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Media och övriga läsare av mina webbsidor om atombomber 1945, månresor 1969, Estoniaolyckan 1994 och 911-tornkollapser 2001 varnas. Eftersom ni sannolikt lider av kognitiv dissonans, klarar ni inte av dem utan att bli mentalt störda med förödande konsekvenser.

Mina bevisade faktauppgifter är ju enkla och riktiga nyheter och naturligtvis inga tokiga konspirationsteorier utan rena kontrollerade hallucinationer. Atombomber fungerar ej. Inga a-bomber dödade >200.000 civila i Hiroshima/Nagasaki 1945. Det var bara en bluff att snabbt avsluta andra världskriget!

Människor kan ej resa till månen eller i rymden.

M/S Estonia tappade aldrig visiret 1994 och 911 skyskrapor kollapsar ej uppifrån och ner 2001. Alla officiella teorier och uppgifter om motsatser är propaganda, lögner och fantasiteorier som satts ihop av politiska särintressen m.h.a, media.

Lider ni av kognitiv dissonans, finner ni troligtvis mina icke officiella teorier och uppgifter störande och blir förbannade, ilskna, ängsliga eller oroliga. Vad skall man tro och vad skall media skriva? Gamla officiella lögner eller sanningen?

Media och övriga läsare ombedes i första hand att söka psykologisk hjälp för att bli av med dessa kognitiva dissonanser. Krya på er. Läs gärna min Svenska Historia 1905-2021 eller min uppfattning om Universum !


Media and other readers of my web pages about atomic bombs 1945, Moon trips 1969, Estonia incident 1994 and 911 tower collapses 2001 are warned. As you probably suffer from cognitive dissonance, you cannot handle them without getting mentally disturbed with serious consequences.

My proven facts are simple and correct news and no crazy conspiracy theories but controlled hallucinations! Atomic bombs do not work. No a-bombs killed >200 000 civilians at Hiroshima/Nagasaki 1945. It was just a bluff to quickly end world war two.

Human beings cannot travel to the Moon or in space.

M/S Estonia didn't lose its bow visor 1994 and 911 skyscrapers do not collapse from top down 2001. All official theories or information to the contrary are propaganda, lies or fantasy theories invented by particular political interests promoted by media.

If you suffer from cognitive dissonance, you no doubt find my non-official theories and info disturbing and get upset, angry, anxious or worried. What to believe and write? Old official lies or the truth?

Media and other readers are kindly requested to get psychological assistance to get rid of their cognitive dissonance. Cure yourselves! Read my Swedish History 1905-2021 (in Swedish) or my understanding of the Universe !


Don't blame me, if you don't like what I write. I am just a conservative, bourgeois man since birth with liberal and anti-communist views having brought up three daughters (above) to look after themselves except at my birthday. It seems they agree with me about most things.

End year 2019 the world was attacked by the mysterious, invisible Corona virus.

The Covid virus was suddenly discovered by unknown experts at Wuhan, China. They didn't understand that it was a serious illness, so they allowed the invisible virus to spread. It happens. They didn't see it!

Spring 2020 media informed us that the invisible Covid virus and its illness was a pandemic ready to kill all of us on Earth! Unless you vaccinated your self. Plenty strange vaccins were suddenly developed, tested and available. I didn't get vaccinated because I have a good immune system. But I tested myself many times. No covid virus by me!

And May 2022 the pandemic is over in France and better forgotten.

It is like 1945 when the atomic bombs exploded over Japan according to experts. The world just accepted that the bombs exploded killing Japanese. But nobody died due to the atomic bombs. It never happened. Only paid witnesses survived the atomic FLASHES in Japan.

Or like 1950/60's when Russians and Americans travelled in space. The world just accepted the nonsense explained by experts. But it was all a Hollywood show.

Like the M/S Estonia sinking 1994. Some experts said the visor fell off. But no visor fell off! It was an invention to hide a crime.

