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The grand manipulation 1945-2024

Part 3


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1. A nuclear bomb cannot suddenly explode in a FLASH as per 1945 Fake News!

2. But the US government decided otherwise. It still works 2024.

3. Compressing nuclear material does not cause fission.

4. Massive amounts of energy does not ignite fusion.


How does an atomic bomb work?

If you 2024 ask Google "How does an atomic bomb work?" you will get, in spite of the fact that it maybe is a military secret, an impressive 23,600,000 results results in 0.41 seconds. This website giving the answer isn't there. Or this and this!

Reason seems to be that Google has been ordered to confuse matters promoting US Departments of Defense, DoD, and Energy, DoE, and their nonsense. Anyway, the Google false, nonsense answer is:

Modern nuclear weapons work by combining chemical explosives (!), nuclear fission, and nuclear fusion. The explosives compress (!) nuclear material, causing (!) fission; the fission releases massive amounts of energy in the form of X-rays, which create the high temperature and pressure needed to ignite (!) fusion.

Modern? It is the same old nonsense from 1940's!

Chemical explosives? No, explosives can only blow apart things, but why would you blow apart a nuclear weapon to activate it?

Explosives compress? No, explosives cannot compress nuclear material. Only blow it apart!

But 2024 we are told compression of nuclear material causes fission!! Complete nonsense! Cannot be demonstrated in a laboratory or anywhere!

Massive amounts of energy ... high temperature and pressure ... ignites fusion? Complete nonsense again! Cannot be demonstrated in a laboratory or anywhere on Earth! I'll pay you 1 million, if you can!


There are plenty 'nuclear physicists' and 'nuclear scientists' 2024 that say that it is easy for humans to build and use atomic bombs and nucelar weapons to kill children and women, so that they later can employ themselves at DoD or DoE to lie about and invent things about nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

Most of them work for the US National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).

It was established by US Congress in 2000 as a semi-autonomous agency within the U.S. Department of Energy responsible for enhancing national security through the military application of nuclear science.

NNSA maintains and enhances the safety, security, and effectiveness of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile; works to reduce the global danger from weapons of mass destruction; provides the U.S. Navy with safe and militarily effective nuclear propulsion; and responds to nuclear and radiological emergencies in the United States and abroad.

Imagine all that nonsense!!


Ms. Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty, Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and NNSA Administrator, at a cost of US$ 15 billion/year was the chief manipulator of the A-Bomb hoax until 2020. But she was not alone. She is now replaced by another clown!

Ms. Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty - Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and NNSA Administrator 2020


Lisa served previously in several U.S. Government leadership positions, including as the Director for Combating Terrorism (imagine that!), National Security Council staff, directing overseas crisis and consequence management and responsible for coordinating the U.S. Government's activities to deter, disrupt, prevent, and respond fully to conventional, biological, chemical, nuclear or radiological WMD attacks, through research and development, special operations, intelligence, and exercises/contingency planning.

She also served at DOE in Defense Programs as the Director, Office of Emergency Response, administering and directing the Nation's technical nuclear emergency response programs and assets utilized in response to nuclear terrorism, radiological accidents, nuclear weapons accidents and major radiological emergencies worldwide, and as Acting Director, Office of Weapons Surety. Imagine all these titles of various jobs ... that do not exist!

