M/S Estonia - the biggest Fraud in Maritime History
Statement by Björn von der Esch, MP, 30 May 2002


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 From the protocol of the Swedish parliamentary debate 30 May 2002:

' ...by manipulations ... (of the casualty report) ... the conclusions have become totally opposite to the real ones. The natural reaction to such a revelation in a nation governed by law must be that the government immediately decides to investigate the circumstances around the manipulations. Instead it puts the lid on. Can this be compatible with the demands of a nation governed by law? Self-evident questions that now do not get any answer are therefore: Why has (the casualty report) been manipulated? By whom has (it) been manipulated? On whose behalf has it been done? Who knows the client? Why is the government against investigating the manipulation? By leaving these questions without answer the Estonia matter has developed into a bigger legal scandal than the Bofors* affaire at its time. Then the government assured that the laundry should be washed. Now however that didn't happen - but they admitted that there was dirty laundry to wash. In the Estonia affaire they pretend it is not the case. Once again the citizens feel how the nation of law stops functioning when fears of suspicions of crime are pointing in a troublesome direction for the government.'

Björn von der Esch, Member of Swedish Parliament (kd) in the Parliament 30 May 2002 (Riksdagen 30 maj 2002)

(*the sale of guns to India in the 1980's).


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Up! Published 17 June 2002.