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1. Nobody died at Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Japan August 1945 due to atomic bombs explosions and radiation. Both towns were destroyed by US napalm carpet bombings. People died due to napalm and fire!

2. The US government (Potus Truman) decided to fake it! It still goes on 2023!

3. Assisted later by North Korea's clown Kim III! 

4. I am not joking.

5. I am serious.

6. The Japanese people and government play along to maintain the harmony of their society.

7. Det är enkelt! (Ulf Danielsson) Ulf är medlem av Kungliga Vetenskapsakademin som delar ut Nobelpris i fysik till enkla bondfångare som Einstein, Bohr, mfl, som uppfann atombomber, mm, och andra skapelser.


A common question is: How many people died at Hiroshima/Nagasaki August/October 1945 due to the alleged atomic bombs nuclear FLASH explosions and radiation? A better question is How many people survived the atomic bombings?

Media was not there. Censorship was introduced. Media just published what they were told to publish.

The simple answer today is that nobody died due to atomic bombs. According 1945 fake news the atomic bombs exploded high, >500 m, up in the sky in a big FLASH, that was the end for all observers down below except surviving witnesses. The stupid clowns making up the stupid stories couldn't invent anything better. They had to invent people surviving the show to tell media!

Sun radiation is a flow of atomic, light and heat, particles and waves - photons - affecting your skin. Sitting in the sun for a couple of hours (!) may cause burns. Photons are described as a necessary consequence of physical laws having a certain symmetry at every point in spacetime, if you belive that nonsense. Photons have a a very small mass and a very small charge and they have eternal life until they die!

The atomic bomb nuclear radiation only lasted a nano-second, a fraction of a second. How could it cause any damage and sickness? Or sun burn?

There was a FLASH of light, then a shock wave of heat and then a high pressure shock wave physically destroying everything we are told by lucky survivors watching (!!) it... but radiation??? Sickness? How come that plenty Japanese witnesses survived until today and didn't die of radiation sickness within a month or two? Bill Gates has recently explained it! What a clown!

There are plenty old and recent descriptions of the falsifications of the 1945 A-Bombs.

Dr. Michael Palmer, MD, has just written a book about it:

"We breathed the GASES when the Atom BOMB Fell - The evidence that the nuclear bombings were faked with napalm and mustard gas" 

Palmer shows how US authorities faked the medical records in Japan to support the 1945 manipulations. Palmer thinks that working nuclear weapons were only made years later. I think nuclear weapons are 100% pure propaganda!


The combined number of surviving hibakusha from the two atomic bombings stood at 136.682 as of March 2020, down about 9.200 from a year earlier, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said, with an average age of 83.31 years.

The city government of Hiroshima had 2020 enrolled a further 4
.943 people in the past year on the list of people who died from the 1945 atomic bombing, bringing the death toll to 324.129.

Imagine that!

324 129 persons died at Hiroshima 1945 due to an atomic nuclear FLASH.

Chaotic conditions made accurate accounts most difficult then, we are told! Some victims were vaporized instantly, many survivors were horribly disfigured, and death from nuclear radiation sickness was uncertain - it might not claim its victims for days, weeks, months, or even years, bla, bla.

It was similar to the four different companies, three foreign owned, that 'cleaned' up the 911 crime scene 2001 at NYC 56 years earlier! Identical type of cover-up! No evidence of anything.

The initial (sic) death count in Hiroshima, set at 42 000 - 93 000, was based solely on the alleged disposal of vaporized bodies, and was thus much too low, we are told! Later (more fake) surveys covered body counts, missing persons, and neighborhood surveys during the first (!) months after the bombing, yielding a more reliable estimate of 130 000 dead as of November 1945.


A similar survey by officials in Nagasaki set its death toll at 60 000 - 70 000. Its plutonium* bomb was more powerful, but its destructive range was limited by surrounding hills and mountains, it was said.

*Plutonium is a fake element invented by USA in 1940 and further described below. It is also fissile and can be used in atomic bombs, we are told. It is named after the planet Pluto discovered in the 1930's that probably doesn't exist either.

Of course there is no evidence of anything, incl. atomic bombs FLASH-exploding!

So additional counts (?) indicated high levels of short-term mortality (?) in both cities, we were also told:

- Over 90% of persons within 500 meters of ground zero in both cities died. (Only some persons survived that could testify about it >75 years later!!)

- At 1.5 km over 2/3 were casualties and 1/3 died.

- Of those at a distance of 2 km half were casualties, 10% of whom died.

- Casualties dropped to 10% at distances over 4 km.

Most persons close to ground zero who received high radiation dosages died immediately or during the first day. Imagine that!! One-third of all fatalities occurred by the 4th day: two-thirds by the 10th day: and 90% by the remaing three-thirds end of three weeks. ... etc, etc, bla, bla.

Severe illness (!) occurred with 1 000 rads, causing destruction of bone marrow, marked drop in white cell counts, anemia, bleeding, destruction of stomach and intestinal fluids (mucosa). Most victims died within 30 days. (Note: "rad" indicates a unit of absorbed radiation.)

So what are we talking about?

Ionizing radiation energy can be measured using units of electron volts, ergs, and joules (J) to confuse matters.

One electron-volt is 1.6 x 10-19 J. An erg is one-ten-millionth of a J. Not very much energy.

Radiation doses are often calculated in the units of rad (short for radiation absorbed dose). One rad is 100 ergs/gram, in other words, 100 ergs of energy absorbed by one gram of a given body tissue. 100 rads equal one Joule/kilogram (J/kg), which also equals one Gray (Gy), the standard international unit for measuring radiation dose. Confusion is part of all manipulations.

Suppose time is involved? Then we are talking about dose rate (or dose per unit time). An example of the units for dose rate is millirad/hour. In everyday terms, a joule (J) (and even more so, an erg) is a rather small amount of energy. But in terms of ionization potential of molecules or elements, a joule is a huge amount of energy. One joule of ionizing radiation can cause tens of thousands of trillions of ionizations. But the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bomb FLASHES only lasted some nano-seconds.


To boil one liter of water into vapour you need 2 591 720 J. To make a cup of tea you need much less and it doesn't kill anyone.

Physically speaking, the most elementary way to measure the effect of radiation is to measure the amount of energy deposited in a given weight of material. However, the deposition of energy is only one aspect of the potential of radiation to cause biological damage. For context, 400 rads is normally enough to kill 50% of humans in the world. 1 000 rads kills pretty much everybody we are told. But there is no evidence of anything. More about radiation.

So how many rads were Hiroshima/Nagasaki atomic bomb victims exposed to? The explosion only lasted some nano-seconds!

Answer is - 0!

