Gravity assisted kicks are pseudoscience fantasies

by Anders Björkman


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NASA's description of the solar system is a pseudoscientific mix of truths, lies and fake photos.

It seems all astrophysical experts (sic) of travel in space agree that no rocket/spacecraft is powerful enough to carry enough fuel taking off from Earth into orbit and later leave that orbit, one way or other, and reach a moving target in deep space.

To get away from any Earth orbit the fake spacecraft must therefore first encounter another planet orbiting the Sun. At that flyby the planet will kick the spacecraft out of Earth orbit after a slingshot and into a Sun orbit assisted by the planet's gravity force. It is of course pure pseudoscience and as NASA cannot explain a gravity assisted kick, flyby or slingshot it simply refers to plenty fantasy nonsense like: , , , , , , , , blah, blah, blah!

Example: Two objects 1 and 2 joined together one way or other collides simultaneously at common speed v with a solid fixed, immobile object O with speed 0! NASA thinks there are three (!) elastic collisions, i.e. first 1 collides with O and bounces back with speed -v (O remains immobile) towards 1, and then that 1 with speed -v secondly collides with 2 arriving with speed v. Result is that 2 bounces away from 1 at unknown speed and direction and that 1 bounces back against O for a third collision. With such mechanics/dynamics, where nothing gets damaged, just deformed and kicked around, NASA sends spacecraft into deep space. It is like NIST explaining 911 that two tops of skyscrapers can crush three skyscrapers at NY and all buildings around and that Arab terrorists did it.

The European Xpace Agency, ESA, gravity assisted kicks or flybys business are an identical hoaxes and I will expand a little with it already below. It is so funny. And typical. ESA just copies/pastes the NASA garbage. Gravity assisted kicks or flybys are mystical elastic collisions without any contact between the objects! Gravity takes care of everything.

Josef Aschbacher

ESA is a funny organization and was run 2019 by Jan Dietrich Wörner.  He retired February 2021 and was replaced by Josef Aschbacher (left). After leaving university Aschbacher has participated in the EXA fakery and propagande since 1989, i.e. >32 years of lies and pseudospacescience! But he is not alone!  There are Franco Ongaro - he has worked for ESA 32 years. David Parker is in charge of sending ESA humans into space. He works for British ESA since almost 30 years. Eric Morel de Westgaver, a Belgian joke, works for ESA since 32 years, too! Daniel Neuenschwander, a Swiss, is a diplomat having fun at Paris. Paul Verhoef works for ESA since late 1980's. Günther Hasinger works with fake ESA space travels since more than 30 years. Ms. Magali Vaissiere is the only woman in charge of something at ESA … making the coffee?

Jean Max Puech looked after the money before looking after Internal Services, whatever that is. Finally Rolf Densing is in charge of Operations! These persons have fooled the European public about space since 30+ years! The background is, according ESA, as follows:

1945-50 After the Second World War, many European scientists had left Western Europe to work either in the US or the Soviet Union. Although Western European countries could still invest in research and space-related activities, European scientists realized that solely national projects would be unable to compete with the major superpowers. Imagine Europeans going to work for Stalin!

1958 Pierre Auger (F) and Edoardo Amaldi (I), two prominent members of the Western European scientific community, recommend that European governments set up a 'purely scientific' joint organization for space research taking CERN as a model. Typical bad science, thus!

1960 Scientists from ten European countries, the 'Groupe d'etudes europeen pour la Collaboration dans le domaine des recherches spatiales' (GEERS), with Harrie Massey (UK) as President and Auger as Secretary, set up a commission at which government representatives would decide on possibilities of European cooperation in space.

Etc, etc. Soon the fakery started with NASA!

1973 ESRO and NASA agreed to build Spacelab, a modular science package for use on Space Shuttle flights. Construction starts in 1974 and the first module was given to NASA in exchange for flight opportunities for fake European astronauts. Spacelab was used on 25 Space Shuttle flights between 1983 and 1998. It was a 100% Hollywood prop!

1978 ESA joins NASA and the UK in launching IUE, the world's first high-orbit telescope, which operates very successfully for 18 years. It was another prop.

