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There is today nothing to worry about atomic bombs and nuclear power plants. Atomic bombs cannot explode at all and nuclear power stations are safe when properly operated. And most radiation in the back ground is harmless.

I am not alone in my finding. A retired Fujitsu FSAS employee Akio Nakatani has recently examined the actual projections, estimates and component testing of the original, 1945 US atomic bombs destructions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki using latest, 2017 software simulations and theoretical engineering and analytical modelling tools. The conclusion is presented on page 69 of the $12.95 book DEATH OBJECT EXPLODING - The Nuclear Weapons Hoax:

Explosive nuclear fission is not possible. Nuclear weapons are a scam.

Akio Nakatani cannot share the code of the quantitative summary of the principle that invalidates the official information due to the censorship of US Atomic Energy Act of 1946, Sec. 10. (b) Restrictions, (1), (and its revisions) about regulating restricted data wherever it appears and wherever it comes from as described in 1.1.7 below.

Akio Nakatani is afraid of being arrested in Japan and extradited to USA for breaking US laws ... in Japan. Loss of shinto? Probably not. He is afraid of the yakusa - the Japanese mafia - keeping the Japanese people in line since generations using clever violence. Japanese media and police will not assist him.

All information about atomic bombs using a military, secret explosive fission chain reaction at the speed of light to radiate and to fry humans to death in nano-seconds since August 1945 was and is stupid but clever propaganda invented by US president Franklin D. Roosevelt
, (Harry S. Truman) and USSR ruler Joseph V. Stalin and supported by the Japanese governments ... or what you can call it ... since then! It is a pity that writers like Ishimure Michiko never pursued the Hiroshima/Nagasaki hoaxes but settled with smaller disasters.

Fission is not explosive!

It is a >76 years old example of fake Fantasy News to scare and spread fear - and end wars. Like this:

NYT (full story here) just published, without any verification at all ... false, fantasy news!

It was suggested that the equivalent of 20 000 tons of TNT had exploded, which vaporized plenty, 100 000+, mostly civilian people, but it was not said that invisible radiation was spread that killed as many civilians later. The bomb had been tested in New Mexico, USA a few weeks earlier! But then it didn't do much damage!

The US government does it regularly since then: here and here. Americans believe anything their presidents tell them.


WW2 in Japan ended quickly a little later!

WW2 in Japan could have ended already autumn 1944 (!) but FDR wanted to use his secret weapon - the fake atomic bombs - so FDR and Truman ignored several Japanese offers to surrender but convinced instead Japanese leaders to participate in a show of FEAR! Some Japanese officers were later - August /September - simply asked by the US Counter-Intelligence Section (G-2) to produce fake reports that atomic bombs had exploded and suddenly destroyed towns, etc, etc. Media was ordered to report and publish the lies.

That two atomic bombs exploded in big, nano-seconds (speed of light) FLASHes that fried and radiated people to death while destroying two towns was just propaganda!

It never happened!

Fission chain reaction doesn't work like that then 1945 and today.

It was a ... fake Fantasy Fear show! And the American fools loved it! USA was the best and strongest. Even if it wasn't. The Japanese towns of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were simply destroyed by conventional carpet, napalm, fire bombings.

There are plenty stories what happened >76 years ago. All lies and propaganda,

e.g (1): Sumiteru Tanaguchi at Nagasaki:

 The then postman, who was 16 when the attack happened, suffered horrific burns to his back and left arm that took years to heal properly. He had been riding his bicycle 1.1 miles (1.8 kilometres) from the centre of the blast.

"All of a sudden, after seeing a rainbow-like light from the back, I was blown by a powerful blast and smashed to the ground," he said at a Nagasaki bombing commemoration ceremony in 2015. "When I woke up, the skin of my left arm from the shoulder to the tip of my fingers was trailing like a rag. I put my hand to my back and found my clothing was gone, and there was slimy, burnt skin all over my hand. "Bodies burned black, voices calling for help from collapsed buildings, people with flesh falling off and their guts falling out ... This place became a sea of fire. It was hell.

But Sumiteru Tanaguchi suvived  so he could tell the rest of the world about the hell!

Or (2) Ueno Teruko at Hiroshima: 

At 8:15 that morning, Ms. Ueno was making a liquid meal for a student who was suffering from dysentery. She had just been outside to check on silverware being sterilized in boiling water and was returning to the kitchen, through a passageway, when she saw (!) a FLASH in the sky and things began tumbling down. She quickly dove under the table where she was cooking. 