Because no atomic bombs exploded anywhere! It was 1945 and is 2023 propaganda!

Personally I don't believe in nuclear radiation! If anyone dies after contact with radioactive material, I think the death is caused by poison. But deadly, nuclear radiation was invented 1945 as part of the atomic bomb hoax and became ... pseudoscientific nonsense ... still around today.

So this is pure, giant nonsense:

... the Japanese and the Americans launched a giant epidemiological study after the war. The study included all residents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki who had survived the atomic explosion within a 10-kilometer (6.2-mile) radius. Investigators questioned the residents to obtain their precise locations when the bomb exploded, and used this information to calculate a personal radiation dose for each resident. Data was collected for 86,572 survivors. Today, 60 years later, the study's results are clear. More than 700 people eventually died as a result of radiation received from the atomic attack.

Of course there is no evidence of any such study at all! Or this

Exposure in utero and microcephaly (Source)

A Nagasaki survey of 98 pregnant women exposed at a distance of 2.0 km from ground zero and 113 pregnant women exposed at 4.0 and 5.0 km from ground zero, showed a high percentage of neonatal and infantile deaths for those exposed within a 2.0 km range, as well as signs of acute radiation illness such as loss of hair, bleeding tendency, and inner mouth lesions. Mental retardation was noted in 25% of newborn survivors.

Imagine being one of 211 newborn baby survivors at Nagasaki 1945/6 a quarter of which (52+!) is mentally retarded! Only sick people in Japan can invent such monstrous lies!

The Radiation Effects Research Foundation, RERF, is a US-Japan cooperative research institute at Hiroshima and Nagasaki that investigates the health effects of atomic bomb radiation for peaceful purposes. According REFR radiation is harmful to health because radiation exposure can damage cellular DNA. So what happens then according REFR?

Early effects of radiation include various acute radiation symptoms. Information on these symptoms was obtained by interviewing more than 100,000 atomic-bomb survivors primarily from 1956 to 1961. Among the acute radiation symptoms recalled by survivors hair loss is regarded as the most reliably reported.

Imagine that! A majority of 100 000 suvivors had lost hair after 10-15 years.

Late effects of radiation, such as cancer (and possibly other diseases), reflect DNA mutations induced in living cells by radiation exposure. While the exact mechanisms by which such mutations lead to cancer are not clear, it is believed that the process requires a series of mutations, accumulated over periods of years. Mutations can occur either spontaneously or as a result of exposure to any of a wide range of environmental mutagens, including radiation. Since many years must pass before a given cell and its progeny acquire sufficient mutations to result in clinical disease, excess cancers attributable to radiation do not become evident until years after exposure (or somewhat fewer years in the case of leukemia). Excess cancer risks in RERF data correspond broadly with the age-time patterns predicted by such hypothetical considerations.

Let's face it. There is no scientific evidence that a (fake) nano-seconds radiation exposure (an A-Bomb FLASH 500 meter up in the sky) can produce health effects 30-75 years later. RERF is thus just cheap US propaganda 2023.


The 1946 Conspiracy Theory

The International Military Tribunal for the Far East - in occupied Japan with its Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) running the country - established 1946/8 that a number of Japanese military and bureaucrats were responsible for WW2 and had to be executed/murdered. These Japanese criminals had conspired since 1928 to take over the Far East by wars of aggression and murders. So WW2 in the Far East was a conspiracy!

What a theory!

A conspiracy theory! 1946!

The USSR/Stalin had stopped it August 1945 by liberating Japanese occupied Manchuria and Korea and USA had definitively defeated Japan same month by dropping two fake atomic bombs.

Justice (?) was done by executing some Japanese military and civil bureaucrats 1948! But they were just patsies working for the real rulers of Japan.

1951 USA forced Japan to sign a Mutual Security Pact because communist China (Mao Zedong), North Korea (Kim I) and USSR (Stalin) planned to attack Japan and the "free world"!

A fake "cold war" could get started = plenty money! Later, 1961, this pact became a USA/Japan military alliance, which is still in force today. Of course nobody planned to attack Japan ever, but USA had to keep the atomic bomb nuclear hoax alive to have military bases in Japan. Stupid, isn't it? No, just business, as usual! 11 years later, when I arrived in Japan, USA, China and USSR suddenly became best friends, but USA told Japan that USA had to stay in Japan because North Korea could attack any moment, e.g. today!

For defense officials in Tokyo, it is time to revisit the National Security Strategy (NSS). Following the monumental decision to cancel the deployment of the Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense system in June 2020, the central debate consuming Japanese security thinking is straddling between missile defense and strike capability, or what is called “enemy base strike. 

Most Japan citizens back in 1945 had no idea that it was Japan that attacked Russia at Port Arthur already 1904/5 in a war of aggression, where 100.000+ Japan soldiers were killed. It started the whole thing. Japan got away with it, because education was not very good then and most Japan citizens just did what they were told and studied hard to pass tests of all sorts. Japan then won WW1 allied with USA, England and France by attacking the Tsingtao German colony in China 1914. It took a week on the ground. Japan also occupied part of USSR Eastern Siberia 1918/22 losing 1.000's of soldiers.

Most Japan citizens thought 1945 (and today?) that it was the Japan army (?) that developed Manchuria 1932/45, while the government didn't notice anything. Actually it was Japan oligarques with power since 1870 - the secret Black Dragon Society - that took over Manchuria, installed Pu Yi, China's former emperor as king, and started companies there using local slave labour to support the Japan wars of aggression until 1945. Most Japan citizens also thought that there was a civil war in China 1937/45 that Japan tried to stop but was dragged into, where USA/UK (Roosevelt/Churchill) supported Chiang Kai- Shek, CKS, and his wife and gangsters and USSR (Stalin) supported Mao Zedong and his wife and bolsjeviks, so they could kill each other. The big loser was China - 50 millions died. Education was not very good and most Japan citizens just did what they were told. While studying hard to pass the tests!

One serious mistake 1945 was that ordinary Japan citizens including children - I know two - could immediately return to Hiroshima and the damaged suburb of Nagasaki and rebuild the towns and the shipyards and go to school there in spite of the alleged deadly radiation, etc. There was no danger of course but to make the nuclear hoax more realistic, the towns should have been sealed off and abandoned at least 10 years! Like Fukushima!


A US Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission to review the alleged a-bombings was not formed until October 1946. It visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki then and issued a General Report January 1947. You can read a little about it on the Internet here and there, etc. The five members just thought that atomic bombs had exploded and included in the report the standard pseudoscientific nonsense about damages and radiation. The report must be considered as pure propaganda and bad science.