Or September 2001 USA was attacked by some Arabs ... live on TV we were told. Two planes crashed into skyscrapers at NYC and three skyscrapers collapsed from top down by gravity explained by experts. What a show! It was produced beforehand by Hollywood movie makers and broadcasted live to fool us, when the towers were brought down by explosives from bottom up!

And all the experts were just pseudo scientists lying on behalf of particular interests. Enjoy my web site.

Many people wonder who I am and why I do this web site about false atomic bombs 1945, invented Moon trips 1969, unreal, sinking Estonia incident 1994 and 911 fantastic tower collapses 2001 and other things. Why not leave people suffering from cognitive dissonance - their intelligence tells them one thing, but their amygdala tells them under no circumstances to push it - alone with their dreams?

The answer is simple. Born at Stockholm, Sweden 1946, question was 1964, what to do with the rest of my life. Study physics and Physical Sciences at the Royal Institute of Technology with the best brains of Sweden designing rockets, spacecrafts and nuclear bombs, etc.? Boring! Luckily the Nobel Prize winning grandfather MS of a friend of mine advised, by chance, against it. Badly paid jobs. Better to study Mechanical Sciences. More interesting and better paid. MS had 1945 been asked to build a (fake!) Swedish a-bomb and agreed ... if all info was made public! MS didn't get the job (I found out later and no Swedish a-bomb was built)! So I studied naval architecture/shipbuilding at Gothenburg, and graduated 1969 and did military services in the Navy 1965/70 and married 1971 a nice girl, IK, whose father was a Latvian seaman having escaped from Soviet Union during WWII, who told me about his adventurous life. What a chance! I liked it! And suddenly, by chance, I was at Yokohama, Japan May 1972/November 1976 assisting building super tankers, etc. Yokohama was a nice place but looked strange. It was bombed back to the stone age 29 May 1945, I was told, but was better not talked about! Two colleagues of mine had been boys at Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945 that were also bombed. By the Americans. A-bombs! But they never experienced it. Or noticed it. Any (fake) a-bombs were dropped on the other side of the towns ... but better not talk about it. Japan is a civilized country with a fantastic culture since 1400+ years and I learnt Japanese and was very much influenced by everything but ... no a-bombs exploded there, I found out later. By chance I got a job with a ship owner, BV, at Monte Carlo, Monaco, to assist operating oil tankers, ropax ferries and cruise ships. Much work was by chance in the Middle East so 1980-2007 I visited Egypt almost 100 times with various shipping projects but also learnt, apart from the language, a lot about local past and present history and politics and all the recent wars and poverty. The work with BV lasted until 2000 and included much travel and work in black Africa, Asia and Latin America meeting interesting people and cultures. All by chance. 1991 Soviet Union collapsed and as BV was born at Odessa, Russia, 1913, we opened an office there 1992 to employ Russian seafarers and to do business. It was sad. Many Russians had lost all their illusions and belongings during 70 years of communist terror and the place was a mess, which we wanted to assist sorting out. Still is 2019. I visited Russia/Ukraine, by chance, 33 times 1992/98 built one ship and bought another there ... but didn't learn the language. German worked alright. After that the ex-USSR really collapsed down the drain.

1994 the Estonian ropax M/S Estonia sank in the Baltic Sea killing >850 persons. As we operated similar ships I got interested to find out what really happened. Officially the 50+ ton bow steel visor had fallen off, which nobody noticed, and suddenly the ship just sank, the Estonian, Finnish and Swedish authorities investigation the incident quickly announced. Only 137 persons of almost 1.000 survived. I established that the ship wasn't seaworthy and probably sank due to hull leakage ... and sabotage. No chance I was wrong.

I informed the Swedish authorities and was told I didn't understand. Soon after the chief technical investigator, BS, of the incident died of cancer. Then the chief administrative investigator, OF, told media he had forgotten to file a letter and he was fired. Other people involved with the investigation also died or were fired. A new chief administrative investigator, ALE, of the incident was appointed and I met her to inform about my findings, i.e. all that BS and OF said were simple lies! ALE, a really fat lady got upset. Luckily there was a table between us, when she tried to jump on me. So instead of knocking me down, she grabbed the table and ... throw it out of the open window (it was July 1997 at Stockholm), while I quickly left the office. ALE was an expert of inventing lies for the government. She later became head of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority where she scared people about the dangers of radiation.