Short Japan 1868-2024 history lesson how the atomic bomb hoax worked 1945-2024

Rich, conservative, authoritarian Japanese families took control of Japan 1868 and installed a puppet emperor at Tokyo. These oligarques and plutocrats are still in power 150 years later. They loved America and Europe, their money and colonies. Japan quickly acquired their own colonies - the Ryukyu Kingdom 1879, Taiwan 1895, the Kwantung peninsula, Sakhalin and the 56 Kuril islands 1905 (after attacking Russia), Korea 1910, the German Far East colonies 1919, Manchuria 1932 and French Indochina 1940. Japan was then a solid ally of USA/Europe (but not Russia) from 1868 until 1924, when America adopted the Immigration Act of 1924. Things got worse in the 1930's, when USA/FDR adopted economic sanctions of all sorts against Japan and refused friendly talks to solve the problems. Reason was that USA was protecting its puppets in China and the opium trade there, which Japan planned to eliminate. So poor Japan was driven by FDR into the hands of Nazi Germany/Hitler and Fascist Italy/Mussolini and provoked to more violence. In the end war with USA broke out December 1941. Japan thought USA would negotiate but no way. FDR had other plans. The result is known. Japan was supposed to be totally destroyed forever by US atomic bombs. Japan gave up and agreed to return to its pre-1868 borders. Early 1950's Japan was back on its feet and best friend of USA and Europe again and in the 1970's, when I worked in Japan, it had become the second biggest economic power in the world ⦠with the same families in control since 1868! And today. It was and is very easy to manipulate the Japan population. The Japanese are born into a hierarchy where everyone plays his/her role and everyone is happy ... as long as you don't inquiry too much about the mysterious, rich, conservative, authoritarian Japanese families and their corporations running the show assisted by USA and Europe. They live in their luxury flats in the skyscraper cities of Tokyo with a view of Mount Fuji and Tokyo Bay and are quite harmless. But you cannot inquire too much about the fake atomic bombs 1945 and the Fukushima nuclear incident 2011. Then you are in trouble. State secrets! So you have to read about it here.

Anders Björkman

Lisa was also a professional staff member on the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce, providing technical support to Committee Members on issues related to DOE national security issues.

Lisa began her professional career as a health (!) physicist at DOE's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where plenty US nuclear weapons propaganda lies are invented and developed driving people crazy since 70 years. She is not happy about me describing her fake, nuclear bomb and terrorism activities.


More below. I always wonder what happened to that Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and NNSA Administrator that had Lisa's job before. I asked ... but Lisa's predecessor just had ... disappeared.

Fantasy, secret nuclear, military weapons of mass destruction need two small, non-critical masses of fissile material like Uranium-235 as fuel to ignite (!), when suddenly brought together to one critical mass according to secret nuclear, military experts. The critical mass then explodes and produces a FLASH that lasts nano-seconds and vaporizes and radiates a mass of children looking on and a town below a dirty mushroom cloud. It creates FEAR! It is very easy to fool people with fake information to create FEAR! But you must avoid spontaneous fission:

"Until detonation (ignition, explosion) is desired, a nuclear weapon must be kept subcritical. In the case of a uranium bomb used to destroy Hiroshima, this is achieved by keeping the fuel in a number of separate pieces, each below the critical size (mass), either because they are too small or unfavorably shaped. To produce detonation (ignition, explosion), the pieces of pure Uranium-235 were brought together (!) rapidly. This was achieved by firing a piece of Uranium-235 down a gun barrel onto another piece. This design is referred to as a gun-type fission weapon.

A theoretical 100% pure Plutonium-239 weapon could also be constructed as a gun-type weapon ... In reality, this is impractical because even "weapons grade" Plutonium-239 is contaminated with a small amount of Plutonium-240, which has a strong propensity toward spontaneous fission. Because of this, a reasonably sized gun-type weapon would suffer nuclear reaction (the bomb would melt) before the masses of plutonium would be in a position for a full-fledged explosion to occur.

Instead, the Plutonium-239 is present as a subcritical sphere (!), which may or may not be hollow. Detonation (ignition, explosion) is produced by exploding a shaped charge surrounding the sphere, increasing the density (!) to produce a prompt critical configuration (!). This is known as an implosion type fission weapon. It was used to destroy Nagasaki."

Imagine what nonsense the secret nuclear, military experts invented 1945! Increasing density!

Of course there haves been some developments of fake nuclear weapons since 1945. One example is Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons: Military effectiveness and collateral effects (2008):

The paper begins with a general introduction and update to Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons (FGNW), and then addresses some particularly important military aspects on which there has been only limited public discussion so far. These aspects concern the unique military characteristics of FGNWs which make them radically different from both nuclear weapons based on previous generation nuclear explosives and from conventional weapons based on chemical-explosives, bla, bla, bla.

You wonder what idiots spend time with this nonsense. People maybe believe it today! But real fission does not work like that!


