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Welcome to a chapter of the e-book Disaster Investigation.

2.13 Nobody saw the Light in the Garage from outside!

The Commission has stated that the ramp was pulled fully open at 01.15 hrs and that the generators stopped at 01.25 hrs. The lights were on in the garage well after 01.15 hrs (otherwise Treu and Co. could not have seen anything) and this light should have illuminated the sea outside the bow. Nobody saw it from outside.

You would have expected the persons on the bridge to see the light spilling out through the open ramp before hitting the first wave. It may be that the first wave smashed all light fittings in the garage, but the three persons in the ECR saw the ramp two minutes after the listing on the monitor and for that you need light. The three witnesses saw the light on in the garage after the listing, so you would expect the light to spill out on the ocean. But nobody saw the light from outside. The conclusion is that the ramp was never open.


2.14 Nobody heard when the Visor Locks and other Equipment were ripped apart

The Commission states that - before the listing occurred - many steel parts were broken - visor locks, hinges, weather deck plates, a big deck beam, the visor bottom (hitting on the fore peak deck), the inside of the visor against the ramp, six ramp locks/hook, etc.

Any of these damages - steel being ripped apart or torn away - would have caused a lot of sharp noises, but all that was heard was two sudden 'bangs' just before the listing occurred at 01.02 hrs.

The Commission naturally maintains that several person heard 'noise', from the bow during ten minutes 01.02-01.12 hrs - suggesting that it was the visor hitting the fore peak deck. The Commission does not make a big issue of the two distinct bangs that were heard - even by 3/E Treu in the sound insulated ECR - and locates these bangs to 01.13-01.15 hrs. So why did not anybody hear the noise of the steel damages? And when could the steel damages have taken place? The Commission has no answer - to fit other Commission statements in e.g. 1.9 and 3.7. That nobody heard steel being ripped apart before the listing is clear from the summaries of testimonies by expert Schager 2.1.


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