The USSR gangsters and criminals around Stalin (his wifes committed suicide early), that used to steal information from the west since before and during WW2, became partners of the US/Japan a-bomb radiation hoax 1945.

The "cold war" started a little later. It became part of the hoax, too! 25 June 1950 USA said North Korea (!) was attacking Japan (!) (in Korea!) and had to be stopped, which was achieved 27 July 1953 by a cease fire. No nuclear bombs were used! Korea was completely destroyed by napalm bombings.

1991 the 'cold war' was finished! USSR collapsed. A Russian republic was created that took over some responsibilities of the ex-USSR. It was a golden opportunity to announce that nuclear weapons were a hoax since 1945. But some crazy Russians decided to keep it going.

So the hoax works fine today, even if the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), or the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty, is the first legally binding international agreement to comprehensively prohibit nuclear weapons, with the goal of leading towards their total elimination. It was passed on 7 July 2017, i.e. >70 years too late. It assumes, without evidence, that nuclear weapons are real! In order to come into effect, signature and ratification by at least 50 countries is required. For those nations that are party to it, the treaty prohibits the development, testing, production, stockpiling, stationing, transfer, use and threat of use of (fake) nuclear weapons, as well as assistance and encouragement to the prohibited activities. For nuclear armed states joining the treaty, it provides for a time-bound framework for negotiations leading to the verified and irreversible elimination of its (fake) nuclear weapons programme.

According to a mandate adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2016, negotiations on the treaty began in the United Nations in March 2017 and continued from 15 June to 7 July 2017. In the vote on the treaty text, 122 were in favour, 1 voted against (Netherlands), and 1 abstained (Singapore). 69 nations did not vote, among them all of the alleged (fake) nuclear weapon states and all NATO members except the Netherlands. As of 11 April 2019, 70 states have signed the Treaty and 23 have ratified it. But no nation supports my findings that nuclear weapons are a hoax and deception that was created 1945, even if it is beyond doubt that any use of nuclear weapons would be catastrophic to humanity, as well as to the environment. Nobody is prepared to say today that nuclear weapons do not work. They are bad science but good propaganda.


On 2 August 2019 the US, i.e. Potus Trump formally withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty ratified on 1 June 1988. The treaty banned all US/Russia land-based ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and missile launchers with ranges of 500 - 1.000 km and 1.000 - 5.500 km. Fake News media announced it that the risk of nuclear war has increased. Fake News media and Potus Trump don't know that nuclear weapons do not work. But maybe Trump will change his mind? He is a little erratic.

US was at war with Afghanistan since 2001 at a cost of US$ billions and almost 3.000 US KIAs and ten times more post-stress damaged US soldiers. US maintains that the Taliban Afghan government - terrorists - 2001 supported the 911 attack at New York. The Taliban denies any involvement. US attacked! Without nuclear weapons! I cannot understand why Trump doesn't sign an agreement with the Taliban today, withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan, lends Afghanistan US$ billions for rebuilding the country = everyone is a winner! Trump should at the same time announce that US nuclear weapons are a hoax! Of course it is against US law since 2012 to even discuss with Taliban:


(a) IN GENERAL.- Congress affirms that the authority of the President to use all necessary and appropriate force pursuant to the Authorization for Use of Military Force (Public Law 107-40; 50 U.S.C. 1541 note) includes the authority for the Armed Forces of the United States to detain covered persons (as defined in subsection (b)) pending disposition under the law of war.

(b) COVERED PERSONS. - A covered person under this section is any person as follows: 

(1) A person who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored those responsible for those attacks.

(2) A person who was a part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners, including any person who has committed a belligerent act or has directly supported such hostilities in aid of such enemy forces.

National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012


But let's face it! No Arabs were behind the 911 attacks! It was an inside job done by Americans all of them around for new attacks.

US/Afghan Taliban peace talks at Doha/Qatar September 2019

In September 2019 the US, i.e. Potus Trump, again, formally withdrew from the secret (sic) peace talks at Qatar (left) with the Afghan Taliban national liberation force.

So I work on! It is one of the purposes of my life to convince the world that nuclear weapons, invented by the military industrial complex and paid for by stupid tax payers, are just a hoax to scare people. But it is not easy. Media will not help me! Media consider me an idiot. Maybe I will achieve my objective 2045, when I am 99? We will see. Only 25 years to go for me! My mother, 99, died June 2019, and she always supported me and in good shape until the end.

Anyway, the US occupation of Japan ending 1952 was and is a success today. Japan became an economic superpower without drugs (and democracy!) and a good friend of the USA. I wonder why USA couldn't do the same thing in Korea 1953, Vietnam 1963, Iraq 1993, Afghanistan 2003 and North Korea 2019. Just help the gangsters in charge (as puppet governments) to develop their countries economically without drugs and after a while the countries become rich forgetting wars, etc.

There was and is no independent justice in Japan, which I learnt living there 1972/76! Of course the Japan Parliament adopts "laws" but the "laws" are only applied by administrators and bureaucrats of all sorts at Tokyo that change and apply the "laws" as they like to support the oligarques and plutocrats owning and controlling Japan since 1870 (or earlier?)!

"Law" is not really taught in Japan, so there are few lawyers and even fewer judges and legal courts. The prosecutors ensuring that "laws" are applied are a very strange lot working on behalf of the administrators. They are all friends since university days where only certain Japan citizens can study, i.e. the ones who know how to pass the tests to enter.

This particular "system" works nicely today because most problems and questions are sorted out outside any legal courts in Japan. As Japan media - TV and newspapers - are 100% controlled by the oligarques, publishing Fake News is easy.

It is this "system" that also ensures that the atomic bombs and radiation incidents/hoaxes in Japan 1945 are alive today. Any Japan citizens publicly questioning the nuclear hoaxes in Hiroshima/Nagasaki 1945 will be arrested by some prosecutor on imaginary charges of all sorts to shut up! Social order must and is maintained. Education is not very good today and most Japan citizens just do what they are told to maintain social order. It is the old story since 1905. Study hard to pass the tests!


Below are my facts and findings about these fake US atomic bombs, fake US/Japan nuclear radiation 1945 onwards and Fukushima 2011 and today and, based on personal research, common sense and people I have met, info of which I have told my own children. One was born in Japan 1973! And I always tell the truth to my own children. I hope you take your time to read it, like it, learn something and share it. Why not tell your children?

I updated this article February 2019 after a visit to Japan December 2018, January 2019, where 42 615 human beings were still evacuated from their homes at Fukushima for fake safety or security reasons. The Japanese government assisted by media lied to them 2011 about everything concerning the Fukushima nuclear power plant incident and associated nuclear radiation. There was no need to evacuate anyone ... but the Japan oligarques and plutocrats in control since 1870 wanted a new incident 2011 to keep the 1945 atomic bomb hoax alive. There are also plenty criminal Japanese nuclear experts ready to assist and keep the 1945 and 2011 nuclear hoaxes alive. It is a big business.