In a peaceful nuclear power plant fission takes place all the time; no FLASH, no smoke, no critical masses, no increases of densities. Steam is produced as required by moderating the fission in a reactor vessel using control rods! The uranium fuel is 100's of tons of uranium oxide molecules inside a reactor vessel protected by a containment building that slowly is transformed by fission into smaller molecules. There are no secrets! No plutonium is produced when the water is heated and steam is produced! It is however only 0.7% of the uranium oxide molecules that fission, i.e. those with 235 protons and neutrons in the uranium atoms. They become other atoms and waste. The 99.3% of the uranium oxide molecules with 238 protons and neutrons in the atoms do not fission and become more waste. Nuclear waste is neither particularly hazardous nor hard to manage relative to other toxic industrial waste. Safe methods for the final disposal of high-level radioactive waste inside the reactor vessel are technically proven; the international consensus is that geological disposal is the best option. A key, nearly unique, characteristic of nuclear energy is that used fuel may be reprocessed to recover fissile and fertile materials in order to provide fresh fuel for existing and future nuclear power plants. Plutonium may be one result ... so best is not to do it. There is plenty nuclear fuel, uranium oxide, available at small cost. The atomic bomb fuel - uranium 235 metal - is completely different.

If an old reactor vessel and containment building are considered worn out or unsafe after say 60 years, the best solution is to build new ones at the side and not use the old ones. The old containment buildings can be used as museums or offices. Everything else at a nuclear power plant can be re-used forever. Let's face is nuclear power is the best, safest and most economical way to produce steam and electricity.

Only twerps believe in critical masses, gun-type fission, implosion type fission, FLASHes, radiation, mushroom clouds, FEAR, North Korean a-bombs and false, secret nuclear weapons.

Visit Hiroshima, Nagasaki or Albuquerque, NM, USA, and their ridiculous atomic bomb or peace museums with photos of cities destroyed by napalm bombings and laugh at their nonsense about nuclear weapons and associated peace (?) that I describe below. 


Old news 2017 and 2018

A little earlier:

25 June 2017 - Japan's Foreign Minister Taro Kono said his country is ready to dispatch experts for inspection of North Korean nuclear facilities. Kono is a third generation politician. Kono noted that the Korean denuclearization process would require quite a number of experts and that Japan had specialized knowledge. This is very good news but the experts should first of all check, if (1) there are any Korean nuclear facilities to check at all, (2) how North Korea ignites there nuclear weapons and (3) ... did nuclear bombs actually destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945. This article suggests that Japan and USA lied about it 1945!

12 June - 09.00 hrs local (Singapore) time Kim III met Trump face to face (no wives invited) but only an interpreter was present and it was not clear what deal was going to be made about the 60 atomic bombs/missiles that Kim III has to wipe out USA. Then four advisors joined on each side and a discussion could start about the 60 nuclear weapons/missiles in North Korea. Finally, about 13.00 hrs, Kim III (DPRK) and Trump signed an agreement to (1) establish new relations between the countries and (2) committed to "build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean peninsula", where the US and South Korea are still technically at war with the North, and two more items:

1. The United States and the DPRK commit to establish new U.S.-DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity.

2. The United States and the DPRK will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.

3. Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

4. The United States and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified.

The question of >25 million Koreans locked up in North Korea without human rights was not mentioned and 3 000 attending journalists didn't ask one question about them.

The basic problem is the barbed wire border estab lished by USA/president Truman 1945 cutting Korea into two parts preventing free movements of human beings.


USA/president Truman 1945 installed a military dictator in the south - Syngman Rhee - and prevented free movements and elections to be held forever.

The solution today is simple! Just remove the barbed wire at the border and allow free movements, so that 50.9 million Koreans in the south can freely meet 25.5 million Koreans in the north. Then it is easy to show that nuclear weapons are a hoax. I will assist! Remember divided Germany until 1989. It was said USA and USSR installed nuclear weapons on both sides ... but it was just propaganda until the Germans unified themselves 1990 ... and the mysterious nuclear weapons just disappeared in thin air.

Question thus now is how to "build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean peninsula".

My suggestion is simple - open the border and let Koreans move around freely. 

