Two typical conspiracy theories

JFK 1963 and Palme 1986

and today 2023 ... and why I don't believe in them


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Let's start with some basic explanations.

A conspiracy is a secret plan by a group of people to do something unlawful or harmful. It is bad!

A conspiracy theory is an explanation for an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy by sinister and powerful groups, often political in motivation,when other explanations are more probable. It happens, often.

Building imaginary nuclear weapons or rockets or sending actors to the Moon or Mars is however no conspiracy. Nuclear weapons are just propaganda and asstronuts on the Moon or Mars are stupid Hollywood entertainment.

Propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view. It is legal!

Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience or gives pleasure and delight. Normally you pay for it.

The assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy (JFK) took place on November 22, 1963, at Dallas, Texas.

The French President Charles de Gaulle had via his embassy at Washington DC warned JFK that an attack on his life was planned by a group of people (a conspiracy). de Gaulle knew this as his bodyguard had infiltrated the group (extremists paid by US oil interests to keep Algeria French). that previously had tried to kill him too. JFK stupidly ignored the warning, but de Gaulle sent a team to Dallas to film the attack. What a show!

Several shots were then fired from different directions with JFK dead in the center. All recorded by the French film makers. Nobody died! It was just theatre!

JFK was thus killed in front of the world, but FBI and local police asked the American public to provide more testimonies and evidence to find out more, more about it. Bla, bla, bla! In America more is not enough. And FBI will adjust the info to suit.

The Warren Commission was established by new President Lyndon B. Johnson through Executive Order 11130 on November 29, 1963 to clarify everything about the assassination/show.

The Warren Commission thus, later, simply concluded that:

1. The shots which killed JFK and wounded Governor Connally were fired from the back of the sixth-floor window at the southeast corner of the Texas School Book Depository, Dallas, where JFK was passing.

2. JFK was first struck by a bullet (#1) which entered from behind at the back of his neck through the throat and exited through the lower front portion of his neck, causing a wound which would not necessarily have been lethal. JFK survived and told his wife about it after being hit. JFK was then, seconds later, struck a second time by a second bullet (#2) that entered from behind the right-rear portion of his head, causing a massive and fatal wound. (On the Internet you find a film of it ... and how the JFK wife Jackie tried to collect the JFK brains in the other direction on the back of the car). It killed JFK.

3. Governor Connally was struck by a bullet (#1 or #2) from behind which (1) entered on the right side of his back and (2) traveled downward (!) through the right side of his chest, (3) exiting (higher up) below his right nipple. This bullet then (4) passed through his right wrist (in the way) and (5) entered his left thigh (below) where it caused a superficial wound (6). Imagine that! It was the magic bullet! And US experts invented it!

4. There was no credible evidence that the shots were fired from the Triple Underpass, ahead of the motorcade, or from any other location (if you wonder).

5. The weight of the evidence (?) indicated that there were three shots fired.

6. Although it was not necessary to any essential findings of the Commission to determine just which shot hit Governor Connally, there was very persuasive evidence from the experts to indicate (what??) that the same bullet (#1) which pierced JFK's throat also caused Governor Connally's wounds (i.e. the first shot). However, Governor Connally's testimony and certain other factors (?) have given rise to some difference of opinion as to this probability (?) but there is no question (!) in the mind of any member of the Commission (except four later) that all the (three!) shots which caused JFK's and Governor Connally's wounds were fired from the sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository.

7. The (three) shots which killed JFK and wounded Governor Connally were fired by Lee Harvey Oswald (within 6 seconds!).

8. Oswald also killed Dallas Police Patrolman J. D. Tippit approximately 45 minutes after the JFK assassination. using a pistol.

9. Ruby (another killer) entered the basement of the Dallas Police Department and killed Lee Harvey Oswald and there is no evidence to support the rumor that Ruby may have been assisted by any members of the Dallas Police Department.

10. The Commission found no evidence that either Lee Harvey Oswald or Ruby was part of any conspiracy, domestic or foreign, to assassinate JFK.

11. The Commission found no evidence of conspiracy, subversion, or disloyalty to the U.S. Government by any Federal, State, or local official.

12. The Commission could not make any definitive determination of Oswald's motives.

13. The Commission believed that recommendations for improvements in Presidential protection are compelled by the facts disclosed in its investigation.

No conspiracy!!!

The police quickly announced that it had found a rifle on the sixth-floor of the Texas School Book Depository, with Oswald's finger prints on it and that the rifle had been bought by Oswald via post order using a false name/address. Oswald had also bought the pistol that killed Tippit the same way. Imagine that! It would have been much easier, with no trace just to buy the guns around the corner at any gun shop at Dallas.

The Dallas police or FBI said it had also found eight photos of Oswald displaying the rifle.