The International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, is the UN watchdog of nuclear matters since 1957. To be a manager at IAEA you must be recognized in the academic and/or international communities for your quasi-expertise that includes believing in and promoting fake nuclear explosive fission , deadly radiation and the existance of fake plutonium, etc. You cannot call all previous 'nuclear' experts developing fake nuclear weapons, etc, criminals, which they are. IAEA has a new Director General - Rafael Mariano Grossi:

"Scientists from countries concerned will be offered training in a nuclear-derived technique known as RT-PCR, which makes it possible to identify the Covid-19 virus accurately within hours."

Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi

There are 1000's of virus and it should be interesting to know how IAEA can identify a Covid-19 virus inside a human body cell within hours among so many other virus around using a nuclear-derived technique.

IAEA trumpets since many years fake news about radiation, waste of nuclear power plants, problems to decomission fake nuclear weapons and terrible nuclear accidents of all sorts. They are all lies based on pseudo-science.

Anyway, IAEA announced on Monday 22 July 2019 that its previous Director General, Yukiya Amano, had died. He was only 72. IAEA said in an announcement that it regrets to inform with deepest sadness of the passing away of Amano. The announcement shared a letter Amano wrote to the Board of Governors revealing his decision to step down. In the letter, Amano said that during the past decade, the agency delivered concrete results to achieve its objective of atoms for peace and development. Amano became IAEA chief in December 2009 after stressing that he is from the only country in the world to have suffered atomic bombings. He was serving a third term which was scheduled to end in 2021. Amano spearheaded efforts to strengthen the safety of nuclear power plants following the 2011 accident at Fukushima Daiichi in northeastern Japan, we are told. He also worked to restrict Iran's nuclear program after Teheran signed a deal in 2015 with world powers through inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities. Amano also set up a team of experts to prepare for the resumption of IAEA inspections in North Korea. In an interview with NHK in April, Amano said steadfast inspections ensure that an agreement will last for a long time and will benefit North Korea, the countries concerned (?), and the international community. He also said that the IAEA is preparing itself to visit North Korea when an agreement is reached between these nations.

Amano was born at Yugawara, a small town in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, in 1947. He passed all the tests and started his studies at the University of Tokyo in 1968. After graduating from the Faculty of (fake, Japan) Law, he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in April 1972, when I started working in Japan. He specialized in the international disarmament issues and US/Russian/UK nuclear nonproliferation efforts just being invented to keep the Japanese atomic bomb hoax alive. To be a diplomat you must speak French, so in 1973-1974, he studied at the University of Franche-Comté and in 1974-1975, at the University of Nice, France, not far away from where I live today, and Amano thus learnt to speak French. Those years were probably the happiest in Amano's life. The rest must have been a long disaster.

I have contacted IAEA/Amano many times about any evidence that Japan really suffered atomic bombings 1945, that Iraq had atomic bombs around year 2000, that Iran can build atomic bombs since many years, that North Korea has exploded atomic bombs lately, etc, etc, and that it was necessary to evacuate civilians from Fukushima, 2011. ... but never gotten any replies. Poor Amano - after learning French 1975 - he had to lie about everything nuclear and could never retire. I consider Amano a poor, unhappy front man of the Japan atomic bomb hoax and I wondered who will replace him. Rafael Mariano Grossi! When will IAEA and Japan confirm that atomic bombs cannot explode?

Yukiya Amano

passed all the tests and had to lie his whole life about atomic bombs

Other nuclear FAKE NEWS was a strange, second US/North Korea (NK)
nuclear summit end February 2019 at Hanoi, Vietnam of all places. A summit is a (serious?) meeting between two heads of state, i.e. Trump and Kim III and this summit lasted two days in lieu of two hours of the 2018 one. First day Trump (beef) and Kim III (cabbage) - two puppets on a string - had dinner together in front of 2 500 journalists (or was it 250?) at the Hanoi Metropole Hotel! The next day they met for a couple of hours locked up in a room and then both left without a word before lunch. This summit was badly prepared. Mr. Stephen Biegun (right) had done a bad job. If Kim III destroys all NK (fake) nuclear weapons to the satisfaction of Trump, (1) all economic sanctions against NK will be lifted including (2) the ban of US citizens to visit NK, (3) peace will be restored in Korea, (4) NK people can travel freely around and will not be shot trying passing the border, etc. But how to verify that NK's nuclear weapons even exist? Isn't it clear that the NK nuclear weapons are just propaganda? Like the US 1945 atomic bombings of Japan were FAKE NEWS? None of 2.500 attending journalists asked that simple question at Hanoi. Why? The problem is political and psychological. USA is a white, foreign, arrogant, WWII 1945 winning super power which has lost wars at Vietnam 1974, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan today after supporting local rotten strongmen on the ground not using nuclear weapons. Many opponents do not take USA seriously today. But CIA has everything under control and will never allow that the nuclear hoax is finally described what it is - manipulations!

Stephen Biegun

hasn't understood that nuclear weapons are a hoax

16 September 2019 - a Monday - Kim invited Trump to another summit! A preparatory meeting was in Sweden (!) Saturday 5 October 2019 of all places. Kim informed that there would be no summit. Sweden recognized North Korea (and
East Germany!) 1973 in order to meet communist gangsters, do business and lose Swedish tax payers' money.


When I was a small boy in Sweden in the 1950's, I was told about terrible atomic bombs and their nuclear radiation killing civilians and, of course, I believed it. I was fooled! What else could I do? But 65+ years later I know much better. No atomic bombs have ever exploded anywhere and nobody has died of radiation from them. It is the biggest military fraud/hoax in history. And big business!

An early, typical example of the US atomic bomb nonsense was US General Matthew Ridgway, 19th Chief of Staff of the United States Army (1953-1955), who was 29 April 1954 at the White House, Washington, DC. The question posed by Potus Eisenhower to Ridgway was about secretly helping (?) France by bombing Dién Ben Phu, Vietnam with an atomic bomb! Dién Ben Phu was an isolated, small French military base of little importance surrounded by Vietnamese guerilla. Only idiots would consider helping it by dropping an atomic bomb on it. In the end no a-bomb was dropped. Why? It didn't exist. And the French capitulated 7 May 1954. And the "cold war" could go on!