So I wasn't popular with the Estonian, Finnish and Swedish governments. I was officially branded an unintelligent, unreasonable and unscientific idiot by them, blah, bla, blah. What a story. I just wanted to help the survivors and relatives of victims and to improve safety at sea. Luckily I had little else to do with the tragic incident but I wrote some books about it. I had forgotten or didn't understand that only one opinion was permitted in Sweden any time.

1999 I repaired a ship at Mombasa, Kenya, and met, by chance, a very nice and intelligent German/Saxon girl, EM, whose father, WM, was an Uppersilesian worker that 1945 had fled to Saxony, had as a Wismut AG employé assisted Stalin to build a (fake) Soviet a-bomb 1949. Wismut AG delivered fake Uranium to Stalin! WM had 1958 been tortured by and kicked out of the German Democratic Republic leaving little EM alone behind. EM had fled later herself and wanted to move back to Saxony, when she retired. Saxony was then, 1999, a sad place after 40 years of East German communist terror 1949/89. It was an interesting experience. 2001 EM and I spent time at Freiberg i. Sa, when USA was attacked by some Arabs 911 2001 according media. We watched it on TV by chance. "It doesn't look real", said EM. "I agree", I said, based on my knowledge of Mechanical Sciences. Structures do not collapse from top down into dust. By gravity! I can prove it. EM got sick at little later and died suddenly 2002. EM really encouraged me with my M/S Estonia and 911 works. "The people should know the Truth", she maintained. And there we are today. No US a-bombs exploded 1945 and no Stalin a-bomb 1949 based on my experiences in Japan and with EM's father. And of course knowing MS 1964. And M/S Estonia didn't lose the bow visor 1994. And no Arabs destroyed NY skyscrapers from top down by gravity 2001. I have also added the US human space travel hoaxes 1961-2019 to my web site. There is one common feature of all these events. Assisted by propaganda and bad sciences spread by media as Fake News people believe these events took place as suggested by US Presidents and other authorities, while I conclude they never happened or that something else happened based on my cosmopolitan experiences and clear thinking. I know plenty people get upset learning my conclusions but they haven't seen the world I have seen, by chance, in my interesting life. Life is full of chances! Most people do not take them. But it is never too late. Reconsider what you believe as true and live happier.

Click on links above and below to get started.

M/S Estonia - the visor didn't cause the sinking

On 28 September 2020, it was 26 years since the M/S Estonia sank in the Baltic Sea 1994 and Prime Minister Carl Bildt ordered Swedish Accident Investigation Board, SHK, to confirm that the visor had fallen off and caused the accident. Bildt knew that the M/S Estonia transported military contraband and that certain parties did not like it. The SHK Director General Olof Forssberg was eager to help Bildt and SHK shipbuilding technical expert, my old friend, navy commander Börje Stenström invented a fantasy story that media announced as TRUTH. I didn't believe it. The above three persons covered up a crime incl. kidnapping of innocent people and falsifying everything about the incident. Media helped. In reality the visor was removed from the wreck at the bottom of the sea. The story is still going on ...

M/S Ever Given

Do not increase speed in the Suez Canal during a sand storm!

M/S Joola

Det kan ju vara av intresse att veta varför lilla senegalflaggade M/S 'Joola' kapsejsade och sedan flöt upp och ned på det oskadade skrovet den 28 september 2002 utanför Gambia. Hennes deplacement var ca 2 150 ton och dödvikten 500 ton vid djupgående d=3.1 meter. Hennes metacentrum M var ca 5,9 meter över kölen K, KM=5,9 m.
Normalt var tyngdpunkten G ca 5,1 meter over kölen, KG=5,1 meter, vilket innebär att den berömda metacenterhöjden GM=0,8 m. 'Joola' kunde ta 580 passagerare, ca 40 ton levande vikt.

