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Anders Björkman


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Plenty people think 2022 that artificial intelligence is the future but they have forgotten about controlled hallucination from early 1900.

So what is it?

One person believes perception is a form of controlled hallucination where, by controlled hallucination, he means it is the product of the imagination controlled by the world. Others propose a general strategy:

based on controlled hallucination, for self-configuring wrappers that extend the range of applicability of subsystems to cases that they were not designed or specified to work in, at the cost of producing some incorrect results in unspecified situations. However such systems can often produce reasonable behavior in situations that would otherwise lead to a catastrophic failure.

Why not?

A third person also underlines the crucial role of imagination, claiming that perception is a form of controlled hallucination, where, by controlled hallucination, he means the product of the imagination controlled by the world, i.e, same as the first person above. Let's start with hallucinations! What are they? 

Hallucinations are intriguing psychological phenomena that have a number of important clinical, theoretical and empirical implications; they are also among the most severe and puzzling forms of psychopathology. Usually regarded as characteristic of psychoses, they are found in a wide range of medical and psychiatric conditions. Moreover, a substantial minority of normal individuals report hallucinatory experiences. Phenomenologically they are the commonest and the most important disorder of perception. Although the exact cause and pathogenesis of hallucinations are not known, evidence points toward multiple etiological factors for the hallucinatory phenomenon.

Freud early 1900 initially believed that hallucinations resulted from forgotten traumatic experiences from childhood, which returned and forced themselves into consciousness. He revised his theory afterwards and argued that hallucinations were fantasies or wish fulfilments, recreating things which have been lost or destroyed earlier.

Jung argued for a need to focus on the psychology of hallucinations and their content. He reported that “hallucinations contain a germ of meaning” and that “a personality, a life history, a pattern of hopes and desires” lie behind such experiences.

You can be certain that plenty charlatans and cranks have studied controlled hallucination since 1900 (and before) and used their knowledge to shape history. I am certain that the simple emperors and policicians 1914 were manipulated by such people (cranks and charlatans) to start WW1. Same with Hitler and Stalin that were starting WW2 together 1939. They were manipulated by charlatans and cranks. Like FDR and Truman with their fake Atomic Bomb 1945. And JFK and Nixon with their fake human space ships orbiting Earth early 1960 and landing on the Moon 1969. No humans were ever in space! But due to controlled hallucination all involved, politicians, scientists and media believed in the Atomic bomb 1945 and human space travel nonsense then 1960 and today 2021. Same with the GWB 911 fantasises and the war against terror 2001. No Arabs attacked USA. But due to controlled hallucination the American public thinks so 2021.  

All due to the hidden people running the show since late 1800.

Here is a recent link how to manipulate people (Covid-19):

And what is virus and can it be modified by humans, leak from a laboratory and kill us all? This link is about it:

Anyway, I have had all the symptoms of covidiot influenza since February 2020, I am alive July 2022 without being vaxxed, etc.

And let us not forget the famous AIDS virus! Dr. Robert Willner MD, PhD, was stripped of his medical license after he delivered a speech accusing Anthony Fauci of Genocide in 1994. He published a book in 1995 "Deadly Deception." … He passed away in 1995, from a heart attack. ... enocide-i/


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