ai raison, parce que je suis le seul à savoir ce que je veux: je ne veux plus mourir."

L-F Céline

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Preamble to the English edition of Katastrofutredning
(Disaster Investigation)
Press Voices
When Wool Socks grow on Trees

Part 1. How Survivors and Relatives were misinformed 1994-1998

1.1 A prime Example of Falsification of History
1.2 The secret Commission decided 28 September 1994
1.3 The false Position of the Wreck announced (updated 29 September 2019)
1.4 The first false Cause of Accident 4 October 1994 (updated 29 September 2019)
1.5 The Conspirators of the Commission
1.6 Changes in the Commission
1.7 The obvious Conflicts of Interest
1.8 An early Mistake - the Ramp was closed
1.9 How the major Falsification was done. Dr Michael Huss (1)
1.10 How much Water did actually enter the Car Deck?
1.11 The second false Cause of Accident 17 October 1994
1.12 'One of the most probable Causes'. The Ramp closed
1.13 The Plot of Utö disappears
1.14 False Search for the Visor
1.15 The correct Stability of the 'Estonia' calculated
1.16 A 100% manipulated Dive Survey by Johan Franson
1.17 Ramp open during the Accident
1.18 Water in the Engine Room censored
1.19 Falsified Model Tests to support the Part Report
1.20 Only 61.5% of all Ships assisted
1.21 A 100% false Final Report 1997
1.22 All German Findings kept secret 1995-1998!
1.23 Open watertight Doors - Incorrect Indication
1.24 Bilge Pumps running before and after the Accident
1.25 Routines of Cargo Loading - Dangerous Goods
1.26 Unclear Route Planning - Turning Point
1.27 No Safety Instructions
1.28 The 'Estonia' at different Places at the same Time
1.29 No Stability with 2 000 tons of Water on the Car Deck
1.30 The Bow Ramp was closed
1.31 The Windows in the Side were smashed
1.32 The impossible Sequence of the Sinking made possible
1.33 Incorrect Life Saving Equipment. Invalid Certificates
1.34 "Please jump into the Water in case of an Accident"
1.35 How the Investigation was ordered
1.36 The Swedish Group of Analysis 1997-1998
1.37 The Work of the Swedish NMA 1994-2001
1.38 The Swedish Board of Accident Investigation
1.39 The Swedish Ministry of Transport
1.40 A Review of the 'Estonia' Disaster (SOU 1998:132)
1.41 How many rescued Persons were on the 'Mariella'
1.42 All Oilers, Fitters and Welders were rescued
1.43 Psychological Aspects of the Estonia Investigation
1.44 Disinformation about the 'Estonia'
1.45 The Process of Law - 2 000-3 000 millions to share
1.46 The un-dead Estonians. Names of 149 survivors
1.47 Various Points of View about the Speed of the 'Estonia'
1.48 Proven untrue Testimonies
1.49 Swedish Board of Psychological Defence (I)
1.50 Swedish Board of Psychological Defence (II)
1.51 The Swedish Board of Psychological Defence (III) - The strange story of the Estonia sinking Pre-Study 2002-09-30 to 2003-03-28 - Six months of Manipulations
1.52 Summary of Part 1

Part 2. What Survivors and Relatives should know 2001

2.1 A Sequence of Events based on Passenger Testimonies
2.2 The Events during the Accident 28 September 1994
2.3 The Cause of lost Stability
2.4 The Accident could have been prevented!
2.5 Could more Passengers have survived?

2.6 Could the Crew have saved the Ferry?
2.7 Bad Safety Culture - not seaworthy! Dr Michael Huss (2)
2.8 The Visor was lost after the Listing
2.9 Car Deck Safety Rules aboard the 'Estonia' was working
2.10 The Responsibility of the Visor Locks
2.11 The Positions of the Visor and the 'Mayday'
2.12 Testimonies of Survivors
2.13 Nobody saw the Light in the Garage!
2.14 Nobody heard the Visor Locks were ripped apart
2.15 Impact Loads on the Fore Ship above the Waterline
2.16 The Stability of the Estonia', how the Listing developed
2.17 Serious Faults in the 'Estonia' Stability
2.18 Explosion?
2.19 No Water on the Car Deck caused the Accident
2.20 Water on Deck 1!
2.21 Sinking on the Stern. Water in the Engine Room
2.22 Strange Changes of the SOLAS Rules
2.23 Secret Modification Works in January 1994!
2.24 The Diving of Gregg Bemis August 2000
2.25 Where and when did the 'Estonia' turn?
2.26 Reconstruction of the last 46 Minutes. The Sinking
2.27 Summary of Part 2

Part 3. Technical Evaluation and Summary

3.1 The Visor Design
3.2 External Loads on the Visor
3.3 The Function of the Visor
3.4 The Function of the inner Bow Ramp
3.5 The Collision Bulkhead
3.6 Loads on the Visor in heavy Weather
3.7 Sequence of Events - the Atlantic Lock
3.8 The Side Locks
3.9 The Visor Deck Hinges
3.10 Damages to the Foreship and the Ramp
3.11 Water on the Car Deck
3.12 Equilibrium with 14 000 tons Water in the Deckhouse
3.13 The German Group of Experts
3.14 The actual Condition of the Visor - damaged
3.15 The actual Condition of the Bow Ramp - not tight!
3.16 The actual Condition of the Visor
3.17 Water on the Car Deck - German version
3.18 The Sauna was flooded
3.19 Full Speed towards Disaster! The Report of Lies
3.20 Why did the Underwriters pay?
3.21 The Stockholm Agreement. Fast Rescue Boats
3.22 Personal Summary of the Accident Investigation
3.23 Summary of Part 3

Part 4. The 'Estonia' in the Future - 1999-2001. Conspiracy?

4.1 Explosive Devices on the 'Estonia' and why
4.2 New Information by the Finnish Delegation of the Commission September 1999
4.3 Questions without Answers. Where was the Visor found?
4.4 Disaster Investigation
4.5 Epilogue. Who wrote the Final Report?

Part 5. References

Appendix 1 Summary in English
Appendix 2 Falsified Model Tests
Appendix 3 Questions to Mona Sahlin
Appendix 4 Falsified Water Inflow Calculations
Appendix 5 Finnish Desinformation (I)
Appendix 6 Finnish Desinformation (II)
Appendix 7 Interview with Ulf Hobro
Appendix 8 Estonian Desinformation
Appendix 9 The German Report

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