When her surroundings had grown quiet, she opened her eyes and saw a ray of light through the wreckage. She then realized she was level with the fallen roof of the two-story building. Her clothes were now in tatters, and some red dirt was smeared on her head, but she was uninjured. 

When the dormitory caught fire, she joined the effort to extinguish the flames, passing buckets of water from one person to the next, but the building, and its inhabitants, couldn't be saved. As sparks rained down on the main building of the hospital, too, they sought to prevent the fire from spreading by beating it back with broom-like implements.

But Ueno Teruko suvived  so she could tell the rest of the world about a FLASH in the sky and extinguishing the flames, bla, bla.

Or (3) Setsuko Thurlow at Hiroshima:

At 8:15 a. m., I saw a bluish-white FLASH like a magnesium flare outside the window. I remember the sensation of floating in the air. As I regained consciousness in the total silence and darkness, I realized I was pinned in the ruins of the collapsed building. 

But Setsuko Thurlow suvived  so she could tell the rest of the world about a bluish-white FLASH outside the window and being pinned in the ruins of a collapsed building, bla, bla. She finally became a Nobel Prize winner. For lying all her life!

Today Tanaguchi-san, Teruko-san and Setsuko-san have lied about it for >74 years! It is easy. Plenty stupid Japanese lies for 10 yen to support propaganda.

Other witnesses presented by the Hiroshima atomic bomb museum are:

(4) Yamaoka Michiko, b. 1930, a school girl, living just below the bomb epicentre! She reported seeing three planes and a FLASH and was then being burnt. She added that 30 000 Koreans also died. She then survived for >45 years to tell about it.

(5) Matsushiga Yoshito, b.1919 was living at Kamiyacho 900 meters (0.5 mile) from the bomb epicentre. He was photographer of Chugoku Shimbun (a local newspaper) at day and was in the Japanese army HQ at night. He was talking to his wife, when there was a big BANG and a FLASH. They went out to have a look (!) what had happened after the FLASH. Hiroshima was completely destroyed according to this propaganda map of destruction:

Matsushiga Yoshito then went back into his house to collect his cameras! And then he, same day, took several photos of the destruction that were later published in Japanese media, approved by the US Army. Matsushiga Yoshito never suffered from heat, noise, radiation. He also survived for >45 years to lie about it. Imagine that. The whole of Hiroshima was destroyed in a FLASH and Matsushiga Yoshito survived unharmed.

Mitani Shizuka was going home from school in the afternoon.

Kunihiko Iida was 900 meters from the hypo centre.

Etsuji Mochida was already out in the forest colleting pine roots.

Yoshiko Hatani was late for school

Takashi Matsubara rushed to Hiroshima to assist helping survivors for 8 days!

Etc, etc! Toshiko Sasaki, Dr. Masakazu Fujii, Hatsuyo Nakamura,Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge, Dr. Terufumi Sasaki and Reverend Mr. Kiyoshi Tanimoto, all living in structures less than a mile from Ground zero survived unscathed to tell their stories. John Hersey wrote Fake News about them for >30 years!


And people believe these propaganda lies today! However, there was no Ground zero! Pictures show that Hiroshima was uniformly fire bombed from south to north with all strong, concrete buildings and steel bridges surviving and only conventional, Japanese wood/paper housing being burnt down to the ground. Most Japanese could escape to higher elevations outside the city with their ID papers and documents of property. In September 1945 they started to re-build the city again! It is not known that Japanese towns 1945 were mainly wood/paper/straw, one or two floors structures with a life of 20/30 years and regularly rebuilt unless destroyed in frequent, accidental fires. Only banks and insurance companies buildings were made of concrete and stone.

The sudden pressure wave of the atomic explosion should of course have emptied the rivers of water and caused a tsunami but nobody has ever witnessed about such thing.

In the 1950's USA and allies were attacked in Korea. Millions were killed. No atomic bombs were used. USA lost. In the 1960/70's USA and allies were attacked in Vietnam. Millions were killed. No atomic bombs were used. USA lost. In the 1980/90's USA and allies were attacked in Afghanistan. Millions were killed. No atomic bombs were used. USA lost. In the 2000's USA and allies attacked Iraq. USA previously announced Iraq had atomic bombs (WMDs). Iraq denied it. Millions were killed. No atomic bombs were used by either side. USA didn't find any WMDs in Iraq! USA lost.