11 June - Kim III & Co but no wife arrived with a regular flight Bejing/Singapore to save costs, while Trump & Co and now wife used his private jet. CIA/Gina Haspel at once told media that Kim III has 60 home made atomic bombs and 60 home made missiles Hwasong-12/15 (the rocket engines are probably Russian/Ukrainian origin) with a fantastic, homemade computer navigation system that can wipe out Guam, Anchorage, Seattle, Chicago, Washington DC and Miami, not to forget 5000 tons of poison gas for chemical warfare across the border. These 60 missiles/a-bombs on their Chinese built mobile launch vehicles are hidden in secret tunnels all over Korea and can be brought into action within minutes. But no evidence of anything was provided. It sounded like Fake News to me! Actually there are neither a-bombs nor missiles with a computer navigation system. Neither US nor Korea has any nuclear weapons or missiles that can destroy anything. But media cannot publish that good news. It will spoil the stupid FEAR show started 1945. So media just continue publishing the old Fake News about atomic bombs and missiles.

10 June - Kim III and Trump will probably arrive Singapore today and you wonder what they will discuss on Tuesday 12 June. Why not a joint US, China, Korea and Japan summit to finally end the Korean war (and World War II), open the inner Korean border and allow all Koreans to meet peacefully.

9 June - The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, ICAN, with their head, propaganda clowns Beatrice Fihn and Kawasaki Akiri just informed that they too will attend the Kim III/Trump summit and pay for it. More about them below. Kim III is flying in already on the 10th using his private jet. The meeting will be at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island. It is not expensive.

8 June - While Trump/Kim III prepare their summit at Singapore, China started its 1 750 MW Taishan I nuclear power plant outside Hongkong. More Chinese, coastal, nuclear, EDF design, power plants are on line. Twerps believe that peaceful nuclear power doesn't work. Only stupid nuclear weapons are just a hoax since 1945. Kim III should build his own nuclear, EDF design power plant as soon as possible.

4 June - If you google "can Kim pay his hotel bill at Singapore?" you get about 52,300,000 results (0.57 seconds). Anglo-American news media think that Kim III cannot pay and make Fake News about it! Trump will probably stay at the US embassy at no cost, but Kim III? I have been to Singapore numerous times generally to repair or inspect ships and stayed at all sorts of hotels that my clients pay for. I can recommend one of them. But where will the summit take place?


1 June - Kim IV finally entered the stage at New York, USA, to make a deal about the Trump/Kim III summit 12 June at Singapore. Who is Kim (Yong-choi) IV? He is vice chairman (or vice emperor) of Korea North and the head of chairman Kim III's bodyguard or imperial guard, bla, bla, bla. He is a few months older than I and has thus seen a lot. I like him a lot! He is also the inventor of Korea North nuclear weapons, which do not work (described below) and which were destroyed last week, bla, bla. I like it too. Kim IV also met Trump and gave him a letter from Kim III.

Good propaganda.

Lies backed up by lies! Fake News!

Kim IV's deal is simple as he told Trump in person. USA signs a peace treaty with Korea North and evacuates all US military forces from Korea South (and Japan?), so that the interkorean border, created by USA 1945, can be opened again for free travel. Like West/East/Germany 1989/90, even if then and there West Germany was buying (!!) 35 000 citizens of East Germany 1970/89 like slaves to keep East Germany afloat. Korea will then be one country again like it was until 1910 and free elections can be done. Isn't it good? I will then recommend Trump and Kim IV for the Nobel peace prize 2018. What is the risk? A hot war? Give me a break! One little problem, though, is that the government of Japan will never accept it! Japan's modern history is based on the LIE that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were vaporized by US atomic bombs August 1945 killing or radiating to death 100.000+ of Japanese, even if it never happened. And that Korea North has later kidnapped several Japanese and brought them to Korea North to train spies, agents and infiltrators. What bullshit! Who invents these stories?

26 May - maybe Kim III has changed his mind because Trump suddenly twittered that the meeting was on again. In the meantime I suggest that the border between south and north Korea is opened so that all Koreans can move freely in their own country. Isn't it a good deal?

24 May - as everyone knows Trump postponed by a stupid letter (right) the 12 June meeting with Kim III. No deal! It is all the fault of Kim III, bla, bla, bla, but the real reason is that Trump couldn't prove that the US had working nuclear arms. Trump prays to God that they never have to be used, but fact is they do not work at all. So the show will just go on ....