M/S Al Salam Boccaccio 98

The M/V AL SALAM BOCCACCIO 98, was a Panama registered ropax vessel, which sank on 3 February, 2006, at approximately 01.33 hours Egypt local time (23.33 hours UTC on February 02, 2006), during a short international voyage across the Red Sea, where she departed from the Port of Duba, Saudi Arabia, with destination to Safaga, Egypt.

It was suggested that (i) a fire broke out in the main RO-RO cargo space - garage - in the ship's superstructure (car deck), that (ii) water of the spray fire extinguishing system used to extinguish the fire could not escape, as (iii) the scuppers were blocked and that (iv) the weight of this water caused the vessel to capsize and sink and (v) that >1 000 persons drowned, while the Master and crew just watched and didn't contact the ship owner at Cairo. I think sabotage took place - of ship and of investgation.

M/S Costa Concordia

The Italian flag/registry M/S Costa Concordia was incorrectly designed, substandard, unsafe and not seaworthy at departure 13 January 2012 with ship owner's and Italian maritime authority's knowledge and the insurances were not valid. Crew, mostly underpaid foreigners, were not available aboard to muster passengers and escort them to the lifeboats and to launch all lifesaving appliances to enable safe and complete abandon ship of all passengers in an emergency. The ship had 25 illegal, watertight doors in the hull that caused the capsize the following day. Media has never reported these simple facts. By pure luck most people aboard managed to leave the ship anyway before it capsized and sank. Later the wreck was salvaged, put in drydock and ... finally towed to sea and was sunk .... again!

High Safety at Sea

You expect that the marine industry really wants to learn from accidents to achieve better safety.

Accidents occur every day at sea. Do we learn anything from the investigations? Are the corrective measures right? Three very big accidents come to mind - the Exxon Valdez grounding in 1989 (35 000 tonnes of crude oil spilled), the Estonia sinking in 1994 (at least 852 dead) and the Erika sinking in 1999 (>10 000 tonnes of heavy fuel spilled). What do these three accidents have in common? One answer is that the casualty investigations were not done as agreed by the IMO. The IMO has adopted resolutions about how accident investigations shall be done since more than 40 years. The early resolutions were recommendations; the latest is a Code for the Investigation of Marine Casualties and Incidents. If the spirit of the resolutions is followed, there should be no problem. The resolutions are sometimes not followed. Independent innovators of better safety at sea like Heiwa Co have difficulties.

Fast Resuce Boats are unsafe 

According PART A, MANDATORY STANDARDS REGARDING PROVISIONS OF THE ANNEX TO THE STCW CONVENTION, Chapter VI: Standards regarding emergency, occupational safety, security, medical care and survival functions, Knowledge, understanding and proficiency, all seamen should know and be trained about, e.g.:

(i) Safety precautions during launch and recovery of a fast rescue boat, FRB,  

(ii) Launching and recovery of fast rescue boat, FRB, in prevailing and adverse weather and sea conditions.

I explain here all about a SOLAS Fast Rescue Boat, FRB, and why it is useless, unsafe, no means of rescue and kill seamen in spite of IMO recommending not to train with an FRB or that Port State Control, PSC, should not penalize ships not training with an FRB, etc. And why the IMO is doing nothing.

Why do new passenger ships suddenly lose stability and roll over?

Recently (2006) a newly built passenger ship suddenly - in a few seconds without warning - rolled over >20° in fine weather and many passengers were hurt losing balance and being thrown into walls and on decks. All water in the deck swimming pool flowed out. There was panic. Then the vessel stabilized itself at abt 15° angle of list … and slowly the vessel became upright again. Why did this happen?

It has of course happened before! A couple of years ago (1999) it happened to another newly built passenger ship at breakfast time. The ship suddenly rolled over, the whole breakfast buffet was thrown into the wall and on the deck and passengers lost balance and were thrown around. The ship owners quickly blamed the sudden loll on the rudders (sic)! They had turned too quickly … and the vessel listed. Do you believe that? In the latter case the vessel remained at >15° list even after the rudders were put back straight. And slowly the vessel became upright. What actually happened?