In the 2010's USA and allies attacked Libya, Syria, Yemen and Mali. Millions were killed. No atomic bombs were used. USA lost. August 8, 2017, USA threatened to fight North Korea "with fire and fury like the world has never seen" (probably an atomic bomb attack)! The whole purpose of the atomic bomb threat is to scare people and steal money from them.

Imagine that we have lived in a world based on such lies about atomic bombs since 1945! Of course everyone was happy WW2 was over September 1945 ... but atomic bombs? Vaporizing people? Destroying towns in a FLASH?

Japan is, of course, a very advanced and civilized country today and it knows very well how to operate peaceful, nuclear power and research plants since the 1960's. It is therefore very good that the India, Japan civil nuclear cooperation agreement came into force 20 July, 2017!

Did you know about it? I will remind you:

Japan signed already 12 November 2016 an agreement to sell civil, nuclear energy equipment and technology to India. The agreement was signed by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi. It is a reflection of the friendly partnership between India and Japan and paves the way for enhanced cooperation in nuclear energy security and clean energy. The agreement promotes full cooperation between the two countries in the development and uses of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes on a stable, reliable and predictable basis. The agreement allows Japan to export nuclear technology to India, making it the first non-Non Proliferation Treaty, NPT, signatory to have such a deal with Japan. The other non-NPT parties are Israel, Pakistan and South Sudan.

India has announced many years ago it has nuclear weapons, but as nuclear weapons do not work, I assume both India and Japan know nuclear weapons are propaganda just to scare! Hopefully both countries will soon publicly announce that nuclear weapons are a stupid scam!

To remove this risk - 21 July 2017 the US state of Hawaii presented its preparedness plan for a North Korean ICBM nuclear missile attack. Mr. Vern T. Miyagi (, Hawaii's Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, administrator said:

"We cannot wait to begin our public information campaign to ensure that Hawaii residents will know what to do if such an event occurs."

So in the USA the nuclear scare propaganda show is still up and running. But what shall the Hawaii residents do to save themselves? Stop surfing weekends? I suggest they study my web site. The Hawaii FEMA website is not updated at all about the latest threat.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2017 to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). They think:

We live in a world where the risk of nuclear weapons being used is greater than it has been for a long time.

On 7 July, 2017, 122 countries of the UN finally approved a treaty to forbid nuclear weapons. These countries had unfortunately not understood that nuclear weapons do not work at all and that they had been fooled by the other countries disapproving the treaty. Why forbid something that doesn't work?


Main Stream Media trumpet of course that North Korea has 2017 exploded atomic bombs and is building missiles to drop them on Japan ... and Hawaii. The music originates from USA. But there is no evidence for anything! It is also just propaganda!

Why is that?

Here July 2016 North Korea sends a fake missile with a fake nuclear bomb in the air from a fake submarine to scare us. Look at all the fake dirty smoke being produced on the fake photo! Isn't it ridiculous? There are plenty ballistic missile submarines around deploying submarine launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) with nuclear warheads around. France has 4, India 1, China 6, Russia 10, UK 4 and USA 18. But they are all useless and a waste of money! Much better is just to sneak underwater close to the target (Guam, Hawaii?) and send the bomb from there - but if it is nuclear ... it cannot explode

American, Japanese and European nuclear scientists say since 1945 that atomic bombs work, explode, radiate and kill people and media transmit the message.

All info about nuclear weapons testing is however propaganda! Lies! fake news! But it is against the law to say so!

I am convinced that the POTUS 1945 (or why not already 1942?) ordered the falsifications of the atomic bomb and that the fakery should be kept secret forever by an Executive order to this effect backed up by laws to prevent any whistle blowers to tell the truth as described below.

Google today - "how to start an atomic bomb explosion?" - and you get no answers at all! Reason is that there is no way to make an atomic bomb explode to release radiation. Most radiation is harmless anyway.

This web page explains all propaganda lies of explosive atomic bombs and radiation since 1945 to make you fear them and to scare you (and about peaceful, nuclear power plants).

I pay anyone Euro 1 million proving me wrong since many years!


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