11 May - we were told that US secretary of state Mike Pompeo had made a second visit to Pyongyang early May to sort out the details of the upcoming meeting at Singapore on 12 June. Evidently evidences must be provided that Kim III actually posses working nuclear weapons so, no surprise, it was suddenly suggested that the Korean nuclear facilities at Mount Mantap had been destroyed and that no evidences are no longer available. Just Google mount mantap north korea and you'll understand. However, at the same time some scientists from Singapore published a paper about it. A nuclear bomb had apparently exploded inside the mountain and sent one seismic wave lasting nanoseconds around the world that was recorded by two seismic stations. It seems Singapore wants to participate in this fake, nuclear weapons propaganda show. Personally I am very curious to know how Kim III ignited his gadgets. Evidently igniting a nuclear bomb underground in a nanosecond does not cause an earthquake that lasts many minutes. Only Hollywood science fiction film writers invent such nonsense. And let's face it - it is very easy to falsify seismic data. So - no atomic bombs have ever exploded inside Mount Mantap.

8 May - Trump informed that USA was no longer party to the (ridiculous!) Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between USA, France, China, United Kingdom, Russia and Germany on one side and Iran on the other signed 14 July 2015 to the effect that Iran cannot build a fake atomic bomb until end of 2025! Economic sanctions against Iran was again in force. USA will penalize any company doing business with Iran, e.g. a $ 5.000 million (!) fine, even if IAEA confirms that Iran fulfils all the requirements of the JCPOA and cannot even build fake nuclear weapons. Trump is however backed up by his US$15 billion/year US National Nuclear Security Administration and its 10 000+ staff that since 2000 keeps the US nuclear weapons hoax alive with fresh propaganda. But that is to say nothing of a tiny Iranian residual capacity to enrich uranium to 3.5% purity (compared to 90% weapons grade) for civilian power reactors on fewer than one-fifth of the oldest and slowest centrifuges it had before the 2015 nuke deal. Nor does it consider that all 17 US intelligence agencies certified in an official NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) in 2007 and again in 2011 that Iran only had a small weaponization research program between 1999 and 2003, which was then abandoned and never restarted. Moreover, the documentary proof of that was thoroughly investigated by the IAEA after the 2105 plan, which then re-validated that the Iranian weapons program was indeed disbanded in 2003. Source!


7 May - Trump informed by twitter that the meeting will take place in June. Better late than never? But what about the deal?

28 April - South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean emperor Kim III met on April 27 at the Peace House and orally agreed that a peace treaty should be signed one day. POTUS Trump twittered that he too will meet emperor Kim III end May at the Peace House to make a deal, men to men, about something. When the Korean peace treaty is signed, only one Korea is required - like Germany 1990 - so that all Koreans can move, sing and dance around peacefully in their country. Then there is no need for nuclear weapons any longer. Regardless, they do not work! They were invented by the criminals that split Korea 1948. I explain everything below.

18 April - Mr Mike Pompeo, ex CIA head and now, Trump's new secretary of state (foreign minister) had during Easter met emperor Kim III, at Pyongyang to prepare the meeting early June, I am told. Media were not invited. All was secret! But listen! If the two Koreas are then, early June, at 'peace', then of course emperor Kim III can give up his useless nuclear weapons when meeting Trump at no cost at all. However

"It's possible things won't go well and we won't have the meetings, and we'll just continue to go on this very strong path we have taken,"

Trump said, bla, bla, bla. Trump is probably right. Two separate Koreas at 'peace' after 65 years! OK, but then they should, logically, become one, like East (DDR)/West Germany 1990. But DDR didn't have any fake nuclear weapons 1989. So what will happen to the fake Trump/Kim III nuclear nonsense? We will soon know! Early June 2018. I hope media will be invited.

10 April - Kim III informed his Workers' Party that a meeting with POTUS Trump was under preparation to take place end May, location unknown. It was hinted that the US CIA had contacts with Kim III's secret service to prepare the summit. Trump twittered that his meeting with Kim III was planned for end May or beginning June.