Oswald told the police he had not bought any rifle or pistol via post order and that the photos of him displaying the rifle were false. Why would he pose like that?

And before being murdered in police custody Lee Harvey Oswald also denied verbally to police and media having killed JFK. He added that he had been set up as a patsy!

A patsy is person who is easily taken advantage of, especially by being cheated or blamed for something he hasn't done!

All seven members of the Commission had legal backgrounds and all knew each other beforehand. One (Ford) later became President of the USA. Four of the members of the Commission, (not Ford) had later serious doubts regarding their conclusions.

The warning by the French President of the attack was never discussed or mentioned.

The Commission was later frequently criticized for its methods, important omissions, and conclusions.

Three other U.S. government investigations later studied the Warren Commission's conclusions: a 1968 panel set by Attorney General Ramsey Clark (nothing was done), the 1975 Rockefeller Commission, and the 1978-79 House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA).

The HSCA involved Congressional hearings and ultimately concluded one way or other that Oswald assassinated JFK by hitting him with a useless rifle, probably as the result of a conspiracy. Because the HSCA concluded that more shots than three were fired and Oswald (?) only fired shots number one, two, and four, and that an unknown assassin fired shot number three (but missed) from ahead of near the corner of a picket fence that was above and to JFK's right front on the Dealey Plaza grassy knoll. Imagine that!!

In his September 1978 testimony to the HSCA, US President Ford at the time, the most powerful man in the world, defended the Warren Commission's investigation as being thorough. Ford stated that knowledge of the assassination plots (!) against Cuban president Castro may have affected the scope of the Commission's investigation but expressed doubt that it would have altered its finding that Oswald acted alone in assassinating JFK.

The assassination plots against Castro had been initiated by President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon years earlier. They had routinely ordered CIA to kill/murder Castro. CIA had then, routinely, asked US organized crime (the Mafia) to assist with the Castro killing. The US Mafia had lost control of Cuban casinos and brothels due to Castro. An armed attacked was arranged at the Bay of Pigs. JFK had not really prevented this CIA fiasco and later tried to make peace with Castro, bla, bla. It was the ultimate reason why certain criminals at the CIA and other Americans decided to murder JFK 1963. A conspiracy! But the Warren Commission never discussed it.

Oswald was 24 years old. He had never finished any real school education and had joined the US Marine Corp 1956 at seventeen and was trained and served three years as a radar operator/flight controller and spent one year in the Far East and fucked his first girl at Yokohama, Japan 1957, where I lived 72/76. He had then gone to Russia 1959 and spent almost three years in the USSR. He had discovered he was a marxist and a communist and wanted to live like one!

In the USSR Oswald stayed at no cost in a nice flat at central Minsk and was employed at an electronics company nearby doing nothing. He was controlled, 24/24, 7/7, 365/365, all the time by KGB (Soviet national security). KGB soon found that Oswald was an harmless idiot that fucked plenty Russian girls and married one after a six weeks courtship. A daughter was born and the family returned to USA. In USA Oswald never had a real job as usual, so it was suggested that he provided information to the CIA about his contacts with Russians in USA and Soviets at Washington, DC as an agent. A second daughter was born. And then suddenly Oswald had a job at the Texas School Book Depository, Dallas, (see above) filing orders. And a few weeks later it was suggested Oswald shot JFK using a rifle that could not kill anything in front of the Depositary. Where it has been suggested that a Mr. GHW Bush, future US CIA chief and President was seen and watched the show (or GHWB was at hotel Blackstone at Tyler 100 miles East speaking to party friends about using nuclear weapons in Vietnam!! GHWB was influenced by the local John Birch Society).

The conspiracy theory is that CIA & Co, assisted by the FBI and local police, simply set up Oswald to be blamed for the murder done by other people that earlier had tried to kill French President de Gaulle. The Warren commission never investigated this possibility >50 years ago.

There are plenty people alive 2023 that may be curious about the killings: the wife and daughters of Oswald, the daughter of JFK, etc.

Another conspiracy theory is the murder (?) of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme 1986. He was just walking around in Stockholm one winter night with his wife after having been to the movies and ... was killed by one shot fired in the street. The murderer was, after careful police investigations, first identified as one asocial nobody (later freed and dead since years) and almost 35 years later, second, a person that just passed by (that also died years ago). The conspiracy theory is that the Palme family assisted by the government and police created a theater murder. Nobody died! Except the police on M/S Estonia years later. Palme just had to disappear.

My business isn't stupid conspiracy theories. It is safety at sea. But in my business a lot of incidents at sea are also manipulated to hide the real cause of incident. If the Master drowns, he is always guilty to simplifie matters. If he survives, interested parties blame him anyway. It is the simplest way.

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