Potus JFK was spring 1963 making/reading terrible speeches on radio and on TV about his efforts to save the world to avoid nuclear destruction. JFK was lying through his nose about it = stating what ghost writers had prepared. It was again just propaganda. Later same year JFK was disposed of at Dallas, Texas. He had done his job. And the nuclear hoax could go on.

Atomic bombs and nuclear radiation are always Fake News originally invented by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California and the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory in New Mexico and similar laboratories strengthening the United States' security. It seems the same lies about nuclear radiation are used today to scare the people at Fukushima described below at 2.11. It seems North Korea has also joined the show.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory prime mission is improving the United States' security, we are told, by developing and applying world-class propaganda, pseudo-science, fake technology and fantasy engineering that enhance the U.S.'s defence, reduce the global threat from terrorism and weapons of mass destruction and respond with vision, quality, integrity and technical excellence to scientific issues of national importance, blah, blah. Most past and present scientists employed by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are simply paid Hollywood actors incl. the one that invented the thermonuclear bomb in the 1950's. The whole thing is bullshit!

The mission of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory also aligns, we are told, with US national security priorities applying world-class propaganda, pseudo-science, fantasy technology and fake engineering since 1945. It designed and built 1943/5 the first fake atomic bombs described below!


Plutonium was first produced and isolated in USA on December 14, 1940. It was a new and unusual element. Its invention created unique opportunities and challenges for pseudoscientists and capitalist corporate partners of the top secret Manhattan Project looking for easy profits. Plutonium could be used as a weapon!

Plutonium production was therefore essential for the Manhattan Project, and scientists at institutions throughout the country were secretly competing with isotope separation methods to create more of it during 1942.

The invention meant that the entire plutonium weapon design effort at Los Alamos had to be altered to a more complicated explosion device, code-named "Fat Man". The explosion design would use a series of explosive lenses to compress (sic) a solid sphere of plutonium-239 into a high-density core (sic), initiating a nuclear explosion (sic), media reported years later. Before physicists at Los Alamos could test the explosion design, they needed more plutonium for experiments.

In October 1943, construction began on a revolutionary plutonium production reactor in Hanford, WA. The B Reactor, as it came to known, was completed in March 1945 and began producing plutonium for the explosion-type atomic bomb that destroyed Nagasaki August 1945.

1 000's of scientists and engineers worked at Los Alamos 1943 and had to pass this little gate daily

Was plutonium dangerous for humans? The first human plutonium injection occurred on April 10, 1945. Etc, etc. But do not worry. No plutonium was used anywhere for anything. It was and is today just propaganda.

As a Federally Funded Research and Development Centre, the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory develops its fake strategic plans with priorities set by the US Department of Energy (DOE), the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), and key relevant national strategy guidance documents, such as the Nuclear Posture Review, the National Security Strategy, the Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future and similar US propaganda.

As the senior laboratory in the DOE system, the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory executes work in all of DOE's missions: national security, science, energy, and environmental management. The contributions are part of what makes DOE a U.S. science, technology, and engineering powerhouse ... of lies and propaganda!

The Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory is just a big joke since 1943. Actually, the whole town - Los Alamos - is bullshit.

The Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory thus also performs work for the U.S. Department of Defence (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), and Department of Homeland Security (DHS), among others.

As a result, the strategy reflects U.S. priorities spanning propaganda and lies of nuclear security, intelligence, defence, emergency response, non-proliferation, counterterrorism, energy security, emerging threats, and environmental management.

The Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory thus focuses on propaganda, fake news, integrating research and development solutions to achieve the maximum impact on strategic national security priorities. In addition, through its partnerships across government agencies, laboratories, universities, and industry, it delivers the best possible, but fake, science and technology results for the nation.

The Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory is famous for having built 3 155 (!) B61 atomic bombs in the 1960's! No atomic B61 bombs were ever built anywhere! They were just propaganda. Some of the fake bombs were getting modernized 2019!

Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory is operated by Triad National Security, LLC under contract to the NNSA. It has been created solely to manage and operate Los Alamos National Laboratory for the National Nuclear Security Administration and it is bullshit! It is run by clowns saying they are serious scientists. Listen:

Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory is northern New Mexico's largest institution and the largest employer with approximately 9.000 direct employees and around 650 contractor personnel, we are told. The town Los Alamos has only 12 019 inhabitants! There are 5,249 households and an average household size of 2.23 people (total 11,707 persons) Additionally, there are roughly 120 DOE employees stationed at the laboratory to provide federal oversight of work and operations. Approximately one-third (33.3%) of the laboratory's technical staff members are physicists, one quarter (25%) are engineers, one-sixth (16.7%) are chemists and materials scientists, and the remainder (i.e. 25%) work in mathematics and computational science, biology, geosciences, and other disciplines. Professional scientists and students also come to Los Alamos as visitors to participate in scientific projects. The staff collaborates with universities and industry in both basic and applied research to develop resources for the future. The annual budget is approximately US$2.2 billion. There is no catering and the scientists must clean their own offices and toilets ... if they are there.

Most persons employed by the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory are just paid Hollywood type actors. Some of them live down at Albuquerque ... doing nothing. What bullshit!


Natural intelligence displayed by humans is very easy to manipulate by false information of all sorts. False information always starts as Fake News published by media. At my website I present several examples of false information:

December 1938 German scientist Otto Hahn discovered fission, i.e. that certain atoms could split into two other atoms while releasing energy and radiation. It was real news! However, soon after crazy, stupid scientists invented that fission could be used for military purposes, e.g. as a bomb, and convinced corrupt politicians that it should be developed - secretly. Normal people should not be informed until the weapon was used. US president Roosevelt decided so 1942 and his a-bomb was ready in record time July 1945 we are made to believe. However it was a hoax. Military fission didn't work!

August 1945 US Media however published information given to them by the US military that two small ports of no strategic value in west and south Japan had been completely destroyed by atomic bombs killing about 200.000 Japanese civilians, men, women and children either directly or later by radiation. The result was that Japan unconditionally surrendered a week later and that WW2 was ended without any loss of face. Only (secret) conditions were that Japan should keep quiet about the whole a-bomb thing being a hoax, that USA could have military bases in Japan forever and that the Japan old ruling elite remained in place. Because no atomic bombs exploded anywhere. It was Fake News!

There are no public records of persons in Japan having been killed by nuclear weapons and radiation. Killing unarmed women and children is of course pure terrorism and has nothing to do with a real, military wars between stupid soldiers killing each other ... but nobody protested ... ever ... apart from various free world communists that wanted to ban the atomic bombs completely early 1950's. Free world anti-communists dismissed them as traitors, blah, blah. The two Japanese towns were simply destroyed/burnt down by napalm carpet fire bombings. Only few Japanese died. Military censorship did the rest. And the Japan elite - the secret Black Dragon Society - became a winner. They blamed the war on some military people that were executed. They created a law that made war illegal for Japan so that resources could instead be used for peaceful purposes and good living. And soon Japan became one of the richest countries in the world. The Japan ruling, secret elite had won! But ordinary Japanese had to keep quiet about it. It was easy. Most Japanese and their media just do what they are told anyway.