Vinnova (Swedish agency)

Vinnova - Verket för innovationssystem - fick i april 2001 uppdrag att hantera regeringens beslutade program för utvecklings- och forskningsarbete inom sjösäkerhetsområdet.

Bakgrund - Estonia hade en rad sjösäkerhetsbrister

Vinnova säger själv på sin webbsida att bakgrunden för detta beslut var bl.a. Estoniakommissionens lämnade slutrapport (5) om M/S 'Estonia's förlisning:

"I rapporten (5) konstaterade kommissionen att fartyget hade en rad sjösäkerhetsbrister. Dessa avsåg bl.a. fartygets konstruktion, utrymningsmöjligheter och rutiner, räddningsutrustning och räddningssystem. Enligt kommissionen var det huvudsakligen dessa brister som låg bakom olyckan och dess allvarliga konsekvenser. Kommissionen rekommenderade även andra åtgärder för att förbättra sjösäkerheten, bl.a. framtagande av system för kvalitetssäkring vid konstruktions och tillverkning av fartyg, säkerhetsanalyser, system för utrymning och räddning efter ett fartygshaveri och ny livräddningsutrustning".

Learning from Marine Accidents

This paper should have been read at the 'Learning from Marine Incidents II' conference in London 14 March 2002. The Royal Institution of Naval Architects howevere decided to stop the presentation, so you have to read it here. 

Marine accidents occur every day. Most accidents are minor and are investigated by professional hull or P&I underwriters surveyors to everyone's satisfaction. Some accidents are bigger and may be investigated by persons from the flag states accident investigation board. The results of such investigations and subsequent reports may contribute to safety at sea. Unfortunately where extremely serious incidents occur, such as large oil spills or ferry sinkings with a large death toll, there is a danger that the subsequent investigation becomes entangled with vested interests and the cause of the incident attributed may vary from the actual causes. Regrettably this can mean a deterioration in safety at sea. The author looks at some recent marine accidents and the resulting investigations.

Fast Rescue Boats and Piracy

If you Google on Fast Rescue Boats, you'll find the Heiwa Co web page on first Google page. That page explains why a Fast Rescue Boat, FRB, is useless as a life saving appliance, LSA on ships at sea in spite of being a SOLAS requirement. Reason is that an FRB is difficult to launch from a seagoing ship and impossible to retrieve at sea and that seamen may be killed in the process. FRBs are not really supposed to be retrieved at sea! They are best used from shore!

All about dark energy and the mystery of the Universe

James Webb Space Telescope

3 October and 6 November 2019 - I was arrested and jailed by French police! What a stupid incident!!

The Coulombi Egg Oil Tanker - approved by the IMO, forbidden by USA

The COULOMBI EGG oil tanker design is the only alternative to Double Hull tankers approved by the IMO in accordance with Marpol I/13F(5) since 1997. It was developed 1990-1997 by Anders Björkman, Heiwa Co and it's superior environmental protection and tanker safety are adapted according to damage statistics to minimize all known risks. After IMO approved it USA announced that such tankers could not enter US ports!

Arkimedes princip gäller ej hos Chalmers Tekniska Högskola

Klas Brännström, Karin Andersson, Mats Viberg, Svetlana Adamovic, Jonas Ringsberg, Per Hogström och Chalmers TH:s oredliga forskning 2006-2014. Chalmers bekräftar 2015 - Arkimedes princip gäller ej i Sverige 2016:

"Chalmers goda rykte bibehålls genom att inte samarbeta med dig"

Vad kan nya rektorn Stefan Bengtsson säga om det? Svar - ingenting!

The Coulombi Egg FPSO

Most FPUs - Floating Production Units - are FPSOs - Floating Production Storage & Offloading units built similar to sea going oil tankers, i.e. enlarged pontoons. However an FPSO is not an oil tanker and the optimum design should be completely different. Like a life buoy - or a cake. And then it can be built on one or more 50x50 meters slipways. There is no need for a long building dock or similar. But you need a jetty and a free space of abt 200 meters outside the jetty to moor the complete, assembled unit for outfitting. It is also good to have 30 meters depth outside the jetty.