It must be recalled that USA is at war in Korea since 1945, when USA split Korea into two parts without asking anybody. Kim I was installed to run the north by Stalin, while USA/Truman installed its puppet Rhee in the south. Civil war started immediately but only in the south. The Koreans there didn't like the US puppet. 15 August 1948 South Korea/Rhee declared itself an independent country recognized by the USA & Co. There were no celebrations as the civil war was going on. 9 September 1948 North Korea declared it was also an independent country and was recognized as such by Stalin & Co (and Sweden later 7 April 1973). 25 June 1950 the real Korean war started. USA suggested that north had attacked the south and that a counter attack was required, but nobody knows for sure. Fake News! Maybe the south attacked the north? That hot war lasted until 1953, when a cease fire was agreed along the old borders of 1945. No atomic bombs were dropped. April 2018 USA therefore is still at war in Korea so, before a nuclear deal is agreed, maybe a peace agreement should be signed.


29 March - South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean emperor Kim III will meet on April 27 at the Peace House on the southern side of the border village of Panmunjom to discuss something, we were told. About what? Probably a peace treaty. The two countries are formally at war and most North Koreans are locked inside their own country with no chance to travel anywhere, etc. But with a formal 'peace' treaty in force early May, US president Trump can safely meet emperor Kim III to discuss nuclear nonsense!

28 March - POTUS Donald fired 20+ ministers/secretaries, generals and advisors last week to reduce his White House team to four to handle emperor Kim III and the nuclear weapons hoax. A Mr Mike Pompeo, ex CIA head, is now secretary of state. Mike loves torture and nuclear attacks, etc. Ms Gina Haspel became new head of CIA! She was running prisons/torture centers at Thailand, previously, etc. Mr John Bolton is new national security advisor! He thinks it is better to vaporize Iran with a nuclear attack, etc. Bolton was 2002 GWB's national security advisor and already then recommended a US nuclear attack to wipe out North Korea. It was that threat that made Kim II invent his fake a-bomb! Media think this US team to advise Trump is normal and hardly report it. Emperor Kim III + wife apparently made a panzer train trip to Beijing, China, to meet emperor Xi + wife to discuss. I wonder what will happen next. When will Trump meet Kim III? They have no nuclear weapons to wipe out one another, so what shall they do? And discuss?

31 March - 3 April there is a peace, anti-nuclear, bla bla pop concert at Pyongyang, Korea (north) with my Korean (south) favourite Mr. Cho Yong-Pil and many others on stage. He is invited by north Emperor Kim III and crown princess, HEM Yo Yong. But only 7.000 persons will get tickets each night, so it is just nonsense propaganda. Cho Yong-Pil will not tell anyone that Korea (north) nuclear weapons do not work. I wonder why it is so difficult? Maybe Cho Yong-Pil is part of the US/Japan nuclear FEAR campaign?

25 March 2018 Fukushima prefect head Uchibori Masao was visiting France promoting his locally produced rice not contaminated by any nuclear radiation. I support his initiative. Uchibori Masao should however take the opportunity to state that Japan was never atomic bombed August 1945, so there is no radiation 1945/2011/18 ⦠to worry about in Japan. See 2.11. Maybe Uchibori is part of the Japan nuclear FEAR campaign?

23 March 2018 POTUS appointed Mr. John Bolton as his chief US security advisor. John just wants to wipe out emperors Kim II&III using atomic WMDs since 2002. Why POTUS Donald needs such a stupid advisor is unclear. Don't they know nuclear WMDs do not work at all?

22 March 2018 I was informed that Mr. Choe Kang-il, a deputy director general for North American affairs at the North Korean foreign ministry, already 19 March 2018 met American and South Korean officials at the Japanese (sic) embassy at Helsinki to discuss the upcoming Trump/Kim III meeting. The fact is that media during three days later never followed up this important event, so we don't know when/who/where president Trump/emperor Kim III will meet.


18 March 2018 North Korean foreign minister Ri and Swedish foreign minister Wallström ended three days of chats about war on the Korean peninsula in preparation of the meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Korean emperor Kim III. It seems the Stockholm talks failed, so another senior North Korean diplomat, Choe Kang Il, left for Finland on Sunday for direct talks with former U.S. and South Korean officials at Helsinki - whatever that means. I assume Russia and newly re-elected president/tsar Vladimir Putin will have better control of the developments. Good luck, Vladimir! Isn't it time you announce that Stalin's 1949 nuclear bomb never worked and was a hoax? You were not born then, but I was. I loved your videos , , , that you presented the other day during your election campaign. You really know how propaganda works.