April 1961 USSR media published ridiculous information to the effect that a Soviet, communist cosmoclown had orbited Earth in outer space in a funny spacecraft and that the communist Soviet Union had won the space race against the USA. But no Russian cosmonuts then or American astronuts later were ever in space. It was also Fake News (or stupid communist propaganda).

July 1969 US media informed about American astronuts landing on the Moon. Fake News!


September 1994 Swedish media published information (sic) to the effect that an Estonian ferry, M/S Estonia, had sunk in the Baltic sea killing ~1.000 persons due to a bow visor having fallen off. It was Fake News. Easy to show! No bow visor fell off anywhere. It was removed from the wreck at the bottom of the sea below water after the sinking! The ferry was apparently sunk by sabotage/terrorists noticed by the engine crew that survived ... and was forced to shut up about it. A friend of mine was ordered to invent a fake accident investigation report about the lost visor. After doing that he died suddenly, when his investigation was still under way!

September 2001 US media published information to the effect that some Saudi Arab terrorists had crashed two airplanes into the World Trade Centre at New York City so it became dust in two (!) top down skyscraper collapses killing 1.000's of persons and that Pentagon, Washington, DC was also attacked by a plane. It was Fake News. The WTC was demolished be explosives planted beforehand as seen live on TV and no plane hit the Pentagon! The result was that USA could start and lose wars against terrorism - starting at Kabul (!) - killing innocent people anywhere that still goes on. USA hasn't won any wars against terrorism since 2001. And crashing planes into tops of skyscrapers only produce local damages to the tops. No structure of any kind can collapse from top down by gravity into dust in spite of US structural experts/terrorists suggesting it.

The above five events were made possible because media do not ask for any evidence at all of impossible events before publishing them as Fake News!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a new discipline developed by humans to ensure that human fake information can be established as historic facts without further discussions and taught as such at schools and universities. My website is an attempt to show that Artificial intelligence (AI) is nonsense. Of course an AI software that can analyze all chess game combinations seven draws ahead will win over an AI software only analyzing five draws ahead. It has nothing to do with human intelligence.

One purpose of this article is also to improve your thinking!

Thinking is the only way to sort facts from fiction/propaganda, truth from lies.

Thinking is the only way to ensure an effective and happy life in freedom because it is what leads to considered action, and therefore the realizing of goals, and therefore a sense of being in control of one's life and experiencing self-esteem.

The more I read about US and French nuclear weapons, it seems USA, France and the rest are trolling people to see just how much they can get away with. There are major anomalies and lots of red flags everywhere. Everything is military secrets. All a-bomb explosion tests are done at remote places out of sight from the public. Media just publish what they are told to report. There is no evidence of anything, i.e, only evidence of Fake News.

All persons associated with the nuclear weapons hoax since 1945, which started in Japan, are in my opinion criminals guilty of complicity in fraud. Fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain and complicity is the participation in a completed criminal act of an accomplice, a partner in the crime who aids or encourages other perpetrators of that crime, and who shared with them intent to act to complete the crime. To scare people with fake nuclear weapons is a crime. And USA will continue the crime and fraud until at least 2046! Japan? They just agree with any nonsense.


Latest US military nuclear force developments are: 

To continue to field a nuclear force roughly the same size as it is today, the United States military plans to modernize virtually every element of that force over the coming decades. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the most recent detailed plans for nuclear forces, which were incorporated in the Obama Administration's 2017 budget request, would cost $1.2 trillion in 2017 dollars over the 2017-2046 period: more than $800 billion to operate and sustain (that is, incrementally upgrade) nuclear forces and about $400 billion to modernize them.

and (it is bullshit!):

... after a year in office, (Trump's) administration released its Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), calling for new capabilities, and wanting them to be delivered quickly. ⦠In its NPR, the Trump administration asked for more "low-yield" nuclear capabilities, namely, thermonuclear warheads that are launched with a D5 submarine ballistic missile (or D5 SLBM). The new thermonuclear warheads would be W76 Mod 2s, a low-yield version of the existing W76s. The old W76 built 1978 has a yield of 100 kilotons TNT, i.e. four times the Hiroshima bomb. These warheads won't represent a growth in the number of bombs - they're replacing existing warheads - but they do represent a new capability. It's unclear how many will be built, but most estimates say the number will be in the dozens. The Trump administration also wants funds to develop a new nuclear sea-launched cruise missile.

and then US Secretary of Nuclear Forces and Destructions Jim Mattis added:

U.S. nuclear forces cannot [sic] prevent all conflict, and should not be expected to do so. But, they contribute uniquely to the deterrence of both nuclear and non-nuclear aggression.

Soon after Mattis resigned (or Trump fired him) and a Mr. Patrick Shanahan took over that later also resigned or was fired. Mattis sounded crazy, didn't he? U.S. nuclear forces cannot [sic] prevent all conflict! Plenty money - $1.2 trillion - just wasted away on something that doesn't work! It is not much, but anyway! Other propaganda suggests other figures. Below I show that nuclear force and aggression don't work at all! It is all propaganda! A hoax! And fraud!


North Korea fake a-bombs 2005/22

Like North Korea. It is governed by Korean military dictatorship since 1945. The first dictator was Kim I until 1994. He was a simple soldier installed by Potus FDR's friend Stalin and he (and his gang) used Stalin's propaganda system, so everybody believed North Korea was a workers' paradise. During his time in office Japanese citizens were kidnapped and brought to North Korea ... to teach North Koreans Japanese!

Kim II was the son of Kim I and he ruled until 2011. He was born 1941 in the USSR, got a French education at the French lycée at Moscow and became a clever movie maker and film producer. 2002 USA/GWB/John Bolton threatened to attack North Korea and wipe it out with a nuclear attack! Kim II knew that all talk about nuclear weapons was pure propaganda since 1945, so he, Kim II decided to make North Korea a fake nuclear arms power himself early 2000 using his talents, i.e. secret, fake a-bomb tests, fake rockets or ICBMs (Hollywood theater props) taking off from hidden places or rolling in military parades and similar Potemkin style propaganda, etc. Like De Gaulle in France 40 years earlier. Kim II knew that USA (and Russia, France and China) would accept the cheap lies, so USA could develop its part of the nuclear fraud as described here.