M/T Erika

The M/T 'Erika' tanker incident outside Brittany the 11 and 12 December 1999 has provoked questions. The Erika broke apart on 12 December 1999, while underway at sea and spilled >10 000 tons of heavy fuel oil. Why? A very stupid answer was given 21 February 2005!

M/T Prestige

The M/T Prestige suffered a fracture in the side shell on 14 November 2002 during a spell of very severe weather outside Spain. The Master aboard, Captain Apostolos Mangouras, was not responsible for it. But he was jailed anyway ...

M/T Limburg

The double hull VLCC 'M/T Limburg', b. 2000, suffered an explosion in the double hull on 6 October 2002, at the single point mooring buoy outside the offshore oil terminal of the Ash Shihr Terminal south east of Sanaa, Yemen. The vessel was 20% part-loaded with cargo in some wing tanks at the time and the weather was good. The draught of the ship may have been about 7-8 meters.

This was the first time that a serious explosion occurred in a double hull VLCC and the question is of course what caused it?

Better FPSO Safety

Most FPUs - Floating Production Units - are FPSOs - Floating Production Storage & Offloading units but you could also say that there is Fearfully Poor Safety Offshore!

An FPSO receives live crude from the sea floor, kills it in a topside production installation that sends the dead crude to storage tanks in the hull of the FPSO - the bottom side. Later the crude is offloaded to shuttle tankers at regular intervals.

Världshistoria 1914-2022

Nu är det 2022 och 108 år sedan första världskriget bröt ut och 76 år sedan kalla kriget startade. Svenska skolor och media meddelar en version av historien som inte överensstämmer med min personliga uppfattning av första världskriget och vad som hände efteråt:

En bosnisk terrorist betald av hemliga krafter hade under sommaren 1914 i Sarajevo mördat Österrike/Ungerns kronprinsärkehertigpar, dvs en rätt dryg playboy med en helt korkad fru. Och 1945 dog en massa folk i Sétif!


Svenskar vet 2019 mycket litet om Östtyskland eller DDR, den tyska (o)demokratiska republiken, som var vårt grannland i söder under drygt 41 år 1949-1990. Anledningen är att svenska myndigheter och media tycker det är bäst att glömma hela skiten och Sveriges stöd av diktaturens brottslingar. Här följer min personliga sammanfattning av DDR: 

Östtyskland/DDR grundades 1949 av några tyska kommunister i den av Sovjetunionen ockuperade delen av Tyskland efter andra världskriget veckan efter Förbundsrepubliken Tyskland bildades av USA, England och Frankrike. På en vecka delades Tyskland itu! Utan diskussion!

Tidningen Fokus om Anders Björkman

Olle Rossander, svensk frilansjournalist, har konstiga idéer om Estoniahaveriet och mig, Anders Björkman. Rossander skrev september 2007 flera artiklar i veckotidningen Fokus om det och mig. De publicerades åtta månader innan slutresultaten av Vinnovas forskningsprojekt om Estonias sjunkförlopp på uppdrag av regeringen offentliggjordes (maj 2008) och får ses som en del av den regeringsledda vilseledningskampanjen om Estonia, dvs ingen dokumenterad kritik får anges. Media hjälper ju gärna till att vilseleda om Estonia!

"Estonia gick ... med högsta möjliga fart i allt grövre motsjö ... Allt tyder på att Estonias bogvisir slets loss i den grova sjön. ... Hon krängde våldsamt ett par gånger men sjönk sedan mycket snabbt. ... Det är detta, det så kallade sjunkförloppet, som har bäddat för teorierna om sabotage. Hon sjönk helt enkelt för fort. ... Amatörernas teorier om förloppet är många ... gemensamt för de flesta teorier är att det saknas såväl bevis som trovärdiga vittnen, etc, etc."