16 March 2018 Sweden's foreign minister Margot Wallström held what she called "good and constructive" talks with her North Korean counterpart Ri Yong Ho on Friday at Stockholm amid growing speculation about a possible meeting in the Scandinavian country between President Donald Trump and Korean emperor Kim III. Ri also held a brief meeting with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. "We have always said we want to be a mediator that facilitates this process" he said. Ri's visit to Stockholm, where he once served as a diplomat at the North Korean Embassy, is shrouded in secrecy.


Sweden has diplomatic relations with North Korea since 1973 thanks to Olof Palme and is one of few Western countries with an embassy in Pyongyang. It provides consular services for the United States, Canada and Australia in North Korea. Great Britain opened its embassy at Pyongyang some years ago. Margot has attended many US Nuclear Security Summits and is an expert of nuclear terrorism.

11 March 2018 I looked forward to the May 2018 three nuke naked emperors meeting. Korean emperor Kim III is not a dictator that has got his power by force or in any irregular way. Kim III just inherited his position, like king CXVIG of Sweden or the Queen of England. All three have little power but ... they are head of states until they die. Emperor Trump I is elected US head of state but ... who controls him and his empire? I don't like him, his big mouth and hair style. Emperor/tsar Putin I is also elected head of state and is in control of everything in the Russia empire. I like that. If you play the nuke game, you must be in shape. Anyway - everything is agreed beforehand behind the curtains. Only when the curtain opens - the SHOW begins.

9 March 2018 Donald Trump, US president and Hokus POTUS, twittered that he was prepared to meet emperor Kim III to make a deal and settle the whole Korean nuclear thing in May 2018! It seems new, emperor Xi I of China has pushed USA to this. It is very good news. Everyone agrees nuclear weapons are an old hoax and nothing to fight about, etc. I really look forward to May 2018. But where? I suggest that the Kim III/Hokus POTUS poker or mah-jong game meeting takes place at Geneva, Switzerland. Kim III and princess spent six years as teenagers there 20 years ago at a Swiss private school to learn Swissgerman, French and western style decadence. Alternative is at Sochi, Russia with tsar Vlad Putin I as host. A three nuke naked emperors' spring meeting with ice melting! It would be historical. Nuke naked emperors! It is a new thing I just created. I hope media will copy it. Anyway, everything must be agreed in writing beforehand, so the formal meeting/signing of the protocol will be a formality but big media show.

6 March 2018 a spokesperson of Hokus POTUS Trump, who wants to be anonymous, told media that magician 'Tower' Donald was happy about the developments. Donald has no ambassador in South Korea, no contact person at Pyongyang, not even a person to talk to NK at UN at NY, so what to do? Most Trump friends like John Bolton, H.R. McMaster, Dan Coates and Robert Ashley, etc, recommend wiping out Pyongyang with a preventive, violent nuclear attack, so we have to await what Donald can come up with. I have no Twitter account. One thing is certain. Nuclear weapons do not work!

5 March 2018 Korean emperor Kim III had dinner (right) with a five persons delegation from the South at his Louis XV style palace at Pyongyang.

South PM Moon, invited, was not present but a letter from him was forwarded to the emperor. Two North ladies were present - empress Ri Sol Ju and princess Yo Yong, Kim III's little sister. I have no idea of the menu. Kimshii?

Nobody bothered about the drinks and the food, as they discussed other matters, e.g. fake nuclear weapons and how to proceed with the nuclear show. It seems Kim III exists and is alive but fat and shy and not used to meet south Korean foreigners. Or media! I understand him. Imagine all the stories flying around about him. French Paris Match news (sic) magazine has an at-home interview with the North royalties under preparation. There is no news like fake social news!

Hobnobbing at Pyongyang

10 February 2018 the South/North Korea nuclear bomb propaganda show just went on. Korean emperor Kim III's sister visiting the winter Olympics invited South president Moon to 'discuss' with Kim III. Kim III is grandson of Kim I that Stalin appointed as dictator of poor North Korea 1945. Kim III is son of Kim II, son of Kim I. Kim I knew that Stalin's and later China's atomic bombs were just propaganda that Kim II started to use early 2000. Kim III has recently announced that piss poor North Korea is a nuclear weapons power that can destroy USA. But it is just propaganda. Maybe South and North Korean leaders have no interest to find a peaceful solution of their little nuclear bomb contest. USA is against it and it will cost too much for the rich South to modernize the bankrupt North, etc. And nobody in power incl. Trump wants to admit that all are bluffing, i.e. their nuclear arms are fake since more than 73 years.