During Kim II"s time the scandal about the kidnapped Japanese was resolved 2002! After secret negotiations five Japanese were returned to Japan September 17, 2002.

Kim II died 2011 and was replaced by one son Kim (Jong-un) III that carries on and expands daddy's nuclear fraud today. Kim III's mother was born in Japan 1952 and came to North Korea 1961 to enjoy the paradise there. She became a dancer/actress and one of Kim II's many mistresses. Kim II had another son Kim Jong-nam that apparently didn't like to be a dictator with nuclear arms. He wanted to be a playboy on the French Riviera! He also knew that all talk about nuclear weapons was pure propaganda since 1945, so he became a playboy in Chinese Macao instead and was murdered 2017. Surprise - USA applied economic sanctions to stop North Korea's nuclear weapons plans.

The whole Kim III nuclear thing is just stupid show biz Hollywood style! Imagine that North Korea is governed by an over-weight, diabetic, badly educated boy Kim III of a Japan born mother. Or, it is the Kim I's and Kim II's old buddies that pull the strings of Kim III! I wonder how long he will last. 2023? I mention Kim III a lot in this article here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Kim III has no nuclear weapons so USA and its presidents create a lot of nonsense about him as a threat. Typical propaganda. Kim III has no Korean nuclear scientists that can build mini-nukes and intercontinental rockets, bla, bla, bla.

29 July 2022 Kim III threatened to wipe out South Korea.

New Year 2019 Kim III addressed north and south Koreans on TV to uphold the slogan "Let's usher in a heyday of peace, prosperity and reunification of the Korean peninsula by thoroughly implementing the historic North-South declarations!" Kim III also made some comments about his nuclear weapons ... but not that they are just fantasies.

20 December 2018 he had said he will never give up his nuclear weapons unless the United States first removes what he calls "the nuclear threat". Kim III tells a lot of garbage. How can anyone take him serious?


A little earlier:

11 November - Trump met Putin met at Paris in the rain with the rest of the people running the show (Macron, Merkel, blah, blah) and attended a ceremony about the 1918 armistice 100 years ago ending WW1, even if Russia lost WW1 already 1917, when a civil war started that lasted until 1939, when Stalin and Hitler agreed a peace treaty (to attack Poland). It was a great opportunity to announce that nuclear arms are a hoax since 1945! Of course nobody did anything of that sort. For Swedish language knowing people I recommend reading my story about it.

23 October - Mr. John Bolton, Trump's national security advisor was visiting Moscow and Russian president Putin. Bolton explained why USA must put short range nuclear missiles in Europe to be able to hit Russia, bla, bla. The missiles were removed from Europe 30 years ago to reduce the risk of war.

9 October - Ms. Nikki Haley, US UN ambassador announced her resignation (at the end of the year) apparently fed up with the US nonsense in North Korea, Syria, Iran, Russia and China ... and Europe. USA had recently stepped up its economic war against Iran with economic sanctions of all sorts. I have never understood why the Islamic Republic of Iran does not simply say that (a) it does not have any nuclear weapons and (b) nuclear weapons are just a hoax and propaganda to scare people. However, after a while USA agreed that Iran could sell its crude oil to Japan, China, India, Turkey, Greece and Italy so the sanctions will not really hit Iran. Only European companies trying to sell cars, etc, to Iran are forbidden by USA to do so.


7 October - Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State (ex CIA) met Kim III at Pyongyang for the fourth time to shake hands in front of photographers and, for three hours, to secretly discuss a further Trump/Kim III meeting to denuclearize the Korean peninsula and sign a US/Korean peace agreement after the Korean war cease fire 1953.

What to do with millions of political prisoners in Kim III's concentration camps and torture prisons was not on the agenda and media were not told anything more about the meeting between the two fat persons. It seems nobody knows how to denuclearize something that is not nuclear.

20 September - it seems all agreed that the 18/19 September Moon/Kim III meeting to develop the Trump/Kim III deal of 12 June further was a fiasco. But it could not be announced by media. Media experts of all kinds analyzed the fiasco. Moon shall now visit Trump, so that Trump can make a new deal with Kim III about something. The peace agreement? It was not mentioned and media didn't ask about it. Another question ignored is - after a peace agreement is signed, what kind of country shall Korea become? A democracy? What shall happen to Kim III? Will private property be allowed? To who does agriculture, industry and government assets belong? What to do with the military? Etc, etc.

19 September - the summit finished. No peace agreement was signed! No press conference was made. No questions were answered by Moon and Kim III. Some documents were signed, some declarations were made and media were supposed to publish everything as fantastic Fake News. Maybe Kim III will visit Moon at Seoul in a few months to continue the show? Does anyone care?

18 September 2018 - the leaders of the two Koreas, i.e. Kim III (N) and Moon (S) met at Pyongyang but media were not invited. There was no agenda of the meeting. No wives were invited. No dinners were planned. No cultural events were ready, etc. The two parties didn't say what standpoints they had and what they expected from the other side. How can you meet under such boring circumstances?

Media were told to wait until evening of 19 September to find out what was discussed and agreed and what Fake News they should publish.

Media should of course ask if Kim III really has nuclear weapons and had detonated a thermonuclear hydrogen bomb underground 3 September 2017 or if it was just propaganda or Fake News. I will report developments here. I doubt there will be anything.

It is just stupid show biz.

9 August - at a memorial ceremony at Nagasaki UN secretary general
Antonio Guterres suggested that nuclear arms should be banned but also indicated that UN had evidence (!) that North Korea (!!) had nuclear weapons. However the UN evidence was secret and confidential. The memorial ceremony/propaganda was attended by 1.000's of 80+ years old a-bomb (sic) survivors and 1.000's of young school children in their uniforms. It was suggested that 74.000 persons died at once due to a nuclear FLASH and later due to nuclear radiation 1945 at Nagasaki. There is no evidence for it, though! UN secretary general Antonio Guterres just lies (so the link has been removed!).

6 August - media reported that the US/Trump/North Korea/Kim III summit (sic) 12 June (see below) at Singapore had not achieved the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula in seven weeks, all the fault of Kim III. Of course there was no real summit 12 June. Only two head of states shortly met privately a few hours producing a joint declaration (see below). It was just a show of ... no real value ... which now media transformed into something else. A summit! North Korea has only theater props of nukes to destroy anyway.


2 August - CIA (Gina Haspel) however informed (after torture?) that Kim III has nuclear force, weapons, research plants and reactors at the capital Pyongyang and places like Pyongsong, Pakchon, Yongbyon, Taechon, Kumpung-ri, Chonma-sam, Hagap, Kanggye, Yangjo-ri, Hyesan, Hamhung and Kumho. Details are not available or secret. These places are easy to visit (on the Internet) but I doubt that fake or real Korean nuclear weapons are created there today. Maybe 40 years ago by Kim II but not today! Why doesn't Trump & Co. go there to have a look in order to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula? Invite me to come along as a trustworthy witness/expert.