I artiklarna anges att jag är amatör när det gäller sjösäkerhet, att jag är ryktesspridare, att det inte finns några bevis för mina uppgifter publicerade 1996-2007 att färjan inte var sjövärdig, etc, och att jag vägrar (!) uppge mina källor när Fokus kontaktar mig. Men Fokus har emellertid aldrig kontaktat mig och vägrar införa rättelser. Varför kan inte Fokus ange riktiga uppgifter om sjunkförloppet?

Det ökande terrhotet

Allt mörkertal om att terror hotar är väl ingen nyhet men ökar det? Redan Stalin använde sig av terror i Sovjetunionen 1917-1953, dvs helt enkelt mördade eller spärrade in alla verkliga eller inbillade motståndare. Det hotet förskräckte och skadade hela befolkningen permanent. Hitler använde sig också av terror i Tyskland 1933-1945, dvs helt enkelt mördade eller spärrade in alla verkliga eller inbillade motståndare - precis som Stalin.

Why capsized ships float

On 28 September 2019 it is 25 years since M/S Estonia sank in the Baltic Sea and about 840 persons drowned and 12 Estonian crew members disappeared for good. The authorities managed to keep secret that the ferry was unseaworthy and transported ex-USSR war material in order to invent a completely improbable cause of accident; a wrongly designed bow visor that dropped off due to enormous wave impacts in very severe weather. But there was no real storm on 28 September 1994 and no visor fell off.

Deck lights

A friend of mine had the deck lights on his oil tanker on one night and a Norwegian war ship got blinded and ... hit him! The Norwegian ship then sank! All fault of the Greek:

Safety recommendation MARINE No 2019/15T

When leaving the Sture Terminal in the early hours of 8 November 2018, Sola TS had the forward-pointing deck lights turned on to light up the deck for the crew who were securing equipment etc. for the passage. The deck lights reduced the visibility of both the navigation lights and the flashes from the Aldis lamp. This contributed to the bridge team on HNoMS Helge Ingstad not managing to visually identify Sola TS as a vessel.

The Accident Investigation Board Norway recommends that the shipping company Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement S.A. establish safety measures for the use of deck lights on vessels, which ensures that the deck lights do not reduce the visibility of the navigation lights.

M/S ONE APUS incident 1 December 2020. 

M/S Evergiven incident July/November 2021.

The ship of the future 2021 will be a kite/engine driven ship.

The Covid-19 virus hoax 2020

Vad är en rättshaverist?  (sid 32)

Enligt en svensk myndighet: Det är viktigt att komma ihåg att bara för att en person är arg och upprörd på myndigheter och politiker innebär inte det att de är rättshaverister. Det kan vara en adekvat reaktion på något som inte fungerar. Man ska också komma ihåg att en person med ett rättshaveristiskt beteende ofta har ett psykiskt lidande som tar sig uttryck i anklagande av andra. De här personerna lägger ned stor del av sin tid på att driva processer, klaga och överklaga och ofta sprider det sig till flera områden. De har en bristande förståelse för att andra människor inte alltid ser eller upplever samma sak som de gör, eller att deras beteende kan påverka andra negativt.

Artiklarna på denna websajt är ej skrivna av en rättshaverist och jag ar psykiskt helt frisk.

Atomic Bombs do not work!

Brainwashed Americans think that compressing two Uranium metal pieces with a neutron in between at high pressure results in an explosion and that it was a good idea that the US Army Air Forces dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan August 1945 killing children and women. They do not understand that the destructions were simply staged events. The Americans were deceived (fooled) by their own Presidents and media, while others got scared ... and are still worried. The Japanese towns were simply destroyed by conventional napalm carpet fire bombings because compressing two Uranium metal pieces to double density with a neutron in between at high pressure does not result in an explosion.

Impossible human Moon travel

This article of mine about human and other, not so funny, space travel jokes and hoaxes is split up into 6 parts and many chapters for easy references and will take some time to study. Hope you will enjoy it. Most of it is quite hilarious. Imagine how events can be staged in space! Or actually on Earth. By Hollywood. No human beings have ever been in space.

