French atomic and hydrogen bombs of mass destruction are just jokes since >60 years

What happened 2022?

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The first round of the 2022 French presidential election was held April 2022, with a second round held two weeks after the first. Any French citizen can become president. Just enroll in the first round. No political program or party is required. It helps if you are well known in France but, as I say, anyone can participate.

Should no candidate win a majority of the vote in the first round, a runoff will be held between the top two candidates two weeks later. It is a very simple system. The person with most votes win.

The incumbent president is Emmanuel Macron supported by the party La République En Marche! (LREM). He easily won the 2017 presidential election (against a fascist woman) and his term lasted five years until 13 May 2022. He had (and has) no program and had no political party supporting him 2017 but he won anyway, because the opponent was a fascist.

Macron had never before stood for any elected position. He had only been economy minister in a French socialist (Hollande) government for some months.

After becoming president he created a political party, LREM, without any program, which then won a majority in the National Assembly (Parliament). The candidates are elected like the president. Two rounds. The person with most votes win.

President Macron can use French atomic and hydrogen bombs to defend his country and attack other countries. The French weapons of mass destruction have however never been used for that since 1960. Reason is that they are a hoax.

Why is that? 

France governed by the famous Général De Gaulle exploded atomic bombs already 1960 - 1966 and hydrogen bombs 1968. The Général (assisted by Gaston Palewski, French Minister of State in charge of Scientific Research, Atomic Energy and Space Questions in the 1960's, etc.) produced the first French atomic bomb-show 07.04 hrs February 13, 1960, in the middle of desert Sahara and 60 persons were flown in and witnessed it.

It was early French Fake News!

Another French atomic bomb exploded April 25, 1961. It had been transported from the port of Alger into the Sahara desert in the back of a 2CV on April 23, 1961, like a bag of potatoes. The Général was worried that it may be stolen:

À la suite immédiate du putsch des généraux (ou " putsch d'Alger ", 23 avril 1961), le gouvernement français ordonne la détonation du 25 avril 1961 (Gerboise verte) afin que l'engin nucléaire ne puisse tomber dans les mains des généraux putschistes qui l'avaient localisé dans un entrepôt du port d'Alger ; la bombe est rapidement acheminée sur Reggane en 2 CV.

What a joke! De Gaulle (and Palewski) had, when De Gaulle become head of state autumn 1958, decided that France must have its own nuclear weapons of mass destruction to be equal to USA and USSR and the only way was to fake them! Exactly like USA and USSR earlier.

So in less than 18 months de Gaulle developed 'Gerboise bleu', a 70 kt, fake atomic bomb that was said to have been tested in Sahara. It was followed by 15 more Sahara desert explosion shows, three of which also in the air. Of course, the invited visitors were all asked to turn around and close their eyes, when the bombs exploded (to protect their eyes) ... and were later shown photos/films of what they were supposed to have seen - a FIREBALL and a dirty mushroom cloud. They were of course impressed.

Already 8 October 1964 De Gaulle had a Mirage IV airplane that could drop an atomic bomb type AN 11 (much stronger than the US Hiroshima bomb) on anything within its range (which was not very far).

Today (2020) it is a Rafale B (1) airplane (it has two seats but no toilet) of hunting squadron 2/4 La Fayette at Saint Dizier (Haute Marne) that shall drop the French nuclear bomb on the enemy. Such an airplane has a range of 11.000 km (!) and can thus fly to e.g. La Réunion in the Indian Ocean - it takes 12 hrs one-way - but the plane has then to be refilled five times (!) in the air by an Airbus 330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT).

Imagine flying for 24 hrs to drop a nuclear bomb!

The actual range is thus only about 2 000 km, and if the plane shall return to its base, the range is about 1.000 km!

The present, 2020, head of the French Strategic Air Force is général Bruno Maigret. He has 1.900 soldiers in his force at six bases in France! He believes in power, precision and penetration and doesn't know that his nuclear bombs cannot explode. The French are not very clever when it comes to dropping nuclear bombs from planes! So there is also a French Strategic Ocean Force under admiral Bernard-Antoine Morio de l'Isle. He has 3.000 sailors on his submarines that can launch nuclear intercontinental, ballistic missiles on the enemy, it is said. But in reality they can only launch conventional missiles of little value - see below. Another problem is that the few submarines can only stay away 70 days with no women aboard ... which may change! Women may soon serve under sea in the French Strategic Ocean Force. Anyway, it is just propaganda and Fake News! There are today no French atomic bombs of any types that can kill anything.

A long time ago, i.e. October 1964, the Général de Gaulle started fake nuclear bomb testing at Moruroa located about 1 250 kilometers southeast of Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean. It is an uninhabited atoll. Nobody is allowed to visit it ever. It is still guarded by French military forces today.