1983 Ulf Merbold from Germany becomes first ESA fake astronaut to fly on US Space Shuttle, during STS-9 Spacelab mission. Imagine that. Of course some East German clown was in space earlier.

1990s SOHO, Ulysses and the Hubble Space Telescope all jointly carried out with NASA. Recent scientific missions in cooperation with NASA include Cassini-Huygens, to which ESA contributes the successful Huygens probe.

And so on. All fake of course! Bad science!

Media and all space agencies tell us that, according anonymous astrophysicians and similar scientists, artificial spacecrafts can manoeuvre between planets in space assisted by gravity assisted kicks/flybys to save time and fuel. It means that a spacecraft in its orbit around Earth encounters (!) a fast moving planet in its orbit around our Sun and is then magically kicked away from its orbit around Earth to another fast moving planet (or asteroid) in another orbit around Sun in a new trajectory with another initial direction and at nominally increased speed/change of direction using no fuel, thrust or rocket engine aboard. MAGIC! Bad science! Because there is no way to calculate any spacecraft trajectory before and after a gravity assisted kick/flyby and there is no way to ensure that your spacecraft can encounter the planet in its orbit at the right time at all for a kick/flyby. So any space trips including a gravity assisted kicks/flybys are 100% pseudoscientific, old fake news nonsense thanks to:

and Hollywood! Imagine what nonsense they can invent!


We are told it was an interstellar object that passed Earth orbit 14 August 2017. Nobody saw it because Earth was far away in its orbit around the Sun then. The interstellar object was heading for the Sun at 49 670 m/s speed. The interstellar object Oumuamua then, around 11/12 September 2017 did a gravity assisted slingshot around the Sun at 87 710 m/s max speed to pass Earth orbit again on 10 October 2017 at 49 670 m/s speed in the opposite direction. It was a very funny gravity assisted slingshot. It took a short month to change the velocity 77% up/down while the direction changed about 90° right but not up or down. It remained in the same plane as Earth's orbit.

And then, on 19 October 2017, Oumuamua was first spotted, because Earth had orbited another two months around the Sun, so Mr. Robert Weryk on Hawaii could see it leaving him, Hawaii and Earth heading away from the Sun. He thought it was a comet, but it wasn't. Then he thought it was an asteroid, but it wasn't. So it must have been an interstellar object the first ever seen: I think it was the latest NASA/JPL science fiction BS. Just an old copy/paste show.

NASA/JPL sent, 40 years earlier, off two (100% false) spacecrafts in 1977 subject to multiple gravity assisted slingshots or kicks.

VOYAGER 1 took off from Earth 5 September 1977 and entered an orbit around Earth that intersected the orbit of planet Jupiter around the Sun 5 March 1979, when Jupiter was there. Photos were taken! Jupiter then kicked VOYAGER 1 into a new orbit, now around the Sun to encounter planet Saturn 12 November 1980, when it was there in its orbit around the Sun. Photos were taken!

VOYAGER 2 took off a little earlier from Earth 20 August 1977 and entered an orbit around Earth that intersected the orbit of planet Jupiter the 9 July 1977, when Jupiter was there. Photos were taken! Jupiter then kicked VOYAGER 2 into a new orbit around the Sun to encounter planet Saturn 20 August 1981, when it was there in its orbit ... around the Sun. Photos were taken!

The two initial spacecraft Earth orbits between Earth and Jupiter remain secret, i.e. NASA/JPL have never been able to explain them. Reason is that both are impossible. Same with the new orbits around the Sun to reach Saturn.

Planet Saturn then kicked VOYAGER 1 into the Universe never to be seen again, even it is 2018 only about 138 AU (19 light hours!) from Earth some years ago ... still orbiting the Sun of course!

False orbits and gravity assisted kicks of spacecrafts VOYAGERS 1&2 30-40 years ago

Planet Saturn on the other hand kicked
VOYAGER 2 to encounter planet Uranus 24 January 1986. Photos were taken! Uranus in turn kicked the spacecraft to encounter planet Neptune 25 August 1989. Photos were taken! Neptunus finally kicked VOYAGER 2 further into the Universe at 15.400 m/s speed never to be seen again, even if it is only 114 AU from Earth some years ago ... still orbiting the Sun of course!