No, the only - best - solution is that the silent majority in the North finally gets rid of its Kim nomenclatura like the East Germans did 1989. The generation Kim III - children in their 30's - with dead grandparents, father, mother and siblings could just say they would like to stop playing the stupid fake, nuclear bomb game. It is not wrong to retire early, when the game is lost. But it is unlikely. The poor population in North Korea is really isolated from the rest of the world, does not know what is happening and is condemned to sing and dance alone in poverty. Kim III & Co should just seek political asylum at the Swedish embassy.  

From US NUCLEAR POSTURE REVIEW FEBRUARY 2018 we learn the following nonsensical Fake News: 

The fundamental reasons why U.S. nuclear capabilities and deterrence strategies are necessary for U.S., allied, and partner security are readily apparent. U.S. nuclear capabilities make essential contributions to the deterrence of nuclear and non-nuclear aggression. The deterrence effects they provide are unique and essential to preventing adversary nuclear attacks, which is the highest priority of the United States. â¦ 

The United States currently operates 14 OHIO-class SSBNs (submarines with plenty nuclear missiles)) and will continue to take the steps needed to ensure that OHIO SSBNs remain operationally effective and survivable until replaced by the COLUMBIA-class SSBN. The COLUMBIA program will deliver a minimum of 12 SSBNs to replace the current OHIO fleet and is designed to provide required deterrence capabilities for decades. 

The ICBM force consists of 400 single-warhead Minuteman III missiles deployed in underground silos and dispersed across several states. The United States has initiated the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) program to begin the replacement of Minuteman III in 2029. The GBSD program will also modernize the 450 ICBM launch facilities that will support the fielding of 400 ICBMs. 

The bomber leg of the triad consists of 46 nuclear-capable B-52H and 20 nuclear-capable B-2A "stealth" strategic bombers. 

The United States has initiated a program to develop and deploy the next-generation bomber, the B-21 Raider. It will first supplement, and eventually replace elements of the conventional and nuclear-capable bomber force beginning in the mid-2020s. 

The B83-1 and B61-11 gravity (atomic) bombs can hold at risk a variety of protected targets. As a result, both will be retained in the stockpile, at least until there is sufficient confidence in the B61-12 (atomic) gravity bomb that will be available in 2020

Beginning in 1982, B-52H bombers were equipped with ALCMs. Armed with ALCMs, the B-52H can stay outside adversary air defenses and remain effective. The ALCM, however, is now more than 25 years past its design life and faces continuously improving adversary air defense systems. The Long-Range Stand-Off (LRSO) cruise missile replacement program will maintain into the future the bomber force capability to deliver stand-off weapons that can penetrate and survive advanced integrated air defense systems, thus supporting the long-term effectiveness of the bomber leg. 

The current non-strategic nuclear force consists exclusively of a relatively small number of B61 (atomic) gravity bombs carried by F-15E and allied dual capable aircraft (DCA). The United States is incorporating nuclear capability onto the forward-deployable, nuclear-capable F-35 as a replacement for the current aging DCA. In conjunction with the ongoing life extension program for the B61 bomb, it will be a key contributor to continued regional deterrence stability and the assurance of allies.

By studying my information below you should understand that all US nuclear weapons are just heaps of rusty scrap that cannot kill a fly and therefore have never been used and will never be used. It is just propaganda.

26/27 January 2017 Japan and France held talks between their foreign and defense ministers at Tokyo to strengthen defense ties (sic) and work together. France does not allow foreign troops/bases on its territory and has no defense at all against ICBMs. The alleged French nuclear arms are missiles fired from submarines but they are just propaganda as shown below. France has never arranged evacuation exercises of its people due to invented nuclear attacks. Japan has a lot to learn from France!

22 January 2018 Japan decided to start evacuation exercises (!) of millions of Tokyo inhabitants at subways and amusement parks in case of a North Korea ICBM attack. Nobody in Japan protested. You have to be prepared! The Japanese always do what they are told to do and not to ask why. Since 1945 or earlier.

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