The first nuclear test in the Pacific Ocean was conducted on July 2, 1966, when a plutonium fission bomb on a barge was exploded in the lagoon with the Général as host. All water, fish, corals and nuclear waste inside the atoll were pushed out into the Pacific, we were told. Only (not) seen by some flown in witnesses being asked to turn around, close their eyes, etc, etc. All French witnesses were proud and certain to contribute to the greatness (grandeur), glory and honor of France. But the Général simply fooled them.

The 1960's French propaganda was not very clever. Exploding barges at sea were difficult to fake so a big, impressive balloon was used to carry the various bombs in the Pacific (they must be heavy!) that allegedly exploded at 600 meter altitude - like the Hiroshima (fake) bomb. The shows were filmed from very far away. All viewers are standing up in the open but are asked to turn around, when the atomic bombs go off. In one case the FIREBALL allegedly heated up the water 600 meter below to boiling point and boiling water/vapor emerges, bla, bla, but there was no tsunami or shock wave. The films are cut to insert pictures of happy, invited Frenchmen. All FIREBALLS and dirty mushroom clouds are simple trick films. Fooled plenty people then.

On 24 August 1968 the Général produced his first hydrogen bomb show (a hydrogen, thermonuclear fusion bomb ignited by a French atomic fission bomb that didn't blow the hydrogen bomb apart doing it) at Moruroa, we are told. The witnesses evidently had no reason to doubt what the Général told them.

A total of 41 or 43 atmospheric nuclear tests were conducted at Moruroa between 1966 and 1974 producing FIREBALLS and dirty mushroom clouds. All fake, naturelement!

France abandoned atmospheric nuclear testing in 1974 and moved to underground and underwater testing instead. July 1985 the NGO Greenpeace wanted to check what was going on but French secret services, at the order of president Mitterrand, sank its boat Rainbow Warrior at Auckland, New Zeeland killing one person.

The test site at Moruroa was dismantled following France's last nuclear test to date, detonated on 27 January 1996, but the atoll is still guarded by the French military forces today. In total, 181 explosions took place at Moruroa 41 or 43 of which were atmospheric. However, the total number has been variously reported: nuclear scientists working at the site claim only 175 explosions in total took place. There is no evidence that any nuclear bombs exploded at Mururoa at all. It was all propaganda.

Fake photo of imaginary atomic bomb explosion in the South Pacific

The French have much better ideas today than atomic bombs and ICBMs to protect themselves that is still working today. French nuclear submarines with short range conventional missiles are always stationed close to the allies' and enemies' shores so they can wipe out the allies' and enemies' headquarters in short time using conventional arms. Keep it simple. BTW, De Gaulle always disliked Roosevelt and USA as they had supported 1942/5 a certain M. Pétain, ruler of France during WWII. Pétain cooperated with Hitler and was a traitor and later sentenced to death.

De Gaulle also told USA (Eisenhower/Kennedy) several times to avoid sending soldiers to Vietnam in the 1960's. The Vietnamese simply detested white, foreign, stupid soldiers interfering in their affairs, De Gaulle said. So USA lost the war in Vietnam 1974 ... and never used its nuclear weapons there. Reason? USA has no nuclear arms.

French terrorists tried to kill de Gaulle at least three times early 1960's but every time they failed! Reason? De Gaulle had infiltrated the terrorists and knew what was going on! Same terrorists were involved in killing US President Kennedy 1963, so de Gaulle knew what was going to happen to JFK. He warned JFK but ...

February 2020 French nuclear arms 'force de frappe' was still a glorious joke! The French are told by their president E. Macron that they have four nuclear attack submarines with 16 nuclear, ICBMs each. One submarine is always at sea somewhere to attack the enemy with these missiles. Then there is one aircraft carrier with planes that can fire 20 nuclear missiles (unless the crew is not sick by Covid-19 virus). And that's about it. Of course none of it works in reality. It is 100% fantasy propaganda but according to French president E. Macron it makes Europe including Germany safe.

Only president Macron can decide to fire a French nuclear missile. France is presently at war in Mali and surrounding countries against mysterious terrorists and ... seems to lose. No nukes will be used there! I always wonder why France doesn't admit its nuclear arms are a hoax since >50 years.

The next presidential election was April 2022. I wondered if Monsieur Nicolas Hulot would win it.. Only two years waiting! He is a journalist used to publish fake news and is an old environmental activist. May 2017, he was appointed Minister for the Ecological and Solidary Transition in the first Macron LREM government. He had problems supporting French nuclear power policy and industry. He wanted to close most French nuclear power plants at any cost. On 28 August 2018, he resigned from the government. Today he works for IPCC that plans to repair the planet. In spite of being anti nuclear Nicolas Hulot has always been and is a supporter of French nuclear weapons of mass destruction. He doesn't understand that they are a hoax.

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