9 July - US/NK negotiations at Pyongyang, North Korea (NK), about building "a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula" got off to a slow start on 6 July. Kim III suggested that a peace treaty is signed first and that all economic sanctions against them are lifted afterwards. Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State (ex CIA), suggested that NK first hands over its 60 nuclear war heads to a third party for destruction and then, that all economic sanctions are lifted. As NK has no nuclear war heads at all, the solution is simple! NK hands over something that looks like nuclear war heads ... and then US/NK/SK & Co, sign a peace treaty. It is good propaganda! But why not open the border cutting Korea in half first? It doesn't serve any purpose at all after the Trump/Kim III 'deal' 12 June!

4 July -  Donald twittered earlier this week that he had made a deal with Kim III, that they had shaken hands to confirm the deal, so the world is now safe ... in spite of warnings from DIA and CIA that there are plenty nuclear weapons ready in Korea. But don't worry! No nuclear weapons work anywhere since 1945. It is just US/Japanese propaganda.

26 June - US Minister of War and Destruction James Mattis visited China, Korea (south) and Japan to promote a US/Korea peace treaty to open the border inside Korea. James forgot to visit Korea (north) and its poor citizens without human rights since 70 years. Media didn't dare to ask Jim about it. Or if Jim believed in nuclear weapons.

25 June - Japan's Foreign Minister Taro Kono said his country is ready to dispatch experts for inspection of North Korean nuclear facilities. Kono is a third generation politician. Kono noted that the Korean denuclearization process would require quite a number of experts and that Japan had specialized knowledge. This is very good news but the experts should first of all check, if (1) there are any Korean nuclear facilities to check at all, (2) how North Korea ignites there nuclear weapons and (3) ... did nuclear bombs actually destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945. This web page suggests that Japan and USA lied about it 1945!

The Summit and the Deal

12 June - 09.00 hrs local (Singapore) time north Korean dictator Kim III met US president Trump face to face at a Singapore hotel (no wives were invited, no Singapore government officials greeted them, no food or drinks were served, media were kept far away, etc)) but only an interpreter was present and it was not clear what deal was going to be made about the 60 atomic bombs/missiles that Kim III has to wipe out USA. Then four advisors joined on each side and a discussion could start about the 60 nuclear weapons/missiles in North Korea. Finally, about 13.00 hrs, Kim III (DPRK) and Trump (USA) signed an agreement to (1) establish new relations between the countries and (2) be committed to "build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean peninsula", where the US and South Korea are still technically at war with North Korea (DPRK), and two more items:

1. The United States and the DPRK commit to establish new U.S.-DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity.

2. The United States and the DPRK will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.

3. Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

4. The United States and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified.

That was all! It was a quick summit or whatever it was!

The question of >25 million Koreans locked up in Korea (north) without human rights was not mentioned and >3.000 attending journalists didn't ask one question about them.

The basic problem is actually the barbed wire border established by USA/president Truman 1945 cutting one Korea into two parts preventing free movements of human beings.

USA/president Truman 1945 installed a military dictator in the south - Syngman Rhee - and prevented free movements and elections to be held forever.

The solution today is simple! Just remove the barbed wire at the border and allow free movements, so that 50.9 million Koreans in the south can freely meet 25.5 million Koreans in the north. Then it is easy to show that nuclear weapons are a hoax. I will assist! Remember divided Germany until 1989. It was said USA and USSR installed nuclear weapons on both sides ... but it was just propaganda until the Germans unified themselves 1990 ... and the mysterious nuclear weapons just disappeared in thin air.

Question thus now is how to "build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean peninsula".

My suggestion is simple - open the border and let Koreans move around freely. But do we really know if North Korea has nuclear weapons?

Does North Korea really have any nuclear weapons or is it Fake News?

Well, media report it and we have the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) that bans nuclear explosions by everyone, everywhere: on the Earth's surface, in the atmosphere, underwater and underground.

CTBT has 100's of monitoring stations, it says, that detects nuclear explosions and radiation!!! The CTBT therefore monitored the radioactivity worldwide after the Fukushima nuclear power plant incident 11 March 2011 described below.

Nobody has died from that radiation anywhere and as of 13 April 2011, the average level of radioactivity picked up by the CBTE stations worldwide continued to decline, which was due to the relatively short half-lives of iodine-131 (8 days) and xenon-133 (5.2 days).

But we are also told that DPRK conducted its sixth nuclear test on 3 September 2017, stating it had tested a thermonuclear weapon (hydrogen bomb). So what? Who checked it?

CTBT's monitoring stations picked up an unusual seismic event (right) in the DPRK on 3 September 2017 at 03:30 (UTC), we were told!

Over 100 of the CTBT stations contributed to the analysis (?). The characterization of the event was consistent with a man-made explosion, it is suggested:

"An initial magnitude estimate of 5.8 has now been revised to 6.1. The event was significantly larger than earlier ones recorded by the system and the location estimate shows that the event took place in the area of the DPRK's nuclear test site.

This explosion can only be classified as nuclear once corresponding airborne radioactivity is detected. Should traces of radioactivity have been released from the event, typically in the form of the radioactive noble gas xenon, they would need to be transported through the atmosphere to one of the radionuclide stations in the region, detected, sampled and analyzed. Results, if any, can be expected within days or weeks."

However no results were published within days or weeks, i.e. no radioactive noble gas xenon was found and a thermonuclear hydrogen bomb explosion has nothing in common with an earthquake. A thermonuclear hydrogen bomb explodes in some nano-seconds after having been ignited by an atomic fission bomb explosion that starts the hydrogen fusion and that's it, we are told. There is first an atomic bomb, fission explosion that starts a second thermonuclear hydrogen bomb, fusion explosion (if you believe the nonsense!). Both last only nanoseconds! An earthquake lasts several minutes or hours and it has nothing in common with a sudden explosion. An earthquake starts with some small quakes, then some really big shakings followed by smaller ones. Anyone, like CTBT, suggesting, based on seismic data, that DPRK ignited a thermonuclear bomb is part of the hoax!

Only complete twerps believe North Korea has ignited nuclear weapons. But media cannot report it.  

14 July 2022 Kim III is still dictator of North Korea. Trump is replaced by J. Biden as US president, who has no intention to negotiate with Kim III. US consider it a plus to have an idiot without nukes running North Korea even if media cannot report it.  


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