A 911 Conspiracy Theory

Can a big, 400 meter tall skyscraper/tower with 110 floors collapse from top down by gravity into a heap of rubble due to small, local, structural damages up top at floors #92-96 caused by fire and create a Ground Zero? Answer - Yes! According to corrupt engineers! It happened twice on the same day.

All you need to know about the US 911 hoaxes  

The Official Version of 9/11 goes something like this:

Directed by a beardy-guy from a cave in Afghanistan, nineteen hard-drinking, coke-snorting, devout Muslims enjoy lap dances before their mission to meet Allah. Using nothing more than craft knifes, they overpower cabin crew, passengers and pilots on four planes.

And hangover or not, they manage to give the world's most sophisticated air defence system the slip.

Unfazed by leaving their "How to Fly a Passenger Jet" guide in the car at the airport, they master the controls in no-time and score direct hits on two towers, causing THREE to collapse completely. ...

The Heiwa €1 million Challenges

You are requested to describe a structure where a small top part C can crush the much bigger bottom part A from above, when top part C is dropped by gravity on bottom part A.

US Navy Seals

Retired Navy SEAL Robert O'Neill acknowledged November 2014 that he had on the orders of US President B. Obama fired two rounds into the forehead of Usama Bin Laden during a 2011 raid on his secret compound in Pakistan. O'Neill says more and more people were becoming aware of his role and that his name was bound to become public anyway. Robert unfortunately killed in cold blood a person that had nothing to do with the destruction of the WTC-complex. Shit happens.

The POUFF, POUFF-theory

The American audience quickly understood that no skyscraper can ever progressively, globally collapse POUFF, POUFF by gravity from top down due to a structural failure (or fire) up top and that allegedly scientific reports by terrorists like professor Bazant of Northwestern University and dr. Sunder of NIST are false.

911 and WTC1

No Arab terrorists hijacked any US planes on 11 September 2001 to fly two of them into the WTC towers at New York. What was shown live on TV that day incl. two towers disappearing in clouds of dust was just a pre-recorded show to fool the American public to enable some crazy terrorists to start wars all over and collect money at the same time. The towers were demolished from bottom up but the same terrorists managed to convince US structural engineers at ASCE and NIST to suggest that structures collapse from top down. However, no structure can collapse from top down. The US structural engineers prostituted and sold themselves to some criminal terrorists. Imagine that! Imagine that a structural member pops out of a structure. Is it possible? Let's check it.

911 and WTC7 - Evidence made secret!

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, at Washington, DC, has 2008 explained the complete destruction of skyscraper World Trade Centre 7 on 911 as a result of a single structural failure due to thermal expansion (due to a fire) initiating a 'classic progressive collapse' destroying the complete building.

There exist in structural damage analysis theory no such phenomenon: a 'classic progressive collapse' .

It is just a stupid invention, a fantasy, by non-regulatory, terrorist agency like NIST in support of terrorism. You should wonder why the NIST staff - covered persons - are not in jail.

The Odeon Tower

The Odéon Tower in Monaco is built 2009-2015 at Bd de Ténao in Monaco by the French Vinci Company on behalf of Monegasque princepals (sic) at a small plot of steep land, that borders also to some small houses and villas of Beausoleil, France, on the other side of the border where I live ... but not behind the Odéon Tower.

Progressive global collapse ...
(EMI - Evanston, 8/2013)

The theme of the 2013 Engineering Mechanics Institute conference was "Mechanics for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructures" and the program was a forum where engineers and mechanicians contribute their expertise to one of the most pressing questions of our society:

How can we make the nation's infrastructures safer, more durable, more affordable, and more environmentally friendly during their entire lifetime?

Professor Gianluca Cusatis and his secretary Ms. Jennie Edelstein of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Northwestern University, Tech Building Room A236, 2145 North Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208-3109, Telephone: (847) 467-2673 had been kind enough to invite me to present the below scientific paper, peer reviewed and accepted by the EMI staff at Evanston 5-7 August, 2013.

The presentation was supposed to take place on August 7 at 10.15 am - 12.15 pm at 206 Arch Room of the Norris Center of the Northwestern University (Session 5.7).

Olof Palme och Estonia

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