This NASA fake news hoax has thus gone on for more than 40 years and keeps plenty criminal people busy. All photos taken were fake!

The two fake spacecrafts are 2018 still sending false messages to NASA on Earth and media gladly copy/paste/publish the shit.

But how they managed to get away from Earth 1977 is not known. If you ask NASA, you will just be informed that the two spacecrafts are now on new interstellar-missions:

The mission objective of the Voyager Interstellar Mission (VIM) is to extend the NASA exploration of the solar system beyond the neighborhood of the outer planets to the outer limits of the Sun's sphere of influence, and possibly beyond. This extended mission is continuing to characterize the outer solar system environment and search for the heliopause boundary, the outer limits of the Sun's magnetic field and outward flow of the solar wind. Penetration of the heliopause boundary between the solar wind and the interstellar medium will allow measurements to be made of the interstellar fields, particles and waves unaffected by the solar wind.

You follow? NASA/JPL do 2018 measurements of the interstellar fields, particles and waves unaffected by the solar wind only 19 light hours away. But better not contact them about it. FBI/CIA will arrest and torture any American on the spot doing it!

Better just look back, like me far away, why the NASA clowns all got involved in this stupid thing.

They had to agree to be believers of a gravity assisted kick.

A funny definition of a gravity assisted kick is:

In orbital mechanics (sic - dynamics) and aerospace engineering, a gravitational slingshot, gravity assist/kick manoeuvre, or swing-by is the use of the relative movement (e.g in. orbit around the Sun) and gravity of a planet or other astronomical object (?) to alter the path and speed of a spacecraft, typically in order to save propellant, time, and expense. Gravity assistance can be used to accelerate a spacecraft, that is, to increase or decrease its speed and/or redirect its path.

How the moving spacecraft in its orbit around Earth manage to encounter the moving planet in orbit around Sun in the first place is not really clear, as you cannot calculate the orbit of a moving spacecraft in orbit around Earth to coincide with the orbit of a planet moving around the Sun in another direction ... to establish, when the two objects (spacecraft and planet) are there ready to collide.

Another crazy definition is:

A gravity assist/kick around (sic) a planet changes a spacecraft's velocity (relative to the Sun) by entering and leaving the gravitational field (sic) of a planet. The spacecraft's speed increases as it approaches the planet and decreases while escaping its gravitational pull (which is approximately the same).

This is a really stupid definition: 

A spacecraft arrives within the sphere of influence of a body with a so-called hyperbolic excess velocity equal to the vector sum of its incoming velocity and the planet's velocity. In the planet's frame of reference, the direction of the spacecraft's velocity changes, but not its magnitude. In the spacecraft's frame of reference, the net result of this trade-off of momentum is a small change in the planet's velocity and a very large delta-v for the spacecraft ... bla, bla.

How a moving spacecraft in its uncertain orbit (speed and direction change all the time) can approach a moving planet in a regular orbit around Sun is not clear. Or how long it takes. What are the orbits and how do you calculate them? Why doesn't the spacecraft just crash on the planet ... or miss?

The following is really fantasy:

"An extreme form of the manoeuvre would be to approach a planet head-on at a speed v while the planet is moving directly toward us at a speed U (both speeds defined relative to the "fixed" Solar frame). If we aim just right, we can loop around behind the planet in an extremely eccentric hyperbolic orbit, making a virtual 180-degree turn, as illustrated below left."


Planet Earth has tangential velocity U = 29 900 m/s in circular orbit around the Sun. It means Earth moves 29 900 m left every second in the little sketch left. At the same time it turns 360° in a year = one orbit around the Sun.

The spacecraft has tangential velocity v = 10 000 m/s in the opposite head-on direction (also in orbit around Sun or Earth or what?). It means the spacecraft moves 10 000 m every second in the opposite direction, i.e. top right in the sketch left.

According to the NASA/ESA experts of gravity assisted kicks

"The net effect is almost as if we "bounced" off the front of the planet. From the planet's perspective we approached at the speed U+v, and therefore we will also recede at the speed U+v relative to the planet, but the planet is still moving at (virtually) the speed U, so we will be moving at speed 2U+v. This is just like a very small billiard ball bouncing off a very large one (moving at great speed)."

If anything collides with something else head-on both objects are damaged but here it is a near miss and the spacecraft manages to stop the opposite speed v = 10 000 m/s, while it is turning 180° around a round, globe shaped Earth, when they meet in space and then the spacecraft speeds or is kicked off with speed ~69 800 m/s in the same direction of Earth, i.e. bottom left in the little sketch above.

Wrap an ice cold, frozen towel around your head and read above and think about it again!

Do you believe that the spacecraft first slows down to 0 m/s speed in opposite direction right and then speeds up while turning 180° around Earth to 69 800 m/s in the direction left apparently still in orbit around the Sun but at more than double speed of Earth. Or does the spacecraft just turn 180° at average speed 40 000 m/s? What is happening? An extremely eccentric hyperbolic orbit trajectory is performed?

And how long does the spacecraft 180° high speed turn take that increases velocity 7 times. Nanoseconds?

It must go very, very fast as Earth is going at 29 900 m/s in one direction left and the spacecraft is going 10 000 m/s in the other, opposite direction right, prior to the kick. And why a 180° turn? Why not 90°? Or 0° (a CRASH!). And is the eccentric hyperbolic turn in the same 2D (Sun/Earth/spacecraft) plane. Isn't space 3D?

I have evidently asked the ESA how it is possible. It never replies.

An interesting not so fast situation is, when planet Earth with tangential U = 29 900 m/s is still in regular orbit in the left direction around the Sun, and the spacecraft v = 39 900 m/s, i.e. the spacecraft orbiting something (Earth?) sneaks up from behind in the same left direction as the planet ... and is originally 10.000 m/s faster in same direction left. After the kick the spacecraft should have speed only 19 900 m/s (10.000 m/s slower than Earth) then going forwards in the elliptic orbit around the Sun.

It seems that, if you arrive from ahead (right) you are kicked forward (left) at increased speed, but, if you are arrive or sneak up from the back (left), you are still kicked forwards (still left!) ... at half speed. Earth will continue in its orbit ahead of the spacecraft!

Because this didn't happen to the ESA Rosetta spacecraft on 4 March 2005 sneaking up from behind on Earth. It was kicked sideways in a new orbit (impossible to define) around the Sun at increased speed by planet Earth towards planet Mars in its orbit around the Sun. I explain the hoax in part 1.19 below. Orbital astrodynamics are magic. Completely useless fantasies. Media should report it. It is a scoop!

ESA has not replied! Reason is that the ESA is part of an old conspiracy to steal money from EU tax payers and to fool us, assisted by MSM, that space travel is very easy and that human space travel incl. gravity assisted kicks or slingshots are possible. However human space travel incl. gravity assisted kicks is impossible for many reasons explained above and below.

And what about approaching from the side?

The 22 September 2017 OSIRIS-REx slingshot was completely different from the Rosetta 4 March 2005 fantasy slingshot.

OSIRIS-REx approached Earth from outside at about same speed but different direction - the gap closed at 6 000 m/s - and, after passing above the South Pole at 17 237 km altitude, the speed increased to 31 000 m/s at a new direction, while the gap widened at 6 000 m/s. What a fantasy!

The gravity assisted kick/slingshot nonsense was probably invented by some NASA science fiction writers in the 1950's not knowing much and is now taught at US universities as astrophysics. It is comical. Every time I meet astrophysicists, I ask about gravity assisted kicks. They cannot explain them!

A recent gravity assisted kick (sling shot) took place October 2013 outside planet Earth by the NASA Juno satellite. Nobody saw it, of course and MSM didn't report it! The Juno spacecraft then arrived at planet Jupiter July 4, 2016, and after 35 minutes long, magic brake burn (where did the fuel come from?) started to orbit the planet looking for water. What a joke! Media thought it was fantastic! The satellite was launched August 5, 2011, but as gravity assisted kicks are impossible, you can be sure that the whole $1.1 billion mission is another, typical NASA hoax. Another one was September 22, 2017.

Isn't it funny? American tax payers pay $1.1 billion for ... nothing.

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